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Suggestion: Shield Overhaul

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shield is good but not that " efficiency" comply with DW in WW build or HOTA build.
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Softcore: Shields are useless.
Hardcore: Shields are mandatory.

I always found this point interesting.
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03/06/2013 08:09 PMPosted by xxBarabbasxx
By the way? Why use a shield for PvE when all you need to damage and life steal... You can do faster runs on higher MP stacking damage and you don't need the defense with life steal...

Bara, this is what im trying to get some discussion on, there is no reason to use a shield currently.

currently there really is no way to mitagate dmg on a high scale not bound to a skill/rune on a timer, you have to build your toon to be as offensive as possible and stack LS LOH as high as possible.
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How about special legendary shields that can occasionally cast skills, but mainly defensive ones, such us
Smoke Shield: smoke screen (DH skill) for 1s
Spiritual Shield: spirit walk (WD skill) for 2s
Crystall Shield: crystal shell (Wiz skill) for 2s
Painless Shield: ignore pain (Barb skill) for 2s
Holy Shield: serenity (Monk skill) for 1s
...whenever hit but no more than once every 180s
Ice Shield: slows down melee attackers within 5 yards by 10%

Some weapons already have some ads such as "protected by lightning", "casts inner sanctuary", which would make good sense on a shield.
I like also the idea of the shield casting a visible aura for that. :)

Let shields also deal with arcane beams (not the center of it, just the beam). It doesn't need to block it completely, but a part of it. To dodge it partly should be possible, too, imo. Hey, it's just a beam you could jump over, right?

And if a shield should/could include some damage, than this way (apart from main stats and cc):
Reflector Shield: reflects part (maybe 5%) of all the damage back to the attacker
Phoenix Shield: flames come out of the shield and do some additional damage

The designs of the shields could look according to the special skill that it grants.

LS I wouldn't really include, but maybe some LoH and life regen.

(All numbers are just examples and not seriously thought over. I just used them to make my idea clear.)
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Forelle, nice ideas.

Maybe we could see a return of the absorb mechanic from d2. Make it something unique to shields?
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03/05/2013 08:48 PMPosted by Cakes

Shields giving auras! I love that idea. Would definitely support group play and give people a reason to use a shield. You could have multiple people using one for different group buffs or one person simply being the meat shield and providing support for everyone else.

You'd at least see them more in party games, not sure about playing solo though.

Its funny allot of the suggestions herald back to Diablo 2.

Blizzard developed d2 for 10 years and had some good mechanics in the game but seem to throw most if not all of it away for Diablo 3.... I can see them slowly bringing them back via community request over the next 10 :)

They took a page out of EAs playbook. Why provide new content when you can recycle the old? Much easier to just remove features, blame the new system for it, then readd everything you've already had in the past over time for more $. Makes developing a game much easier.
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