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03/05/2013 10:36 PMPosted by Lylirra
No disrespect to Lylirra and company, but having someone deep involved in the game answer questions is great.

Amount of disrespects taken? Zero. ;)

The role of a CM really comes down to three things: engaging with our players, providing relevant communication, and representing the voice of both the community and the developers. We're sort of like shepards, but instead of managing adorable little sheep, we manage information -- information from developers to players, as well as information from players back to developers. When it comes to getting information to players from developers, though, sometimes it's better or more meaningful if it's coming from the source (i.e. from the developers themselves). We totally, 100% agree.

Things like patch notes, feature previews or announcements, polls, highlighting cool things the community has done, hotfix updates...that's all firmly within the realm of community management. Explaining design philosophies and discussing how those philosophies have contributed to certain decisions or are influencing future changes? Sure, we can do that (and often do), but those are the kinds of details we know players would prefer to hear from the development team directly whenever possible/appropriate.

So, our job as CMs -- or at least part of our job -- is to work with designers like Wyatt and Travis to publish developer journals and patch previews or host Q&As, and it's ultimately why we encouraged them to join us on the forums. I'm super excited they were on board with posting, because they're awesome people (and awesome designers), and I know they can help provide the kind of interaction so many of you appreciate.

That all said, the main focus of our developers is and will always be developing the game, so you're going to see CMs posting far more often. We hope to continue this trend of increased communication, though -- not only because it's something you've [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7392739689?page=1"]asked for[/url], but also because we know it's important.

Not sure if trolling or not.... :p
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You're right. (There's totally a reason I chose Auriel as my avatar.)

You need to have your wings fixed. =(

Her wings are a little more purplish in hue!

MVP's are not employees of Blizzard Entertainment. We are players just like you.
Nothing I say is Official word from Blizzard, everything is of my own conjecture.
I don't have moderation powers and I am not a Blizzard Representative.
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Uhmm, ok... erm I got it... No... HA ... :( some how i feel insulted. This is although been stated by the CM's before, and a touch not serious enough... What happen, to the old hole blizzard? who trapped you for like 4-5 months to keep your mouths shut?

I mean, you guys almost seemed to abandon us, and now the PS3/4 version is announced, and your PR and Magic is back as if it was PRE-release of the PC version.

Some how i think this is an elaborate, though making the right steps, marketing ploy.

Now really, though, it is working. Hopefully you all's community interaction remains this high. I love it, the community loves it, and it will make this game more successful. Especially the two planned Expacs for this game.

but for some reason, i believe you have a mission, to try and hype the game again for the new console releases, to make the sales higher. Before we got so much PR - dodging the big issues and what not.

I hope this is not just to make the PS3/4 sell faster, and die back off :(
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03/05/2013 10:36 PMPosted by Lylirra
We're sort of like shepards,

too much mass effect. you are not all commanders or savers of galaxies.
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Quick question guys.

That all said, the main focus of our developers is and will always be developing the game, so you're going to see CMs posting far more often. We hope to continue this trend of increased communication, though -- not only because it's something you've asked for, but also because we know it's important.

Will the EU forums actually get any posts? In a month we have had 3 blues posts and all 3 were from the same CM and within a couple of hours of each other and then gone, the EU forum folks feel very ignored and to be honest it's very frustrating and makes a lot of people quite angry I mean didn't we pay for this game too?
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Please remember that Diablo is not WoW. I hate WoW style game. No cool time stuff..(like consuming potion). I like to put various potions on my inventory in Diablo 2 style with no cool time. Also, I want to use more various skills changing shortcuts. Now, Diablo 3 is like just clicking without tense. I want myself to be busier. Plus, I like the auctions. I love spending my time at the auction. It is a part of the game. Just let it alone. I think it would be good if there is a randomly generated dungeon. The level of the dungeon would be 1 through unlimited numbers. But as users go deep, the monsters get stronger (also give good items). I want to see relay rooms again! Also, one room should contain more than 4 people. If there is a pet system, that would be good because people don't like to be followed by another character, but animals.

No. Cool time. Please. I want to bring the tense (like Diablo 2) back!
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03/05/2013 05:34 PMPosted by Klapalcius
T. Day is a Improvement Goblin!

How do you feel now?
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Well i guess one can satisfy and gratify himself with those flatterings while deleting posts about how Travis Day kills Diablo 3 also.. well thats where "double standards" start to work here... You just open your ears to flatterings and no response to the ones which has strong criticism in it, let alone response even make that post unavailable, lol so much for sensorship here in Blizz website... Yeah now sit back and enjoy how great designers and blues you are...disgusting...

I will refer to House for this one : Like the famous philospher Jagger once said "one cannot always have what he wants" so go back to WoW indeed...
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