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Whats the next upgrade for the barb above you

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@tiger Your stuff is amazing. Great job. The one thing I would upgrade is your innas temperance. They are great but not godly like the rest of your items.

Since you're after MF ATM upgrade your shoulders or a new ammy with a main stat.

(please don't tell me brancers. I don't want lacunis or crafted ones right now.I'm happy with my current ones.)
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@ KainDraven = trifecta ammy with higher crit and CD as well.
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@ flizz

The EF needs a socket badly. I would definitely look into upgrading your mainhand.
Those bracers to...no all resist?? your all resist look wayyy to low.

Im curious what MP do you run with this setup?

Ice climbers brah!
More info about my gear - yeah I'm in my mp1-3 mf farming gear.

I have a bunch of other gear combos I use, I have a nice dagger I use for my oh that is +str/vit crit life steal and socket, which I use for alk runs, but I swap in the sunkeeper for mf runs.

On mp4+ I use a skorn, no life steal :(, and I have better AR gear I equip that gets me around 500 unbuffed. I can solo mp10 with my better gear on, but it's slow (15 minutes for Diablo mp10 kill lol).

You are right about the EF - I would love to be able to afford one with a socket. But I think right now my biggest upgrade will be bracers with more str,vit, AR and 5+% crit.

I tried to upgrade my shoulders maybe crafted 40 str and 40 vit ones (since the vit ones can roll higher), but no dice so I am just going to give up on those and go bracers.
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lacuni's plus ice climbers. black dmg MH and EF as OF. Crafted shoulders.

Damn very nice gear.. I guess i'd say maybe a new trifecta ring

That's a sick crafted chest! Too bad it didn't roll with AR, then it would be like cheating haha.

I typically run a WW/HotA build on MP6 to paragon farm. Have most trouble blowing up elites in that spec, but my current spec is elite/hellfire ring uber killer.
anyone can advice me to bring my DPS up to 100k ? if possible budget 20m
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Try to craft some some str bracers with all res.


Your all res is insane....after filling your sockets with gems, consider crafting str bracers/cc...it'll get you closer to the mark.
@bloodyz - better stat chest, or 2 pc ik (chest + glove)
03/06/2013 10:52 AMPosted by mick
@bloodyz - better stat chest, or 2 pc ik (chest + glove)

I have no idea what to tell you >.< Your gear is insane
03/06/2013 11:07 AMPosted by iSilva17
@bloodyz - better stat chest, or 2 pc ik (chest + glove)

I have no idea what to tell you >.< Your gear is insane

No clue on yours either, most of your stuff looks pretty dang good.

Slowly upgrade the gems I guess?
@ bil2dy

Get an axe/sword main hand and use Weapon Master as a passive. Should get you darn close.

Solid gear playa. No need for my two sense on your gear, lol.

I could use some help tho guys. Im looking to up my damage to around 150k.


your gear is pretty serious. New to barbs, maybe try and roll a new amy with more crit hit chance/ dmg.

Nice gear! Maybe shoot for a trifecta MH ring?

Nice gear! Maybe shoot for a trifecta MH ring?

Nice gear!

Maybe try crafting a trifecta neck with high str!
Maybe try and get a new soj with some barb skills

I would maybe try and roll new shoulders with some all res, and upgrade gems

thanks for the input guys gonna try and roll new amy and see about this trifecta mh ring
@science hmmm vit innas? so ur ehp goes up
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