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Whats the next upgrade for the barb above you

Hey Siptonic,

The only thing I could see that could use an upgrade atm would be your ring. You have some pretty awesome gear otherwise.
@isilva, more strengh on belt is easier i think.

All in all a good build I'd maybe try to find a Mempo with CC if you can.
03/08/2013 09:22 AMPosted by oldschool16v
@oldschool I had hard time finding anything for you unless you got really lucky on shoulder craft, but even those stat on vile ward will be hard to beat

Yeah I try hard dude.... I craft alot of amu,shoulders and gloves... 900 in total in got no upgrade on anything lol and some friend craft 25 gloves and got one thats give me a 12kdps boost rofl lol at my level 12k is so huge lol

I hear ya I've done a few (not 900) and my buddy got sick ammy within 10 tries.
Me Skipped.
started playing again had 1.2 bill sitting and spent some not sure where I am lacking also picked up a few drops rather then spend the gold and that may be why I am lacking in spots stat wise some gentle , constructive criticism would be appreciated.

forget it

Look into more items with attack & movement speed. Especially since your using a Skorn, you'll find things working better for ya in higher end MPs.

Sorry to see you were skipped :(

I looked over your profile. Id say get a new Mempo with crit (just like me :P). i was going to say neck too, but damn, the res and vit is really nice!
gonna start saving 1 billion then :P thx
I'm contemplating upgrading my chest. Any of you guys think the massive cost would be worth it?

like you said, a mempo with crit would be ideal for you. You have a very nice barb going. If you are doing a whirlwind barb, you definitely need 24% movement speed. I would say pick up lacunis, but your bracers are great, so maybe search for ice climbers with ms? Its pricy but it would be very helpful.
Unfortunately I got Skipped =(. Would appreciate someone taking a look @ my barb.
@MilkMan You might be able to roll some new crafted shoulders with higher str and then if you can find a trifecta ammy for more ias. otherwise thats some huge damage. you like ik boots over ice climbers?
Yeah.. I Actually am working to upgrade my shoulders with a better rolled Vile Ward. I could go crafting but I like the guaranteed + Armor & AR on a Vile Ward. + the prices have dropped drastically since 1.07.

After that I am going to keep trying to roll a better Ammy. Espeically since the current one can be passed onto my Wiz.

I sticking with BK set for now. If I went w/ Ice Climbers, I'd have to ditch the entire BK setup by swapping to Mempo Crit Helm & Witching Hour belt. I just don't have enough gold to get a new setup that will beat my current one.
@MilkMan Ya true that !@#$ is expensive when you buy witching and cc mempo. Rate me if ya don't mind, would like some critic
try to find a ring with some crit chance, or a trifecta if you are feeling saucy

Not sure fi this is a great suggestion. but we have similar builds. Seeif you can find a crit/ias ring to replace your nats. If you can get crit, ias, + either some crit damage or 100+ str. Then you could get IK boots instead of nats 2 piece. This would give you IK 5 piece and free up gloves for a theos.

Some ideas.
I think lifesteal skorns are overrated. You could get a huge dps bump from a 1400 dps skorn with high strength and CHD for less than 20 mil. Steal from belt and bloodthirst passive is plenty
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