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Whats the next upgrade for the barb above you

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I think lifesteal skorns are overrated. You could get a huge dps bump from a 1400 dps skorn with high strength and CHD for less than 20 mil. Steal from belt and bloodthirst passive is plenty

Ammy with CHC, even though yours is really good.

I know the feeling of getting an amazing craft without CHC (see my HF ring) but losing 10 on a gear slot is just too much. If you run an IK helm, 30.5% is just too low. I'm beginning to see this myself as I proc less, having moved from a ring with CHC to my current HF ring.

Godspeed with a high str quadfecta roll for you!
^ those shoulders could use some %Life :D

Not sure fi this is a great suggestion. but we have similar builds. Seeif you can find a crit/ias ring to replace your nats. If you can get crit, ias, + either some crit damage or 100+ str. Then you could get IK boots instead of nats 2 piece. This would give you IK 5 piece and free up gloves for a theos.

Some ideas.

yeah once i find a good ring im going to replace the nats set.
What should I work on next? I would like to try farm MP 4-5. As I can only do 2-3 efficiently right now. I'm a poor barb :(
@Radman i agree and I was messing with brawler over blood thirst and i know droping 3% ls for 30% more damage doesn't add up to as much ls, but if you're doing 75to100k more damage the mobs sure die faster with rend and hota.

The only upgrade i'd see for you is trifecta ring but then you'd probably give up some str with that socket in your current. Maybe you could make up with +dmg but that would be an expensive @ss item...
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@Rigs.. I would say maybe a Mempo? I don't like the 3 Set Bonus of IK :P

ik chest and upgrade all your gems it will boost ur dps.
@Franki, not sure TBH. Your setup looks pretty good. Maybe a cold SoJ if you're going to run EF MH?
Maybe upgrading your gems for more strength and getting a higher DPS EF to name a couple. Starting to look nice though.
i got skipped :(
@sigh u can prolly get a pretty goood boost to dps by gettin a high avg dmg mace or axe on main hand.

attack speed on ring, you're not hitting breakpoint

or marquis emeralds on wep

attack speed on ring, you're not hitting breakpoint

or marquis emeralds on wep
yeah im changing my Witchin hour to a 9% one tonight im missing 1% ias @_@
@ Teck

i think at this point you should probably try to replace that hellfire ring, or possibly get a new EF offhand with lifesteal and a socket to free up a passive slot

either way you're looking at spending a pretty good chunk of cash, but it will be worth it
@Death... uhmm.. Maybe your Vile Wards? Try crafting some, I made a nice pair yesterday! :)
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i agree that my boots need to be changed, only issue is that ice climbers with move speed are way out of my price range lol

probably going to swap my pants for inna's and then either pick up some non move speed ICs or play around with a 2pc nat's bonus for a bit
@lycka possibly a witching hour for your belt. With your dps you should be able to run off of the life steal on your weapon alone Besides that though all your gear is pretty nice. Really liking the shoulders.
Thanks, JPinci! I usually throw on my IK belt when I need to do some serious MP9-10 Uber tanking, but when I farm I will us my Witching Hour for the extra DPS for sure. I seem very "glass cannony" when I don't wear my IK belt though, not sure how I should fix that.
Possibly get a litany or wailing host with some loh instead of crit dmg.(usually pretty cheap) I notice once i got even a little life on hit to augment my sustain I could do alot more than I could before. And this was with a two hander lol
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