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Whats the next upgrade for the barb above you


Need more CC and Hp, starting with your chest armor
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!KingArthur Hmmm try crafting a better ammy maybe?
@Geneis crit mempo would be my guess but then again your gear it out of league.

1) ik belt 180str/50vit+
2) ammy with cc/cd
3) you need a lot more ias in order to hit 2.5bp with a .22aps ef
4) 150vit+ innas
5) higher vit on ic
6) avg dmg on left ring
@Nived I would love some relastic goals, all the gear your have suggested costs a ton of gold.
@azaron Personally I'd be most interested in getting more CC if I were you.. Nived's Ammy suggestion is the first thing I'd look at.

Vile Ward
@shrek amulet and vilewards should be easy upgrades with boa

I'd try to get some more AR, maybe start w/high vit, 2 socket, AR rare pants.

Since you'd lose the BT set bonus, you can start crafting amulets, you really want to shoot for high CC/CD since those roll higher on amulets vs rings.

Also your vile wards aren't that great (mine aren't either really) and you can probably roll an upgrade pretty easily and that'll alleviate some of your low vit issues.


I'd look for probably one more piece with AR, maybe on the IK gloves, also looks like you may need to start looking for one of thse crit mempo things everyone's always talking about.

Nice shoulders!
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@Katron better mempo... at least more str
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*maybe* craft a better ammy, but you are pretty GG as it is lol

feel free to list multiple upgrades for me, kind of lost at the moment
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^^ should log in your diablo3 profile dude will help and yeah my plan are better shoulders and amu but after 900 crafted im a bit discouraged lol
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lol how i do that?

nvm got it, k take a look and don't flame me too hard lol
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i cannot see ur profil...... but told me why i suck ( bad gear )
try again lol...

edit: bget better gloves/bracers, higher str roll.
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charb.. for ur barb buy a new amy ... a whit like 3m u can get s good ubgrade on that one
@ douch1

i was torn between str ammy or vit ammy for crafting. I know my hp is suck

anything else? I know i have a lot of crap for gear, so everyone let me know where any improvement can be made
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03/09/2013 10:41 AMPosted by Douch1Vinci
charb.. for ur barb buy a new amy ... a whit like 3m u can get s good ubgrade on that one

Higher damage offhand! You need high damages on both hands to get the best out of HotA
@ doctaphilly

nice barb man. very nice.

new inna's pants. you can upgrade the vit on those for pretty cheap. i think i saw a 120 vit for maybe 20-30mil?

a crit mempo too would help if in budget, also a hellfire with crit chance, or even a unity.
@tokenflip -- Looking good. I would shoot for similar shoulders with Life% as your next upgrade.
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