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Whats the next upgrade for the barb above you

@alern87 -- I think you should invest in replacing that Rapid Link ring to a trifecta or at least something with base stats and IAS/CHC

If only your EF had a socket :(

Also I just crafted my amulet today, what do you guys think
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Not real sure what is up with the belt, guessing you are in some form of farming gear but I would start there.

Also the HF is holding you back, once again probably a choice for farming though in this case XP.

Speaking of XP....another needed upgrade is gems across the board.
@alern87 -- I think you should invest in replacing that Rapid Link ring to a trifecta or at least something with base stats and IAS/CHC

If only your EF had a socket :(

Also I just crafted my amulet today, what do you guys think

Your ammy is not too shabby..

In my opinion, your next upgrade should be a complete overhaul on all your gems (except Skorn). Work to at least get stars in each slot.. You would see a lot of improvement with better gems.

EDIT: lol 28 seconds difference, too slow as usual.
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Not really much I could say except the obvious if you were going to switch from a full IK set to chest and gloves then mempo and inna's and witching hour.

Otherwise your barb seems like it is pretty damn efficient!

Very nice Barb :D

If I had to make a suggestion I would say to upgrade your bracers (Save up for Lacunis maybe?)

if not though, you could also try replacing your ring (antique interceptor) with a tri-fecta ring?

Over all though, you have some pretty nice gear!
General Tedd:

Upgrade gems (They are re-usable even when you upgrade down the road). If you start with perfect squares, you can build them up much higher at the jeweler yourself to save some $$$.

Craft some vit shoulders
Crafted bracers or Lacunis with CC
Ammy with CD on it
Trifecta rings (spendy)
More CD, more STR.
More is Good :D
More vit on the IK chest

awesome barb man! maybe crafting the same gloves but with cd.
@Dikster your awesome! How could i possibly tell u an upgrade. Tell me what I need
@Dikster that weapon is crazy!
^Liking the set up USMC but that chest has to go, even a cheap IK chest will give you more armor and you already have the belt to get the bonus. Main hand i would suggest getting either an Axe(15% cirt) or a Word(10% dmg) with life teal unless this is the farming set up not using the passive. So far looking good.

Time to upgrade to Marquise on any equipment you dont plan to change.

I say you shouold go after a 180+STR and 270+ IK chest, upgrade the CC In your Mempo, get IC boots with over 200 STR and keep a high VIT roll.

Edit... posted same time as talib, rating him instead :)
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brutual star would be your next upgrade, a ring with higher base stats, if u do plan to go ww build with skorn i would recommand a cold soj with a skill you want with it
ice climbers with same vit but more strength, since u don't need ms on the ice climbers you can easily afford it
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^ Very nice barb. Can't say much.

I'm the one that needs help lol
Sentry - better gems

Any suggestions for upgrades would be appreciated.
@ Bevster I would say you ring with either some CC or CD since it only has IAS atm would be the first upgrade depending on how you are with fury might wanna add CC on amulet also.

Ok help on next big upgrade for me which slot should I focus on. I am thinking gloves with CD but not sure. Thanks
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@Evilreaper get CHD on gloves and main hand

Nice looking barb, I'd say its time to invest in a crit mempo.

Not any room for cheap upgrades. Id say your next upgrade is your OH. If that was a sword (or a mighty weapon) with the exact same stats it would be beatiful....... (or slight less base damage and str)
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