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another gear thread

Hi everyone,

I feel like i am at a mini crossroads with my barb and not sure where to go. I know i need another 12% mv and know that I need/should have an OH EF to increase my attack speed, but I'm not sure what or where to go. For example, at my DPS should I go for a LS/Socket or Crit/Socket with low true DPS, or go for high DPS and only a socket/lf/cd (i think the answer is +.24 attacks per second, ls and socket, but please correct me). Same with going for a new set of relatively cheap IK boots (for MS), or try and grab a decent lacunis and keep my IC. My final "pain point" is that I should try to get some extra all res to be able to play MP8 and farm mp4 without war cry.

I have about 30m to spend so any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
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Use this to calculate upgrades: http://www.d3rawr.com/d Looking at fully buffed tdps.

Both your weapons need serious work, 680 average damage on mainhand is really low.

For the ef, str+base crit with high aps and lifesteal if what I'd go for with your budget. The damage range isn't that important, but the more the better of course. For your mainhand, look for a 950+ average damage mace with a socket.

Leftover gold can be used to hit your resistance goals.
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Stats to work on: lov vit, incredible low all res, MS.

Ice climbers without MS but decent str/vit stats you already have innas pants(but get the ones with high vit) you would need lacunis with crit chance. Witching hours are only for barbs that want that extra dps and thier gear can actually make up for it but it forces you to have both weapons with Ls OR use one of your passives slots which is a bad move. So get an IK belt until your gear can handle the witching hour. A 6% Ls is enough for any barb and bloodthirst for Hota users.

About weapons it depends on what you need so i would go an EF(at least 900) off hand with str/ crit chance/socket/.25 IAS/Low fear as possible and main hand either an axe or mace with 40% dmg str/crit/socket.

Helm: Get rid of that helm and get a cheap str/vit mempo it would help you a lot more, jewlery you need to stack as much crit chance/dmg/attack speed as possible so that hell fire ring needs to go and keep crafting for a better amulet.
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Thanks guys for the help (Pri too if he happens to look at his thread).

@TALIB - The funny thing is that all the stuff you mention i should change are the things i've found (or my belt is from my wizard)! Also you seem to mention everything needs an upgrade, which it does to get to the next level so i understand, however i definitely dont have the budget for that. So, from your perpsective, what should I change first, I feel like all of the upgrades you've mentioned are 10+m each so I can do 1-3 of them at a time before I run out of money and start over again.
Would you say switching to a cheap IK belt + cc lacuni + vit IC boots would be the best start? Or stick with 12% ms and go with EF (sounds like the one you suggest will by 20M alone) + vit IC boots + belt?

@ seinfire - thanks for the link! I've been using it a bit to get where I am so far, but still trying to figure out the easiest way to compare stuff.

Thanks for the help.
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You got some good stuff their tiek, definitely not a bad start.

More AR will be huge for you, as will another 12% movespeed. Changing that offhand would also be huge.

Good luck!

I've been putting this up a lot today, but here are some great guides if you really wanna step your WW barb to the next level:

Uberjager budget WW barb guide:
Nubtro's WW & sprint tick explanation:
PhatPhoEater's budget WW barb guide:
Wayne's uber guide:
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