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Please help Lost beyond beleif, 500 mill budg

been back for maybe about 1-2 months, trying to get better but i am reading posts and using rawr and just don't know what to do to get where I want to be and thats in mp7-8 no dieing and MP10.

Can someone please help me i am hota/rend barb and need some serious help I don't want to waste gold anymore probably about 500 mill wasted and got about 500 mill again. Please help
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Ehp looks fine, but your weapons are messed up, and you could also pump more dps into gloves+ring. Your healing is actually excessive, focus on building up your dps.

Rend uses mainhand average damage only, and you have 500 there, vs almost 900 on your ef.

You want high dps on both weapons if you are running hota, either two rares, or a mace+ef combo.

Edit: as a point of reference, I can easily solo mp10 ubers with my profile setup. However, I usually run ww with a couple gear swaps, so it isn't ideal for a pure hota build.
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I'm no HOTA expert, but I would think you'd want to run with sprint run like the wind, not marathon. Soooo much extra fury/life/damage from those tornadoes!

You really have some great gear, but then some that makes me go O_o Above all else my main issue with your gear is your main hand. That thing has such low damage, that it's really wasted as a mainhand weapon. It would be a fine offhand, but in the mainhand you're losing out! I'm sure your attack speed is crazy fast with it, but I doubt it's worth the huge dps hit you're suffering. Honestly I'm surprised you're not running skorne - again, I'm not a HOTA expert, but I could see that doing wonders for you.

Could try inna's pants with this build too. The blackthorne's seem a bit out of place.

Another thing you could do would be to lose your IK belt and go for witching hour.

You're really close to god mode I feel! Just a few tweaks in the right areas...

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OP if you're like me and don't care about the fear on the EF switch your mainhand and off hand.
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Thanks so much guys for the info. So main issue I am getting is my MH weapon I need to get high dps black damage weapon with socket?

Also I do have Innas with like 120 life on them can swap those in..
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