At 5-3-2013.
I put 7,000,000 on a Lacuni Prowlers at the last 5 sec. It said my price is too low and i didn't win the auction. I have my 7,000,000 refund back at the complete page.

=Someone win the item, and i lose...

That Lacuni Prowlers is no more available on Auction House
After 3 minutes, i check my Auction said my bid is "Not Winning" and time is "Expired".
Then i try to press to bid button. It still allow to bid..!
I put 7,500,000 on it. I still said my price is too low.
Then i put 10,000,000. It said "You won the auction"?!!!

=Someone win the item, and i lose, but i win it back (or dupe, i dunno) even the time is expired?

And complete page said i buyout the item with 10,000,000??and i didn't have the remain refund back (You will have your remain$$ back if you win an item with bid -Your Max bid amount- current bid). OMG i didn't buyout it. I was bid on it.

Blizzard could you please tell me what happened??
Someone put "1" Lacuni Prowlers on Auction House, and 2 people win on the same item?
And it said i'm buyout with 10,000,000 with pressing "Bid"??