Diablo® III

Severe to MASSIVE. lag spikes. PLEASE HELP.

So, as of whatever update was done yesterday... i've been having massive rubber-banding, followed by total lockup of control for a good 3-20 seconds. and once, even a total server disconnection.

this happens every minute or so.

its getting out of hand.

many others in the chats, and numerous friends have reported similar lag spikes.
i live in U.S. East. my internet connection its self is flawless high speed. idk exact details but i can upload/download@ flawless 3 mb/s. and everything else i do on the internet is perfect. my computer is fast. and ive NEVER lagged before. so all that aside. its the SERVER.

does anyone know how to fix this/know how to remedy?
does anyone know what i can check to find out what is lagging?
or if there is anything at all i can do..
im willing to do any kind of tinkering im fairly computer savvy.

my only worries are its out of my hands and the game will be unplayable slow untill blizzard decides to stop breaking them game and leave a working game alone.

This only happends in team games,
solo games it only happends every 10-20 minutes. and its less severe.
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havent see blizz respond yet.
..but you can post some stuff so when they look at your post they can examine the data.

things to post would be:
D3Debug (shows any errors and stuff happening)
DXDiag (system stuff)

also something that helps is "tracert" because it shows if its a connection problem
this shows how to do it https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/performing-a-traceroute
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Your not alone dead been happening since this past saturday to me I have tried a few things still doesnt work
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