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Have anyone incorporate Revenge - best serve cold (10cc for 12 sec) together with OPKS (10cc for 4 sec) in a DTWW build? I failed at it, not because of skill combo, due to my play style. Its very rough and fast, i like to bash, waste fury. TBH, my fury management sucks~!

So who have good fury management try this skill combo? 20cc... that is huge~!
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I have done it....and all buffed out I was at 91% crit chance.....it was pretty fun.

The downside to it is that it is inconsistent even with a build that you are immersed in enemies. There were times I was getting it to proc every 2 seconds against enemies that register several small hits, and I could go entire boss battles without even having it available once. It can also create so much fury that you just have an endless spam to try to burn it all off.

The pro's are that it is an instant heal, it can greatly help in fury production, it does supply you with a boost to damage, it does good AoE damage, and it also benefits from the fix to the dodge stun-lock bug which made Rend difficult to incorporate to a WW build before too.

The inconsistency was a deal breaker for me...I prefer the significantly bigger, more consistent damage of Rend, and because Rend is another fury spender it made keeping WoTB up easier, and with less spammed skills. It is absolutely possible to incorporate Revenge into the build....just wasn't all I wanted it to be.
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I have a feeling Wayneold had tried this. I just could not get the hang of WW without fury generator. I farm MP7 for efficiency sake. Probably it will work better at higher MP. The idea is very lucrative to not bash. I normally bash to reduce wrath cool down. That is very itself is very important to me.
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Pro tip for running without a generator:

Replace whatever keybind you had Bash on with Rend so you don't need to learn a new pattern....at that point, it's just getting used to balancing fury.
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I too checked this out, pretty much same result as wayne. Without a fury spender in that slot it's just a little harder to keep WOTB up, and didn't seem quite as efficient as rend or hota. It is a fun concept though, lots o crits

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03/06/2013 09:43 AMPosted by Wayneold
Replace whatever keybind you had Bash on with Rend

Hey Wayneold,

That pro tip helped~! I guess I am not that bad at managing fury. Just that changing skill set makes the experience really dreadful. I tried Rend Lacerate on MP7, I keep perma berserk just fine. Then I try MP8, its the same as well.

This playstyle definitely need more attention, when the pack almost down, you need to click one mob to rend before sprinting elsewhere, while the traditional one you just wear them until almost died and sprint. Have not try on other map, only Keep 2 where mob are everywhere. Its places like Rakkis crossing where I always use bash to refresh wrath I find hard to do without it.
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Tested Revenge BSC in the WW/RLTW/OPKS no fury generator build over Rend in a couple of VotA runs:

1. Initial fury problem. I don´t like to generate it by taking damage in MP10 because of my low resist, I´d rather autoswing. With Revenge and this build, I don´t really have an autoswing. WW starts as soon as you have a bit of fury. People running Unforgiving or IK5 don´t have this problem but I don´t plan on using those.

This "no autoswing" makes it impossible to generate fury against the last member of a pack if you mess up and get to 0. Then the Scoundrel freezes the monster and I do no damage, can´t generate fury and that´s not funny.

2. Unreliability of procs. Against bigger packs of normal monsters it´s no problem to proc BSC, but it´s very unreliable against elite packs. Against some you´ll get your proc, against others you won´t get any, which turns BSC at times into an useless skill which I don´t like. Having 36% dodge under WotB doesn´t help much, either haha.

Other than that, it does a !@#$load of damage, heals you and the increased crit chance is amazing.

But Rend in my opinion is still clearly the better skill choice for the 4th slot in this build as it does much more and steady damage while also being slightly more user friendly.

My conclusion is that BSC is viable, but not as good as Rend for this build.
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