Diablo® III

Melee attackers take 500k damage per hit at rate of 3%

Thorns is hard to ctrl.
Low damage gives players low feeling, or high damage makes Thorns IMBA

What about this.
Melee attackers take (6000-9000) damage per hit at rate of 3%
If my Wizard got 4 "Thorns" items, then, Melee attackers take (24000-36000) damage per hit at rate of 12%(or 8%-16%, if you like stochastic)

If my Wizard is a 2000 Intelligence Wozard, then his Thorns will do +2000% damage.
Like (480000-720000)damage

600 Vitality can increase the rate of the Thorns? Maybe.
A low rate, can easily ctrl the whole damage of Thorns
And a high damage, gives players high feeling

Do you like it?
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The real problem with thorns starts elsewhere to be honest.

I still have a full set of thorns regen gear for my barb that gives me 30k thorns dmg.

The problem is does not work on ranged (which it should imo)
Does not proc Life Steal (which again it should as dmg is being done)
Does not scale with MP to your point at all, sure Can I go to the butcher on MP0 and watch him kill himself while afk getting a drink , yes yes I can however even MP 1 changes that only in the DOT from not killing fast enough sets in.

So I have hoped forever they would change thorns and I like where you are heading anything to make thorns a legit build.
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I changed my headline
To make it more powerful
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Thorns should be changed to % reflect damage.

Item X
* 0.5% of damage taken is reflected back at the attacker.
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03/06/2013 11:25 PMPosted by Guilliman
Thorns should be changed to % reflect damage

All right, that is also a good idea.
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