Diablo® III

What inspired your Diablo III character name?

Zloup: Sound kindda funny
Bloubliblou: Same thing
Oupsi: Same thing :P
Har: Well, pirate sound. And Pirates are cool
Monkey: It's MONKey and well... that's it
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For my Wizard’s, a little game called Perfect Dark, in the multiplayer the A.I. was called simulants & my hardcore Wizard is named after the hardest one of all DarkSim, its always a great moment for me when people pick where I named myself from.

Soft core
Barbarian: Berserker, Seemed Fitting
With Doctor: The Master, Doctor who & fits
Demon Hunter: Athena, Greek God/Battle star character
Monk: Aang, Avatar the last air bender

Barbarian: Titan, don’t really know why
Witch Doctor: Kerrigan, Star Craft leader of the swarm seemed to fit
Demon Hunter: Orion, the hunter look it up
Monk: Titania, Just liked the name
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Witch Doctor: I named him Dre. Witch Doctor Dre. How could I not?

Demon Hunter: Dante. The name of the protagonist in Dante's Inferno, a man who descends into hell, and the name of the main character in DMC (a nod to the first), a trigger happy demon hunter. I felt it was especially fitting
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I did the full spread.
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"Argnoth" for my Barb.. From "Argonath" which means "The Pillar of Kings"..From LOTR ;)
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Teela from stargate atlantis
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In Final Fantasy Tactics the perfume item "Sortilège" got mistranslated as "Salty Rage". Since the Barbarian spends most of his time shouting I thought it was an ideal name.
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No real backstory behind my toon names, just thought they sounded funny given the class.
DH - MonieShot
WD - NatGeo
Barb - TheGovenator
Wiz - Widgget
Monk - Stinkfist
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WD = "SoilentGreen" is people
Barb = "SnuSnu" by death - Futurama
DH = Maria, bad !@# shooter and matter melting power trip. From - Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Wiz = Ndnd, wife of Lrrrr from Omecron Persei 8 - Futurama
Monk = Nel, Favorite character from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
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DarkKing - A character from One Piece A japanese Manga/Anime with the best story/writing/comedy/action I have seen in anything. And yes that is comparing to many famous American fantasy writers.
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boobs :)
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DH: Anenke - the greek goddess (or rather - an aspect - predating the Olympeans, even the Titans) of fate
Wiz: Hekka - Egyptian god of magic (though my wiz is a female)
Monk: Freya - Norse goddess of beauty (just because she has blond hair)
Barbarian: Odin - Norse chief god, god of wisdom and writing etc.
WD: Quetzalcoatl: A very important deity among the central american nations of old.
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honestly, that based of my sim game character... lol
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I'm waiting for my game to install. I waited a while before making the purchase. So, as I'm waiting, what better way to kill time than in the forum?

The character's name was a result of the Highlander TV series. I was RPGing (old style) with buds and wanted to come up with something unique. At the end of an episode I just happened to look at the credits. I saw Rysher Entertainment. I ltook Rysh and added a portion of my middle name (Ann) and actually goofed when I wrote the name on paper. It was originally supposed to be Ryshtan, but somehow the Y ended up showing itself there and I actually liked it better.

So, Ryshtyan was born.
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its latin for king, and its the gamer tag I have used for a long long time...I just wish I could have a howling wolf's head for my flag's logo, cause thats what I usually use as my totem emblam.
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Darkxnight = plan to dyes my hero to be like Batman (Darknight)... but my plan become worse after all my friend play DH (male), so I using female and legend items cannot be dye >.<

I named my DH as AssassinXIII because she like Assassin in D2 who using traps and X!!! (13) = bad luck number for enemies >.<

WD (Nightmare) after the name of my Necromancer (main hero) in D2

Wizard (Celeste) = google search for best witch name... lol

Monk (Xiaolin) = Girl name who are closed to the word "Shaolin'' ie Monk from Shaolin

Bar (champion) - wish to be like champion.... regret this name, should be "Berserker better" lol
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My monk, Haru, is named after Chris Farley's character in Beverly Hills Ninja.

My barbarian, Crixus, is named after a character from the show Spartacus(he was a member of a barbarian culture before becoming a slave/gladiator).

My witch doctor, Baron Samedi, is named after the Haitian Voodoo Loa of the Dead.

My demon hunter, Winchester, is named after the main characters of the show Supernatural(who happen to hunt demons).

I thought they were pretty clever.
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My characters are (currently):

Belmont = Demon Hunter
Belnades = Wizard
Dracul = Barbarian

What inspired me? Take a big guess. :D
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