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What inspired your Diablo III character name?

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Cattlevania? Good God! Have the Hell Bovines stormed Dracula's domain!?
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Wiz: Kat - named after me. Too bad I never play her anymore.

DH: Persephone - Queen of the underworld in Greek mythology but in retrospect I wish I named her ShadowKat after the Xmen hero. Free name change please? lol

Barb: ThundaThighs - she reminded me of like a female Thor, has big strong thighs, and this was a HS nickname I had when I could leg press a lot. It's pretty silly though :P
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Jieun = Korean singer from Secret
Malenko = Dean Malenko from rasslin
Danielson = Bryan Danielson from rasslin
Hurin = Hurin the Tall from Lord of the Rings
Urist = Generic dwarf name from Dwarf Fortress
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ioTus - a name that came to me when i was young
Eloa - Demon Huntress - Hebrew for Femenine aspect of God , half of the word Elohim
Aralim - Monk - Related with the sephiroth Binah in Kabbalah, but more specifically from a line of the Invocation of Solomon - "Aralim - Act! Orphanim, Revolve and Shine." The action aspect made me think of the Monk

In general I adapt names or words from occultism or words that come to me intuitively.
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Invulnerable Minions, glad that didn't work out...or did it?
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Me inspired Diablo-I and Diablo-II.
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What they look like. My main barb is old fart cus he looks like one
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Posts: 48
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BarbWired- I play full throttle with him
Athena- Greek goddess of wisdom and courage
Respawn- She's softcore
Mysticism- witchdoctor, c'mon, self explanatory I think
Uberess- My original plan was to do uber runs with her
Barbara- Thought it was funny to name a female barb a person's name with barb in it.
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Vlad (dh) - tribute to count Vlad (the impaler) Dracula
Abiola (wd) - means "born in wealth" in !@#$%ian
Heimdall (barb) - tribute to the norse god who possesses the resounding horn Gjallarhorn
Dante (monk) - tribute to Dante (Dante's Inferno), taken from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy
Hennett (wiz) - tribute to a dungeons and dragons character
Samson (barb,hc) - tribute to a biblical figure that was granted supernatural strength by God
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My account name: Basically my first name and my second gamer alias abbreviated. It was Hellwolf_36.

Each character:

Kurisu (Barbarian): It is my first name in katakana Japanese. I got it from an old friend of mine (we stopped being friends when we got into a fight over political beliefs of another individual and s/he refused to cooperate and solve the problem my way) who went through an otaku phase and kept calling me Kurisu or Kuris-chan when he wanted to talk to me. When I left for college and took a Short Story workshop class, I was hooked on 2 things: Inuyasha (thanks to Sango) and Warcraft III (under Okamizu_sama). I didn't write a fan-fic, but I wrote a short story called The Blood Stone. In it, Kurisu, a half-elven woman lives with her 2 brothers, one of them is a lonesome crybaby and the other is an alcoholic. They became like this when their father and mother were murdered by a demon tyrant who wanted a spellbook written by a Drow who was living in their hometown. When the demon lord does a direct attack, Kurisu uses an artifact called the Blood Stone to kill him and herself in the process, saving both parties from tyranny, but also in a dark way, teach the brothers a dark lesson about life. After this, I couldn't really get that name or character out of my mind. Pretty much any RPG I play has a character named Kurisu and is usually some warrior or melee style mage that brings anything to their knees. The first incarnation in gaming was Phantasy Star Online. I had a HUnewearl armed with a Tsumikiri J-Sword, Excalibur with Hit and some other cool weapons. But she was lost to hacking and I lost the drive to recreate her after my friend Terence quit playing and the admins on the server were being jerks. I had a Lord Knight on Ragnarok Online as well, but the main server was scamming for payment to prevent me from making a Rune Knight and the 3rd party servers were all being played on modified rates that weren't my cup of tea. Now on Diablo 3, she is a barbarian with Skorn (should have been Grandfather since the Blood Stone and PSO incarnations used massive swords, but CC was more important than damage% on Weapon Mastery) and the power to bring down any opposition on mp5-7.

Shilf (Wizard): Back when I played Phantasy Star Online with 2 friends, one of them quit the game because he whined and cried about he and my other friend kept getting items because we knew what we were doing and played more often. He primarily put the blame on his Section ID: Bluefull (which he dubbed Bluefail). How the IDs work is it assigns each character a number, it then sums up all the character values in the name, adds a modifier based on the class and the result's one digit is fed into an enumerator variable and the outcome is your ID. The ID mostly had spears, but it had a few nice high end items that could be traded, like Imperial Picks or v801s. In vengeance and anger, me and my friend decided to create Bluefulls of our own and call ourselves Team Bluefail. My friend made a HUnewearl named -Lightning (was a big Dissidia fan at the time)
and I tried every name I randomly thought of. Until, I had a random spark of my memories. Back when I was around 12, I played my first RPG: Quest 64 (yes I said it!). The game was crap overall: Very linear, bad graphics and very repetitive, but I beat it 5 times. On the way to the desert regions, inside the Baragoon Mine, you fight a 1000 HP boss named Shilf, who was a sorceress who served Mammon, the "main villain" of the game. So I typed that into the ID generator and got Bulefull on my FOmarl (A human female force or wizard). We decimated the game with our 2 bluefulls and got some ok things, but it helped to have other characters to twink them. I played Shilf melee style and my most common weapons were light-saber staffs like the Double Saber. But as time went on and roleplaying (which I did a lot on Phantasy Star Online) got better, she pretty much got an identity of her own. I took her with me to Diablo 3 and created a Wizard that uses Blizzard and Spectral Blade as main modes of offense, kind of like how I fought with my characters on Phantasy Star Online.

PinkalHUmar (HC Barb): In Phantasy Star Online, it was the worst combination of Section ID and class you could have. HUmars were good, but they were balanced and needed to be geared and Pinkal was nothing but staves and Force equips. The trend of Pinkal HUmar sucking was mainly because of all the characters named Sephiroth on a private server I used to play on; the game's forum pretty much had a 4chan/Final Fantasy fanboy base. I quit because the server got hacked, which I lost my best character, my good gear and the admins refused to reimburse for the damages (especially worse when one of them had a flipcase over it). It was created in honor of my friend Terence, who was the only one who managed to make a Pinkal HUmar willingly and did well with it.

MrButlertron (Monk): A character from a show called Clone High. A friend of mine on Diablo 3 has a character named Scudworth, who was the principal at Clone High. We did our characters together at the time.

DoomGuy (DH): Doom Guy from Doom. Duh!

Doreflum (WD): An enemy in Ys Origin. It looks like a flower that shoots out seeds. If approached, it explodes, releasing toxins that virtually does what the Malboro of Final Fantasy is capable of: All 4 status effects.
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I have a very Childish sense of humor lol. And Uieqj is an acronym for very complicated inside joke (What happens in a strip club stays in a strip club!)
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I love to lift , and wish to know if others lift too.

Also witch doctors are fun
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Snatch. Been using the handle since D2
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Bossaninja is a ninja who comes from Brazil and likes bossanova music
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Is there anyway to change a D3 character's name? I don't like the one I put on it when I created it.
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唳风殃:自尊 热爱和孤傲 唳唳风中嚎 殃殃山河绕
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my main characters:

CallipygianX _female demon hunter. Just look up what a callipygian is

Kalel. Male Barb the name of superman's father

Victoria f wiz. Female version of my name

Sarih f monk. middle name of an old friend (pronounced suh-rye)

VooDooBox F WD name of a funk band I was in. euphemism for, well you get it.


Zoram m DH a name i heard once. sounds old/biblical

Nicodemus m wiz a name from the bible, liked how it sounds

IpChing m monk. Name of the son of Ip Man, Bruce Lee's kung fu teacher

BarbieAnn F barb. A play on words for Barbarian

Uzochi Kwadwo M WD. Names in African languages. Uzochi means "God's Way" and Kwadwo means "Born on a Monday" It was Monday when i made him LOL
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well my first character is always called bartuc(barbarian) and horazon(wizard). cauz they are the collest duo in the lore of diablo (i always wonder why zoltun khul who is unknown instead of horazon, maybe because he is the arcane sanctuary.....)

and for the rest of my character i try to get them un the novel. i have galeonna(monk) and achilios(demonhunter)
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Warcraft 3 Heroes
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