Diablo® III

What inspired your Diablo III character name?

Xasthur (barb) is a black metal artist;
Chthon (WD) is the name of an obscure comics character;
Lorelei (wiz) is a Rhine maiden;
Tania (DH) is a gender joke (my DH is male);
Zulady (monk) is a funny name, though Lady Zu would be better. And the coolest of all
Corvo (monk) doesn't need to be introduced. :)
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Fegelein! Fegelein!! FEGELEIN!!
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I am a mythology/theology nut job (love all types of mythology even though the majority of my names are from the Greek branch).
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Sounded cool. Demon Hunter seems like a mysterious and devious hero.
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ToughMudder the Barbarian

Very fitting name if youve ever heard of the tough mudder obstacle course runs www. toughmudder .com

Completed the Toronto course last year!

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I go to Uni with a Norwegian who's last name is this, thought it sounded pretty bad-!@#$ so decided it was a fitting name for my Demon Hunter
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Witch Doctor---Erzebet---Elizabeth Bathory, the Hungarian pronouncation and spelled wrong. It should be Erzsebet.
Demon Hunter---Aphris---It's the name of a city in a fantasy/sci-fi book.
Wizard---Pyretta---A song by Type O Negative R.I.P. Peter Steele
Barbarian---Talena---A charcter's name from the same series as my DH.

All female characters.
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Mainly they're named for my totems: Dragon and Crow. A couple are named after some very real (and disturbing) people.
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Aesthia (wizard) - just because she's aesthetically pleasing.

Whisperwind (DH) - named after Tyrande Whisperwind of the Warcraft series.

Kamahl (barbarian) - named after a barbarian from Magic: the Gathering.

Kasumi (monk) - named after a character from "The King of Fighters" fighting game series.

Henu (WD) - named after Benu, the character from the Witch Doctor short story: "Doubtwalker."

Akasha (WD) - named after a Hindu deity.

Jeska (HC barb to be played) - named after a female barbarian from Magic: the Gathering.
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Monk - Murmure (Whisper in french)
Witch Doctor - Soupir (Sigh in french)
Demon Hunter - Silence
Barbarian - Echo

A general theme related to sound and mostly inspired by character names from The Black Company by Glen Cook :)
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Siegfried, the dragon slayer from norse mythology, AND a character from Soul Calibur games :)
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What inspired your Diablo III character name?

My first Diablo 3 character was planned to be a frost wizard with a huge axe.

Frost spells = Chill

Weapon of choice = Axe

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Most of mine are from Anime.

Makina - dual Mac-10 wielding heroine from Corpse Princess
Saeko - blade wielding heroine from High School of the Dead
Kenpachi - crazy Soul Reaper from Bleach
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Napoleon Dynamite.
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DH = Dukkha
Wiz = Maya
Monk = Avaritia
WD = Dragula
Barb = AlbaGuBra

The above were inspired and themed because they all ended in "a"

DH = Dukkha
Wiz = Maya

These 2 were inspired from ancient terms that link the mind to madness or illusion.

Monk = Avaritia
A gold find monk that was inspired by a Latin term that means greed.

WD = Dragula
Inspired from an awesome Rob Zombie song.

Barb = AlbaGuBra
Inspired from Braveheart. William Wallace yells this before he goes into a battle. "Scotland forever!"

My old hardcore PK char. Inventories full of ears he claimed... ;)


too bad we cant see each others char names in game... :(
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I kept dying on my DH and said "son of a b*tch" Thus my barb was born and named Sonofa.
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Defendor for my male Demon Hunter, after a great movie starring Woody Harrelson. Anyone know it?

My male Barbarian is Trogdor (yes, after the Burninator). I have teenagers :)

My Witch Doctor is Shokandah. I wanted ShockAndAwe, but that name was forbidden. Shokandah sounds pretty cool for a WD though IMO.

My girlfriend named her female DH "Hunter". First character she ever made for an MMO. At first I thought she just didn't care, but then I realized that Hunter could be a name as well as a title :D
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My Wiz DarthPsycosi. i was too excited at launch to think clearly and i was drinking.
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my brother came up with my monk name (but I like his name), but all my characters just have whatever random name I could think of at the time

WD: Mr. Huggiez
Wiz: Jeeves
DH: Chives
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