Diablo® III

What inspired your Diablo III character name?

Both my level 60's names come from "The Ranger's Apprentice" youth book series. I was made to read the same amount of time I spent watching tv growing up. That being said it filled me with a passion for good books. "The Ranger's Apprentice" books are clean, have good humor in them and action packed all in one. Great read at any age.

DH - Will Treaty (Main hero)
Barb - Horace ( Co-main hero)
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My Barbarian, Waldrian (The Lord of all Barbarians) way back to the pre-historic of Vikings ;)
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Barbarian: CarltonBanks .. well
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My sister Aurura, and my girlfriend Ariana, and my girlfriend sister Aria
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If you don't know where all 10 of my character names come from, you're dead to me.
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Kaia - My future daughter's name I have picked out. When I decide to have another kid that is.
Sophitia - My favorite character from when I played the game Soul Blade.
Billdave - A name I borrowed from a person I used to play WoW with.
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WD: GungaGalunga - Cadyshack
HC WD: Umfufu - Eddie Murphy Joke
Barb: SurNaKa - Name of my first Diablo 2 Barbarian
Wizard: EarlTheLeech - Name of my first ever Diablo 1 Character
DH: Natalya - lack of creativity
Monk: Maude - Seems to fit
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Barbarian: Immortal Just guess where it came from...
Wizard: SirCastAlot for teh lulz
Monk: iShakeBabies One of my all time favorite names/tags
Demon H: Heliah helia;hellion. idk, I tried.
HC Monk: Hardcoremunk lack of creativity
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Lack of inspiration.
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Dark Magic for my Momonegra... Wish the name appeared in the game instead of the account name in multiplayer games.
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Famous Greek Gods and Godesses
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Diomedes - a hero in Greek mythology, also meaning God-like cunning, which seemed fitting for Demon Hunter!

Dhamma - the teachings of the Buddha which lead to enlightenment, uncovered gradually through sustained practice - perfect for the Monk!
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Diva Q - My BBQ Competition Team Name. Not very creative but simple to remember.
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i name my WD endoogu this green bustard gurdian of kalim hart inspired me diablo game inspired me. you loyal player since D1 Vik.
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I liked shrek and so barbs names seemed appropriate.
I am like a beast and my wife is like belle.
She is also a princess.
Hot dog and popcorn my son named.
Devious angel fits my wife well.
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Barb- Harribel- Favorite espada from Bleach

DH- Vegeta- Favorite character from DBZ

Monk- Goku- second favorite character from DBZ

WD- Zecora - charatcer from MLP FIM that acts like a WD (yes I'm a brony)

Planned Wiz name- Luna- favorite princess from MLP FIM.
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DangerMouse. it's probably the coolest name on the entire Diablo 3 network.
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"Fireblade" My favorite bike model from Honda. Used in my first MMORPG Asheron's Call since 1999.

"OneInchPunch" I want my monk to be fast and furious like Bruce Lee!

"Mogen" South America language which means to live, to be alive and to heal. Used in FF11 as whitemage.

"Ralirea and Temenua" are Tumeroks in Asheron's Call.

"Maitreya" a Buddha in Buddhism.

"Hecate" ancient goddess in Greek, a witch or wizard whatever. ^^;

"JoanArc & Legolas" cos I'm running out of ideas rip from movies. LOL!

"Xena" one of my favorite TV drama series heheh!

I spent a lot of time naming my avatars but I'm very disappointed what others see in game is only my BATTLETAG ID!!! This is so silly . . . I'm hoping Blizzard will fix this some day.
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