Diablo® III

What inspired your Diablo III character name?

Magic the Gathering, there is a card that represents a sword, which if landed a single blow could destroy a world. Yet the sword itself would still be left standing...

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Morrigan - Dragon Age 1

Dokho: Saint Seiya
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Winkletonk:..... Its an ironic name because its a big scary guy and then his name is that. :D
Loopsarfar: This is my Shamans name on WoW and most people thinks its supposed to be Lucifer or another name for satan. Dont really know why i picked it, just wanted a unique name :D
Leon: Fitting name for a wizard.
Heronteeno: I have no idea about this name...I think i just wanted a weird, monk sounding name.
Kerce: Liked that name and its a friend of mines name.
Helgara: Because Helga is to mainstream.
And the rest are just joke characters.
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Drumheller - Barbarian - Character from the Shadow War Trilogy by Chris Claremont and George Lucas. In the novels, Drumheller is actually the name taken by Willow as a new identity after his family dies in a cataclysm after the events in the 1988 movie. GREAT fantasy series!!

SolomanKane - Monk - Named after the puritan hero from the pulp stories by Robert E. Howard (of Conan the Barbarian Fame)

DocHolliday - Demon Hunter - after the historical gunfighter/gambler/rogue and friend of Wyatt Earp

MamaShango - Witch Doctor - named after the voodoo figure Papa Shango

Mendacium - Wizard - the latin word for "a lie, untruth, falsehood, fiction" and a name for a demon from antiquity that has power over illusions and lies. Also, used as the name for my rogue character in D&D and WoW.
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Doubletap: The act of shooting an enemy a second time after they have gone down to ensure ones safety.

I figure this is a very applicable name for a hardcore demon hunter.
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TiaPoacher: Be her target demon or otherwise, it's what hunters do.

TiaValhalla: Looks like a Viking. Smells like a Viking. Probably swings like one too.

TiaSchala: Think Chrono Trigger.

TiaDemona: It's a Witch Doctor. It's a she. And she's demonic. And she has the voice of a Gargoyle.

TiaZeala: Also think Chrono Trigger.

TiaPrimordia: She performs primal rituals. 'Nuff said.

TiaPriestess: She's a Monk that likes to heal monters...with her fists.

TiaCuraga: Another Monk. Seems to like Final Fantasy a bit too much...

TiaHuntress: Eh...at least it's simplistic. KA'PWING!

TiaAltera: Blunt. Rude. Not much for words. The absolute life of the party. Ascends to a higher plane of existence upon death. Keeps muttering the name "Oma Desala" in her sleep...

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Clytemnestra - Daedalus - Odysseus.

Anyone picking up the vibe here?
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Symphony of the Night, sorry blizzard/atvi, Konami has all your games beat with this one.
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Elektra - Marvel Comics, female Ninja from Daredevil
Nefaratus - Ancient Egypt
Kromwell - Medieval ages
Athena - Ancient Greece
Aboo - A take on Alladins monkey Abu
Kronos - Ancient Greece

Stash, MoreStash and Stuff - inspired from limited stash in game!!!!
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WD Jimi Hendrix cause " lawd knows I'm a voodoo child"
Monk Death Punch cause it sounded cool and FFDP is effin awesome
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Doubletap: The act of shooting an enemy a second time after they have gone down to ensure ones safety.

I figure this is a very applicable name for a hardcore demon hunter.

False: the original use of double tap implied use of one's index and middle finger to double tap a gun trigger on a gun with low recoil, getting a faster firing speed than firing using index finger only.

The more you know.
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Sardius is a name i use in a lot of games I play. It was the end boss from Super Ghouls and Ghosts. It's also a name for a mineral the color of blood. It also could be rooted from the word sardonic, which is an ironic smile caused by pain, or just sarcasm. These are all awesome things IMHO.

Swampsquatch because Brad Neely.

Takamine because I like their guitars.

Poot because lawl.

Dazmo because yet another name I use frequently. I have no real reason for this though.

Edit: different game I originally said ghosts and goblins.
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My Demon Hunter is named Sylvanas... do I need to explain?
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I love cats.
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Nothing overly imaginative with my character names. Most of them I just pulled out of thin air, only three were inspired at all:

Magiere seemed appropriate for a DH (main char in Noble Dead books)

Tarrant fit a Wiz well (referencing Gerald Tarrant from CS Friedman's coldfire trilogy)

As for my WD, Alvin came about because I couldn't think of a good name and suddenly this popped into my head . . . http://youtu.be/d-3GqJFNjGU
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I think I don't need to wait long until somebody names the universe my name is coming from. (By the way I have a character called Samirhage)
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zenjin , my troll character name for world of warcraft,
zen signify, cool , friendly, relax, positive-mind
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All my characters have names of famous musicians, lol.
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I have 2 funny ones..
MrDanger..thats how i call my girlfriend's best friend (Miss Danger doesnt sound good even in spanish)

One of my friends put her that nick one day she got pissed off with him..

PoyoteDax. Pretty hard to explain in english and probably the explanation doesnt fit in the forums "code of conduct" ...But the nick starts with a latin singer called CoyoteDax...and putting a P instead of a C...reminds me to the English name "Dick"... and then...
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