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[Suggestions]: Talisman and Burning Hells Portals


here's the link to the thread of my two ideas on Diablofans.com.

I wrote there because it's a very long read and there are a lot of images so I prefered to do "cross-link".

I apologize about that with CMs.

"Like" here if you liked there :)

Enjoy: http://www.diablofans.com/topic/87920-suggestions-the-talisman-and-the-burning-hells-portals/
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I realy like the burning hell portals, that would fill the problem of new content!!

Plzz blizz make this happen.
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03/06/2013 10:17 PMPosted by Jay
that would fill the problem of new content!!

Eheh it might help :)
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Woah, youve surely put alot of time on this, judging by the pictures alone :)

Really cool idea!
If Blizzard themselves could be this creative Diablo 3 could potentially become really awesome!
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the next big thing blizz needs to address is the longevity of the game the so called "end-game"
theres gotta be some purpose to farming the items.
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More people need to see this! :)
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03/07/2013 11:57 AMPosted by dLux
More people need to see this! :)

I agree :)
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Hire this person immediately.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
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Shameless bump
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travis day , wyatt chang please read this!
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Wow, nice presentation. I really like the concepts. Good job man.
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This needs to be implemented. Blizzard... Listen to your fans!
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+1 great idea. it would give us more satisfaction of going around the world and to visit new and old places.
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Bumping so more people, and a blue can see this!
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Stuff for expansion:)

And I reckon, they wanna ship the console version first, then wait a wee bit of time, before releasing an expansion, so the console users also gets it.

But bump for great idea and justice:)
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Thanks guys :)
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Supremely impressive ideas! I hope these suggestions make their way to the game! :D
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I didn´t read everything but I like the pictures :)

I LOVE pictures.

+1 from me :D

and now seriously: Great ideas mate!
Sad enough blizzard will never be that creative with D3.
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I have not read everything, though the idea sounds really great.

But I would want to see a bit more then just a "boost" to your stats like strength or vitality. As this is basically just hunting for more of the same thing.

There could be for example as well objects that lower certain cooldown times of skills for example, or increasing the duration.

Imagine you get - 30 sec. cooldown time to Wrath of the Berzerker for example. or something that allows you more time in Archon mode for the Wizard, or spirit walk for the Whitchdoctor.

This together with the skills and runes could create even completely new effects
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I know how hard it is to do concept-artworks :)
really awesome work
I love the burning hell portal idea :)

gogo, where is the bluepost ?
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