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Set Farming

What are the best acts to farm set pieces? Act 3-4?

Noob question incoming:

I've never seen a set piece drop. Are they green when they drop? or are they legendary or rare color with a special unid name?

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The name is green but the item is leg orange. It is all RNG. I have found set items in every act. I have had weeksgo by without a set item and then had three set items drop in the same run. Sometimes the game loves you and sometimes it hates you.
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Just make sure you are running at least mp1 if you are doing act 1 or 2. Act 3, mp0 is fine. Beyond that, I think most monsters and bosses drop off the same loot table and only vary in their number of drops and minimum quality (e.g. bosses and elites will stop at 4 affix rares for 2 of their drops with 5NV). But in theory, a skeleton in act 1 should have the same chance to drop a tal rasha chest as a skeleton in act 2 or act 3. Act 3 has the most skeletons though, if ya get my drift.
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I personally have had the best farming luck in keep depths 2, and vault of the assassin
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stone fort, keep, bridge, are all good places. I got a nice shenlong, a decent chantodo source from those places. Speed is the key, don't do too high a MP that takes you forever to clear.
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Speed farming White monster density areas has probably reaped me more legends/sets than from Elite kills.
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Well I just don't freaking get it! I've been playing months, I've 6 Paragon level characters (currently 4 thru 14) & while I've had a good handful of legendary items drop (some of them were even good ones) I've never, not once seen even one stinking set item drop in any act in any level. I've beaten the game on all foul levels, have played in games with crazy high monster level (not much though as I find I die just as rapidly at lower monster levels) & I've damn near explored every nook & crannie I can find so what gives. I'm beginning to think they don't even spawn in games so people go buy them in the auction house. 100's of game hours without ONE STINKING SET ITEM found in a game... I'M PISSED!!!!!
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Howl, it may be because your paragon levels are low, so you're not getting the high MF from the 3% you get from each paragon level. I noticed that legendary drops increased dramatically for me once I got around P30. Yesterday I got 3 set pieces, which is lucky for me, but it's not uncommon for me to see 2-3 a week.
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