Diablo® III

Broken barb ..

My problem .. I feel like I've geared myself into a corner.

I can't upgrade my pants or chest because of the blackthorne's set bonus and hp they provide. Also, this means I cant upgrade my boots because I need the run speed.
I found a decent pair of Ice Climbers and a ring that I can interchange with the SOJ
Suggestions in where to go?
50m budget
I appreciate all the help I can get, so thanks in advance.
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I'm in the same boat, though I don't view it as quite the pickle that others do. This is purely my opinion and based on the way I play the game but I can get by just fine with 12% movespeed. Good luck to you.
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Instead of crafting str shoulders, you should try crafting vit shoulders instead. I'm not wearing them right now, but i crafted some high vit, decent str (~180) all resist shoulders within 100 crafts. I'm wearing the str version now just to max out my mf. That'll solve a lot of your vit issues and allow you to change out your blackthorne's set. If you already have decent ice climbers, you can try some vit inna's pants(140ish vit should be within your budget) for the movement speed. Your all res is high enough that you should be able to lose the res on your pants unless you're doing mp10 or something. Also, depending on the mp you're doing, you might want to change out war cry/impunity for overpower/crushing advance/killing spree. The defensive benefits of crushing advance is better than impunity as long as you have the crit chance to support it, and killing spree adds another 10% crit chance if you don't need the survivability.

TLDR: craft vit shoulders.
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Vit are the way to go for sure. The way I understand it is strength shoulders can roll up to 330 strength and 200 vit. Vit shoulder can roll up to 300 strength and 300 vit. I got lucky and rolled a decent pair after 60 tries. They are in my profile.
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All that jk and Killer said, plus you could also socket an amethyst instead of the ruby in your helm.

Killer - That's a sweet shoulder BTW
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Vit shoulders would be great. They will open up your options to replace the silly blackthornes. Then you can try your luck at crafting a better ammy. Hell, you might even end up with some more vit/resists/loh on it in addition to cc and cd.

Now, after you finish that.. Get some lacuni's with CC! You have a decent budget, you should be able to afford it. You will have more vit from your shoulders, so you dont need to worry about the vit on your bracers. And when you replace your pants with AR pants, you won't need to worry about the AR. 4.5+ crit chance would do some crazy things for your DPS and WOTB sustain.

That's what comes to my mind right away. Need to drop superstition too once that you get your survivability more figured out - they are so many better options. Brawler/berserker rage/bloodthirst could all be great for you.

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Thanks everyone for the advise!
I will certainly be checking out the vit shoulders option

very nice shoulders! If I could only be so lucky hah
I can't rationalize not optimizing the +exp in the helm and HF ring, especially at my relatively low paragon level
upgrading the ammy is definitely a priority. I was hoping to add more CD and even some AS tho .. perhaps I can find a way to fit some vit in there too
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i was in the same boat as you not too long ago. had to use BT set for health.
but i made a few moves and it worked out for the best.

i got a IK chest with the most vit and str that i could afford. at the time, i also picked up a ammy with a lot of vit. that let me get rid of the BT set. i eventually upgraded other gear but i'm always trying to get vit where i can. crafting vit shoulders helped alot. my previous shoulders had 150 vit. my shoulders now have 262 vit + 12% life. the vit shoulders are amazing. the only crappy thing is they took me around 175-200 tries.

try getting a belt with life % or vit.
craft vit shoulders. craft ammy (might get lucky with a vit one)
crafting is where its at. overall, you get cheaper gear than what you'd pay in the AH.
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