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Any upgrades for my barb? 10million budget

I have been playing the game awhile now, but basically only played solo. The items I have gotten are either drops or stuff that I have paid very little for. I play mostly WW barb since I watched a youtube video on it. I usually run act 3 on inferno mp 3 or 4 with ease, and if a key drops I then switch to mp 5 and get the other 2 keys. I have 15 machines now though, and never really tried to use them.

What upgrades should I be looking for with what little gold I have? I have never gotten an item that has been worth more then a few hundred thousand on the AH.

Thanks in advance

I forgot to mention my paper dps right now is about 150k.
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List of some areas you should look at if you want to run higher mp/do ubers:

-Resists. Shoulders, pants, boots, and bracers are all slots where you can pack in a ton of resists. Try to hit 500 lowest resist.
-Attack speed. You only have one slot of 6%, using a build that scales heavily on attack speed. Take a look at this: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6037344497 You should be aiming for 2.23 or 2.5 aps fully buffed. You can use http://www.d3rawr.com/d to calculate upgrades.
-Life. Try to get at least 40k without your amethysts, or 50k with a helm gem. Alongside boosting your resists this should put you in a good spot in terms of ehp.
-Mainhand average damage. A mace with 950+ average damage and a socket can be easily had for a few mill, and would be a huge tdps upgrade over your current weapon. Lifesteal can be moved to offhand or passive.
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