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Suggestions for Affixes and "game changing" Legendaries

I wanted to start of the thread by thanking the blues/devs for their increased communication with the playerbase over the past few weeks and truly have faith with the direction the game is going in. While I realize this game is imperfect and can vastly improve, knowing the devs are taking our feedback into consideration is reassuring. The purpose of this thread is to throw some ideas at the devs regarding these “game changing” qualities that legendaries should have as well as possible affixes. This will be a TL;DR post, but there will be some ideas in here that might be interesting to some. Anyways thanks for reading and please post your own ideas and feedback.
Possible Affixes for weapons:
% increase in damage (apply it to every skill of every class)

-% resource cost of (apply to every skill of every class)

+ maximum dmg (based on paragon level and increase in plvl increases the dmg of the item)

Some form of resource leech the only way I can see this not being op is having a set amount of the resource in question returned each enemy hit.

+base stats and increase incrementally as Paragon lvl increases Ex: +100-300 str starting and every increase in paragon lvl gives you a set amount of str increase, lets say 5. So if you roll and item with 100 str at p lvl 100 it would give you 600 str or 800 if you got a higher end roll. The point here is to make the +base stats equally as attractive to crit hit/dmg and other alternatives. It also gives a greater purpose to increasing paragon lvl.

+% of dmg to secondary targets (would sync well with armors that can increase the radius of secondary target dmg)

+All resist (increase based on plvl)

Possible Affixes for armor:

+% all resists or a single resist, but it would have a higher %

+All resist (increase based on plvl)

+maximum life

+maximum life (increases on Plvl increases)

+reduces all dmg taken by %

+secondary dmg radius secondary dmg would allow single target skills to potentially do aoe dmg and you could centralize a build around it.

+base stats (based on plvl)

% increase in damage (apply it to every skill of every class)

-% resource cost of (apply to every skill of every class)

These are just a few affix ideas, I have more depending on how the thread is received I will add them.

Possible game changing and cool legendary qualities:

I am simply going to suggest certain qualities that I think would be cool to have in D3. I will not design items unless I get paid to do so!


Certain ideas I have for shields would be the reintroduction to the D2 auras. I think it would be awesome for a shield to have an aura defiance aura, might aura, fanaticism aura, and conviction aura. These shields would certainly affect group play for the positive. It would also give people more of an incentive to use a shield.

A certain legendary shield could convert a percentage of health to dmg. This would also create a scenario in which certain builds would use a shield as an offensive option as well as a defensive option.

A certain legendary shield could create a bubble that deflects projectiles, but does not block melee attacks.

Bows, xbox, handbows (bows):

A legendary bow that allows for an additional sentry, boosts sentry dmg, allows sentry to crit.

A legendary bow that shoots missiles every X attack that explodes for a large amount of dmg. (build attack speed around this item)


A legendary pair of boots that allow you to jump

A legendary pair of boots that increases the effectiveness of lashing tail kick somehow dmg, a cool effect of some sort.

A legendary pair of boots that allow you to move exponentially faster the longer you are out of combat.

I’m going to stop here and post this to get some discussion going. Please post some of your ideas and give me feedback. Thank you for reading and let me know if you want more.
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/blue bump

I'm curious to see ideas from other players, as well as find out what they think of the suggestions you listed. Could be fun!

1,2,3 GO.
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/blue bump

I'm curious to see ideas from other players, as well as what they think of the suggestions you listed. :)

Game changing bump ! .. Though I think many players are still shell shocked at the many many many possibilities these new announcements are bringing... like bringing all legendaries in game from low levels up to an ilvl63.. just wow
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Oh look at you breaking rules and stuff. =P

I want to see a legendary that steals the souls of your enemies and after a certain amount of enemies are killed, you enter a "god mode" state where you start glowing green and stuff and do extra damage.

Like Frostmourne, but way cooler because let's face it, this is Diablo!

I guess the best way to describe it would be that randomly after stealing souls you become something like Archon Form.
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Thank you!! Appreciate it :) Lets the discussions begin!
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fix wd's mana problems they need a way to generate mana besides waiting.

mana regain on crit
items that drain mana enemies
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I would like to add for items such as http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/maximus which has a chance to summon a demonic slave when attacking was a big fail because the pet or demon or skeleton was so weak to do any damage or even survive a few hits in inferno... I would change the code such that the pet that was summoned should deal say 50 - 100% of the character's weapon damage and 100% of the character's AR/Armor and health and maybe have some special skill (ie generate extra resource or +attack speed)

Fixing this affix will help a lot of items that have these affix besides fixing the items affix as well...

My two cents...
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How about an affix that reflects an enemies attack back to them. They try to jail you and end up getting jailed or imagine Azmo's fireball being thrown back at him.

It could be enemy attack specific, apply broadly or be somewhere in the middle depending on how good the roll was...

*Better yet, make these rolls only possible through crafting.
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i had an idea for a legendary quiver that gave a chance for all projectiles to leave a trail of fire or something.
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03/05/2013 10:42 PMPosted by Lylirra
1,2,3 GO.

I'll sleep on it and get back to you tomorrow, fair enough ma'am?
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03/05/2013 09:58 PMPosted by RonJick
% increase in damage (apply it to every skill of every class)

%elemental dmg could just be changed to work not only with blacks

03/05/2013 09:58 PMPosted by RonJick
-% resource cost of (apply to every skill of every class)

like this one but fist increase the floor on -resource cost for specific skills items so that this will always be a smaller bonus because it works for all skills. (-1ap/hydra on ilvl 63s)

03/05/2013 09:58 PMPosted by RonJick
Some form of resource leech the only way I can see this not being op is having a set amount of the resource in question returned each enemy hit.

My suggestion is to use something which dont rely on procs. Those skills are the only spamming skills ever used.

+maximum life

+maximum life (increases on Plvl increases)

+reduces all dmg taken by %

those allready exists or almost. vita, life%, melee/ranged reduction, armor, res.

i like the ideas with specific items boosting specific skills.

03/05/2013 09:58 PMPosted by RonJick
A legendary pair of boots that allow you to jump

Jump in general for all classes is something i missed. and switch for walk/run mode with stamina as d2. those are some thins which could be used in different ways and which builds could centralize around
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What about a weapon that has a small chance to remove a random affix from an Elite with each hit?

A ring that gives Fire Chains between every member of the party wearing it?
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I would love to see some aura mechanic make a return. Always loved that in D2, though I never got any of the nicer RW with the effect... :(

I like the paragon level stats idea.

Ummm... here goes?

A legendary Daibo with: Resonating Bell, causing every bell dropped to send out several shock waves that knock back enemies around you.

A legendary Daiblo with: Black Hole -- When channeling Tempest Rush enemies are pulled towards you.

A wand/staff with: Time Paradox -- While standing inside Slow Time bubbles, all of your CDs are reduced by 75%.

A shield that shoots ring of flame/chain lighting/freezes enemies every time you block. Something to do with Tiamat. (Okay, I stole that from D2, but that shield was kind of just okay...)
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how about giving each class a unique ability only they can do. Such as give wizaeds unlimited teleport when they have certain apoc regen like in d2. tleleport is a beneficial skill to all players will help form games and partys due to a wizard can teley to quest and invite the rest. same can be said to granting other classes there unique skill, that they only have that would make them better for solo and even better for group play. thats my op thnx:)
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Ah legendary boots that improve lashing tail kick, I love that idea.

What about an item or modifier that improves non-crit damage significantly? Would help build diversity to get people away from trying to crit all the time. Most end game builds and gear right now revolve around crits.

I also would like more legendaries with interesting stat decisions. Right now, it is just a more is always better way of looking at things. For example, how about a daibo with much lower damage but like 10 spirit regen per second. Trade-offs are what make things interesting.

On the subject of improving stat ranges, please look at spirit regen also. 1-2.33 for example is a huge range, and rolling close to 1 ruins the item.
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A helm that has a chance to double/triple/etc your character's size, greatly increasing physical strength and allowing you to smash monsters across the screen with each critical hit.
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The Avenger
+3 Random stats
3-5 % less damage from elites
Elites take 3-6% more damage

Copies up to two random affixes from elites and uses them against your foes for X seconds. This effect can stack duration if you keep killing elites up to x minutes.

Off Hand
+4 Random stats
+3-6% pet damage
Pet turns into a Champion permanently and also gains 1 random affix

The Shocker
Wizard Only
Intelligence 200-350
+3 Random Stats
+30-50% Shock Damage
You constantly deal shock damage as an AOE effect to all enemies within X yards. This shock damage also benefits from your shock pulse rune.

Barbarian Only

+200-400 Strength
+200-300 Vitality
+1500-3000 Life on Hit
Increases the size of the barbarian considerably. Increases all damage done by 20-40%.
Your skin turns hard as stone reducing all damage by 15-20%

The Illusionist
Off Hand
Wizard Only

+2 Random Stats
You take 4-8% less damage from elites
+200 - 400 Intelligence
Mirror image cooldown reduced by 10 seconds.
Your Mirror ability now grants you 3 more clones. In addition each clone can periodically spawn a clone of itself benefiting from your current rune.
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How about a legendary ranged weapon(bow, xbow, doesn't really matter) have a chance to push your character away from mobs while you are attacking it, or one that randomly shoots an explosive arrow that knocks back all mobs hit by it.
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