Diablo® III

Suggestions for Affixes and "game changing" Legendaries

* channel spells double length

* aoe spells (or specific skill) doubles area/diameter

* gain an extra missile/ray, this missile fires behind you and is untargetted but has mirror symmetry (eg: benefits disintegrate, arcane torrent, ray of frost, arcane orbmost dh arrows, zombie bears etc) (you pretty much don't have to stutter step..with this). good in a crowd

* proc rate of skill is improved (or doubled/tripled loh returns from specific skill)

* chance to half cd per second. (per specific skill or otherwise)

* chance to double crit chance or crit dmg per second for x seconds. (ie: not a on hit effect, thus doesn't scale with aps)

* chance to reflect projectile

* gain unstable anomaly (if you don't have it) or reduce cd of unstable anomaly/spirit walk/nde to 15 seconds.

* gain storm armor (unruned), or increase the damage of storm armor x2 if you already have it

* gain ice armor (unruned) , or increase the damage/mitigation of ice armor x2 if you already have it

* gain magic weapon (blood magic), or doubles the damage/ls of magic weapon if you already have it

* totally ignore 1 damage affix type.. (the best would be frozen or arcane to ignore i think). useless for barbs. (ie: frozen, arcane, molten, firechains, mortar, rd, plague, electrified, desc)

* gain 50% cc reduction

* x spell type gains +75% damage. (add, not multiplied)

* chance to generate health globes per second

* chance to refresh a shrine per second. (like 5%)

* expose the location of elites and purples and gobs on the overland map

* gain an extra bonus item chance . (ie: you can drop 2 bonus items instead of 1). this occurs at 50% rate at mp10

* chance to dispel ground affixes on contact. (eg: 25%-50%) means touching a frozen orb before it fires has 1 chance to dispel it. likewise arcane etc.

* when you die, you explode in a molten explosion deal 1600% dps damage in a 80yd radius.

* elemental effects actually does stuff

* gain 10% movement speed if there are no mobs within 40 yd radius

* double the effect of loh/ls/heals

* triggers smokescreen (unruned) if you are hit once per 6-10 seconds. reduced the cd/disc cost of smokescreen if you already have it

* not an affix, but scale all the legendary items summons and damage effects with the player's dps/primary stat. eg: skycutter, maximus, gidbinn, firewalkers, manajuma set bonus etc

* aura of breaking. deals 5% dps against all mobs in area of effect, also breaks objects, chests and doors
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I liked the idea, someone posted once on forums, where you could combine magic item with your legendary for desired stats. That makes magical items worth picking, or at least checking. Lets say you would like more life regeneration on your ring, you find a magical ring with 600 life regeneration, you are very happy, picking it up, running to the town, going to JC and bang, you add 600 (or with some fee %) life regeneration to your legendary ring. Lets say 1 boost per legendary to not be OP. Cheers.

edit: just for the record, I am from EU server, if you want to see my profile, instead of US -> change to EU and you are good to go.
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Few Ideas from me.

1. Cap all resist, in D2, we had a cap, several items only extended this cap from 75 to 90. This will stop players from saying "Well, armor has everything I need but missing All resist." I remember some blue posts back in the day(early launch) said they didn't want players stacking one thing on all gear and was the reason why IAS had been nerfed.

2. Being able to socket items, that is a game changer, too many times I find would-be great items but they didn't roll with a socket and it had to be salvaged.

3. Would be nice if higher quality Amethyst gems had lifesteal on them instead of LoH, Nobody really uses LoH anymore, people would actually start putting those gems into weapons. The max level gem could provide up to 2-3% LS on 1h weapons and up to 5-6% on 2H weapons, Lower level Amethyst could still have LoH. We would then have to choose dps over more survivability, this puts Amethysts on par with marquise ruby and crit dmg gems.

4. Extend shield block to 75% max (like D2) Instead of a dex requirement that influences block(like in D2) make primary stat in D3 play into the formula, more primary stat, higher block chance.

Example in D2

Total Blocking = [(Blocking * (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2)]

DEX needed for max block = {(150 * clvl) / blocking} + 15, rounded up.

In D3, there could be a similar formula, except replace dex with classes primary stat, add special unique affixes to shields(Triple hp regen affixes, huge defensive boosts, cannot be frozen affix), you will then see dilemma's between offhand mojo/source or dual wield. I know I would then think about using shields, especially in higher monster powers.
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* when you die, you explode in a molten explosion deal 1600% dps damage in a 80yd radius.

Love this idea,
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Few Ideas from me.

1. Cap all resist, in D2, we had a cap, several items only extended this cap from 75 to 90. This will stop players from saying "Well, armor has everything I need but missing All resist." I remember some blue posts back in the day(early launch) said they didn't want players stacking one thing on all gear and was the reason why IAS had been nerfed.

you are wrong on this. ias was capped because
a) it hit too high values affecting things like resource generation (fury, spirit , apoc, loh)
b) it was weighted too much so you can just stack ias and perma freeze with just 20% cc
*without the nerf, cm wizards can reach 6.0+ aps. its ridiculous*

putting a cap on all resist simply means we have to limit monster damage/lower monster damage on mp10 even further. ie: nerfing INFERNO even more.

I'm pretty sure inferno mp10 was more or less capped around something like 90% of max possible mitigation. so soft capping ar/armor will simply mean a nerfing of inferno.

which means more people who couldn't do mp10 -> can do mp10 now.
which means -> prices of gear will drop even further, since people can either self farm, or by farming increase the supply on the ah.

eg: someone who has too much mitigation now. can shed his ar for even more dps, thus running making inferno mp10 faceroll.. I don't know why you think that is a good thing
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Boots with +50% movement speed, not capped

Helms that extend the radius of all AoE skills by 50%

Weapons with up to a 15% Deadly Strike chance

A Bow/Crossbow that shoots 3 arrows instead of one

Legs or Boots that allow any player of any class to jump (same as Barb) with space bar

Rings and Ammies that provide automatic Molten/Plague/Waller/Jailer/Reflect Damage/Horde effects against Elites (just to see how those suckers like it for a change!)

Gloves (Midas Touch) with 500% Gold Find

Gloves, Bracers or Shoulders with "Skill Doubler" effect. Your skill in the 1-Slot gets double bonus.

Oh, I've got a million more of these. Here's the main thing, devs: You might want to err on the side of the players this time. Also, do not be afraid of creating OP, godly players - we all want to be OP. And never-ever-ever-ever worry about any sort of "balance" or "design philosophy", you hear? This game needs to be a lot more unbalanced! And have a lot more OP-fun!
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OP, you seem to have missed the point of paragon levels. They were never ment to be the end game grind, just a compensation to not make the item hunt completely worthless in case you didnt find something. I know this has kind of failed (most item hunts do in fact turn out to only reward you with some XP) and most farming routes guides brag with how much XP/hour instead of items/hour.

I hope this will change (and I think blizzard wants it too) with the improved itemization therefore I also hope they will not implement your suggestions that improve with increased paragon level.

Encouraging paragon leveling more also disencourages playing alts more, another boring thing... Less mindless paragon grinding thanks!

Many of the other ideas I like very much though, especially the jumping boots. Barbs already have this skill, but being even for them, being able to jump (but without a rune) without occupying a skill slot by using these could be attractive (but that way it would require an extra hotkey somehow..). Other movement skills like vault/teleport/... could also be available to other classes through items, always without the additional rune effects.
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How about an item that increases damage done by 55% and is reduced by 1% for each percent critical chance you have.

The concept of stat tradeoffs on individual items (opposed to different item compositions) would be very cool and provide players a way to really design a strategy and gear for a character.

A legendary belt that reduces the potion cooldown time, self explanatory why it would be awesome.

Any legendary class specific items can pick from a selection of passives available from the skills and have its effect at a lower bonus. For example, the wizard's passive that has 8% chance to stun with lighting attacks, a wizard hat could add another 4-5% chance to stun with lighting attacks. Or the monk's walk 10% faster passive could have a diablo that increases movement speed 5%.

Alternatively the legendary items/rare items (since these should spawn as class skills anyways) could enhance specific passives when those passives are selected as a skill. For example, increase the effectiveness of the wizard's critical mass by 50% when CM is selected as a passive skill.

These passive bonuses could also act in place of Set Items as bonuses for a full set. Its very rare to see people using a full set on their character, so providing some really unique and strong perks to completing and using a high-end set would really encourage their use.

Set bonuses could also have multiple options similar to the Follower skill trees. For example, 3 pieces of the wizard set, Tal Rasha's could have the option to increase armor by 20%, increase damage by 10% or double the damage dealt by all fire damage over time skills (burning ground after meteor). The player upon having 3 items in the set can select a non-permanent option for his account to determine the set bonus he gets. <--this would be really cool, side note.

Also the skill bonuses should be reviewed and many more should be added. For example, the reduction of meteor's casting cost by 3 is terrible compared to the reduction of disintegrate's casting cost by 3 because of the each time use of M is 3 times more than D, so the casting cost reduction should be 3 times greater.

All skills that have a cooldown should have an item possible to reduce the cooldown, all skills that have damage should have an item possible to increase damage, all skills that have special effects should have those effects prolonged or increased range as available enhancements on the items.

Making more (and better) skill bonuses rollable on items has a huge impact on the value of legendaries, sets, rares and crafting. With desirable attributes, like 30% cooldown of Earthquake for the barb on a rare belt, would make that belt really valuable to someone trying out a build around earthquake; so rares would be worth ID'ing. It is harder to find legendaries and sets with the desired skill bonuses so they'd be sought after even more. Crafting can be hugely impacted because recipes can drop for a LVL 63 sword with 5 random properties +150 INT + one random Wizard skill bonus increasing damage or reducing cooldown. This allows the crafting system to be more targeting focused.

Perhaps adding the skill bonus crafting specifics to the Mystic might be a more appropriate location, but the idea is still solid.
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ideas can be limitless but that means the ge difficulty imo needs to be at least 30% harder.

Barb. Bul kathos needs to be am axe and mighty weapon combo. that way we dont need the echoing fury. Combined on every 5th crit it brings down a bolt of lightning that does 500% lightning dmg in a 12 yard radius and 3% of that dmg is returned to you over 3 seconds.

Echoing fury - change the fear to instil fear that makes those in fear take 50% more g during the duration of the proc of 2 seconds.

Bul Kathos legendary Amulet - 300-500str / armour / all res + 3 affixes.
When combined to the bulkathos axe and mighty weapon the bul kathos spell works like wotb but instead you need to generate 30 fury to keep it alive per seconds.

Dwarvern forged armour - this is a set item with a set axe. combined your armour amd all res is increased by 15% + gain 500 life regen. the axe it self is a brother of the three hundreth spear and the set allows you to gain 3-5k life per 5th crit on a chance of 50%.

dagger of the assassin - max crit dmg within 10% will instantly kill but bosses or elites. Has a chance to do double ias and has ls.

dragons belt. Does not roll str. Can roll 3x vit and double armor/all res and socket.

bracer of the barbarians - at max fury your ias is 25% faster and can restore 1% dmg at max fury. rolls 200-300 str. 4x random affix.

Skorn boots set. when used with skorn axe you ias is 20% faster and bleed dmg is 300%
. the boots roll 300-500 life regen / 150-250 str 3x affix.

Diablos scale - forged from the 1st reign of diablos takedown. Ultra rare. When worn all armour / all res / ias / movement is increased by 10%. can roll main stat/3 socket + 3 affixes. When worn demond swam to you from a radius of 18 yards when 10 or more are within that radius your fury regen is +2

i could go on all day
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I would like to see items that give you the ability of summoning pets.
Pets of course will spawn with let's say 50% of the armor/all resist and 35% of the character damage and will have different cool gimmicks.
- A crow that blinds enemies (like old D2 druid)
- A rockworm that attacks from the ground.
- A snake/small dragon that snares enemies.
- A monkey/goblin that steals money from monsters
- A "treeish" looking pet that roots monsters
- A wisp that deal lightning damage and/or dazzles enemies
- A slime blob that poisons enemies

Armors that have mirror effects (I think someone already mentioned it) For example if you 4 elites that have the frozen affix and 1 of their frozen balls hits you it will freeze the monster that cast it.

Pogo boots that increase the leap range of barbs

Items that reduce cooldowns or very cool barb runes like earthquake and call of the ancients

Just some ideas I will come back with more

Great to see that devs are willing to listen to us. Keep the good work. I love diablo 3 and I think it is following a great direction.

I am sort of a D2 vet. Please do not remove the AH, it is great for looking very specific stuff that otherwise is very difficult to find via normal trading.

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How about a rare event that only occurs in MP10 that is much like the Anya style quest, where, upon freeing her, she offered you an item. That item was always for your class. It could be a little less powerful than the crafted BoA items, maybe even just a little less than a decent legendary of the same slot. But would roll at least high main stat and vitality.

Or, how about a pair of gloves with some amount of MF/GF but with a large pickup radius, like Thing of the Deep has.

I would defintely like to see some legendary follower relics. Like a Sorceress item that allowed her to take 75% less damage from elites/bosses. Or a Templar one that maxes out his block and has a little chunk of all resists.

Honestly, I think I would just like to see more powerful shields enter the game. If you are a class that can dual wield, you pretty much always dual wield. If you can have a class-specific offhand, you use it. Very few of us go with a shield just because they aren't that useful, and generally gimp us. Heck, how about some of the offhand legendaries for some of us actually had a chance to block?
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03/05/2013 11:31 PMPosted by Presence
Here's the main thing, devs: You might want to err on the side of the players this time. Also, do not be afraid of creating OP, godly players - we all want to be OP. And never-ever-ever-ever worry about any sort of "balance" or "design philosophy", you hear? This game needs to be a lot more unbalanced! And have a lot more OP-fun!

I completely disagree with this. Please stick to a design philosophy and try to maintain some balance to your items. Just because these restrictions exist doesn't mean that specific items aren't really strong or strengthen others when used in combination.

Not everyone should be OP, you have to earn (pay) for it.

I would encourage the heighten of possible rolls on items and increasing the multiplicative difficulty of the higher MPs to allow players to become stronger and still face a challenge.

If you want to be OP play hell on MP 8-10 or inferno MP 1/2.
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Would also be interesting if we could get lucky sometimes in a game and maybe pick up a temporary legendary. Like hey I'm at 5 stacks, and I'm a WD and this cool voodoo mask dropped and it's a legendary! But it would be named already, not needing to be identified. It would give us 100 mana and 15 mana regen per second, increase movement speed and pickup radius and exp gain. You know, kind of like a lucky levelling item, then I personally would clear the whole dang act every time just to hope to get one, and because it would help with paragon levelling.
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I will be sure to post my list of cool affixes to add to legendaries, but I'd like to point out that this post has been skipped over for days now... why the hate Blizzard!?


I'd love to see more posts in here! Thanks!
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1. Legendary source / wand / set bonus that reduce delay between casting and landing Meteor spell to 0s.
2. Legendary source / wand / set bonus that allow stacking Blizzard spell.
3. Legendary source / wand that change Arcane Orb spell damage type to fire / ice / lightning.
4. Legendary source / wand / set bonus that allow Ray of Frost spell hit multiple targets (like disintegrate).
5. Legendary source / wand / set bonus that allow Frost Nova spell to be cast centered around cursor instead of character (casting long range Frost Nova).
6. Legendary source / wand / set bonus that allow Slow Time spell bubble to move with character.
7. Legendary source / wand / set bonus that drop cooldown on Teleport spell, but increase AP cost by 25 - 50%.
8. Legendary source / wand / set bonus that allow having all 3 different Wizard armor spells.
9. Legendary source / wand / set bonus that increase damage of Mirror Image spell by 15 - 20%.
10. Legendary source / wand / set bonus that increase coefficiency of Signature Spells by 30%.
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* +% school damage
* +school area of effect (could also turn single target skills into AoE skills)
* -% skill cooldown (only on their respective class specific items though, to make them worth using)
* +% school vulnerability on hit
* +% life link (transfers that much damage back to the source, while causing that much less damage to the player)
* +% block chance
* +block damage


* remove ability cost (class specific items only)
* increase resource generator damage (to counter the above)
* puddle immunity
* wizard: Slow Time bubble moves with the caster/can be target cast like Kulle's
* wizard: instant Comet
* wizard: Magic Missile bounces off targets, and walls until it reaches its normal travel distance
* wizard: Energy Armor has a chance to absorb the full damage, and effect of an attack
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We need game changing legendaries.

Items that give you buffs while you wear them; Take Exile from D2. It gave you the Defiance aura as long as you were wearing it, plus a ton of other unique stats. Beast Axe gave you fanatacism Aura when it is worn.

D3's Calamity does a good job at something similar; Chance to spawn Marked For Death on enemies with hit.

It is important that game changing stats like this don't make an item too overpowered, so you must balance it by possibly bringing a debuff, like found on Andariels.

For example, a Legendary Axe that gives you Mantra of Conviction, but also has -25% all resists as long as it is worn.

A chest armor with +25% Maximum life but - (6 - 9)% attack speed.

Some may not need a debuff. A shield that gives you Mantra of Retribution won't have to have any kind of debuffs because it is not something very overpowering. There are buffs all over the game found through skills and runes that could be brought with items. D2 did a good job at this. It made items and Runewords interesting and brought a lot of item adversity.

PS - Lyllira i didn't think you were up browsing the forums this late. Surprised me!
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I love some of the ideas here, particularly those related to resource regeneration and those that give you bonuses per level. Some affixes id love to see:

* -x% skill cool down

* + maximum movement speed

* + duration of buffs

* Skill deal splash damage to a small radius.

* Chance to confuse monsters that damage you.

* Chance to revive slain monster as a pet

* The effect of Gargantuan- Restless Giant on the player.

* Chance to cast <Arcane Sentry> when hit

* Faster Attack/Movement as your HP gets lower.

* + Life on Crit

+ x% resource regen stack per monster killed

Also an old idea that I loved from Diablo 2 that I would really love to see back is Skill Charges so you could get off class skills
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A revamped Grin Reaper - the helm of choice for a pet doctor (original http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-grin-reaper )

A voodoo mask that wouldn't give you as much sheet dps as some other helms can (possibly an inability to roll critc?), but it'd make up for it in utility and good defensive rolls;

500-600 armor
70-80 all resist
200-250 int
150-200 vit
1 random magic property
100-150 max mana
800 Life on Hit
Summons an unkillable Mimic on equip. Mimic uses 100% of the WD's Life on Hit and shares the gained life with the WD.
Increases pet damage by 50%

This helm would not only increase the damage done by pets (including thorns damage) but it would also summon a minion with that would keep healing the WD. The minion would be immortal, but unable to properly tank. Equipping this helm would boost your pets' effectiveness and/or provide an additional way of keeping you health up.
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Some are something a lot of people want and have for ages.

Some are not worth implementing and is obvious which ones. e.g. Maximum health?
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