Diablo® III

Suggestions for Affixes and "game changing" Legendaries

Sword of Bulkathos

Upon receiving fatal damage, you heal 25% of life and call upon the ancients to protect and fight for you from harm.

Please make Call of the Ancients useful!
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As mentioned in the blog post, I'd love to see something that encourages a summoning build for WD.

It could be a new Voodoo mask or even a new set consisting of a few items.

Here's a basic example for affixes that can be applied:

-Increases Zombie Dog Damage to 75% weapon damage.
-Increases Gargantuan Damage to 200% weapon damage.
-Increases attack Speed of minions by 25%.
-Number of Fetishes in Fetish Army is doubled.

You could even get real creative here

-Toad Of Hugeness is now a permanent minion which follows the player and has it's own health-pool. It can swallow enemies, digesting them until they die (50% dps). Toad has basic bite attack if it is digesting an enemy.
-Secondary effects for all Zombie Dog runes:
*Rabid Dogs poison now spreads to nearby targets.
*Final Gift all spell cooldowns are reset when dogs die (Not sacrificed)
*Life Link's effects extend to allies.
*Burning Dogs afflict enemy with burns making them take 15% more damage from fire
based attacks.
*Leeching Beasts now have a 20% chance to make target bleed for 50% of your DPS.
-Fetish Army and Fetish sycophants now has a chance of summoning head hunters and shamans in addition to the normal dagger fetishes.

You could even add restrictions, such as Disables Zombie Bears rune on Zombie Charger, to compensate to the additional power.

The point is you can get really creative with adding these affixes to new items, and I think it's a good way to give a good boost for the skills (Not just WD, but all the classes) that are not commonly used. It promotes more diversity for different builds and will make players really want to make a build around the particular item.

Just my 2 cents!
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Plus you're forgetting that the problem with legendaries at the moment. Mostly it's not the lack of them but the lack of power they offer with their 'special abilities'...

Do you think any of your ideas in the OP would actually compete with the Top legendaries out at the moment?
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Please make out followers more useful. Make them pick up things from the ground for us.
Gold piles, health potions, tombs. Gems.

Even better, we could teach followers to pick up certain items based on our preferences
For example, pick only Conquest Swords, Galraki, Archon Greaves etc
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As mentioned in the blog post, I'd love to see something that encourages a summoning build for WD.


Just my 2 cents!

Nice ideas, though a lot of these suggestions (like Fetish Sycophants spawning head hunters and shamans) should come from buffing the skills themselves IMO. While Legs. should boost certain abilities or aspects of the classes, simply having them buff one or two specific skills is not the way to go IMO. You don't want to tie a person into using a specific skill just because you use a certain leg.
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Would like to see the folowing:
Reduces the CD of potions by 10 sec
Using a potion at full health gives you 10% Hp regen for 10 sec.

Fetish Idol
WD offhand
50 - 240 Avg damage
+Poison damage
150-350 Int


1 of
+ Damage to Firebomb
+ Damage to Spiders
+ Damage to Darts
+Damage to Toads

Fetishes do 100% more damage
Chance to spawn Torchers and Hunters when you attack
+1 random prop

Wax on
800- 1000
20-40% Block
3000-4000 damage block

150 dex

+8 block

+4random props

Wax off
800 - 1000 dps

100 dex

+ 30% damage for 3 sec when you block or dodge

+ 3 random prop

Set bonus
The wax of bonus can stack upto 3 times
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Anything with +% to Holy Damage!

Why is it the only damage type that doesn't get boosted?

So many skills and abilities for Monks are holy damage and not a single item boosts it :/

Also, why is it that 2 handers are capped with the same amount of spirit regen and life per spirit spent as one handers?

Yet another flaw that hurts Monks :/

*Edit: Come to think of it..


+280-320 Dexterity
+30-50% to holy damage possibly lower say 15-25%
100-120 Life Per Spirit Spent
3.5 - 5 Spirit Regeneration
Chance on attack to summon a Mystic Ally for a short time
+1 or 2 random atributes
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I can give you a compendium of relevant material that provides examples of what makes an interesting and compelling item design.


It's tough reading the item philosophy blog by Mr. Day, because it is so analogous to the overarching issue that has hamstrung Diablo 3 from becoming more than just the mediocre action/arcade game that it is. Good and fun Diablo game play held back by constraints of staying mainstream.

You cannot take what is a simple and boring system and somehow develop it into something interesting. The underlying item system of Diablo 3 is kindergarten-esque and can't be something made to have intricacy and compelling in nature without revamping the base framework. Of course this is non-grata because of the overarching mandate that the game has to be simple and easily understood and played, unlike the actual Diablo games were. Much like the auction house 'cannot just be removed', even though it solves a huge number of issues with this game, the same goes for truly correcting the dismal state of itemization in this game - or having a dearth of character customization and commitment. All these ideal and needed changes hamstrung due to the overarching mandates that guided this game from being something great, to being the biggest cash grab and disappointment in the history of PC gaming. EA could take notes from the way this disaster played out.

A succession of fiscal interests that molded the game in its development; RMAH, easy to play and easy to master, devolved game play that translated well to consoles - cascaded this game to full engine failure and brought this Titanic down from the skies. Now we're left to watch Blizzard in the role of crash reconstruction team, wandering the disaster zone picking up bits and pieces and trying to reassemble the plane. The satisfaction of watching them reaping what they sewed is not near compensation enough for Diablo 3 amounting to a coffin, containing the remains of what was once a prolific and loved game franchise.

Back to analogies, if you were to make the make the game industry analogous to the music industry, Blizzard is now Justin Bieber rather than Black Marble. Pre-packaged, vapid content with the omnipotent guiding context being to maximize revenue through a cultivated image.
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I have been thinking about another addition to the drop table because I like none account bound/none legendary items. A rare should be able to be the best in the game. However I pose adding a new category all together. The ever so blizzard epic item. These "purple items" could be random world drops with the same frequency as legendarys and should have no preset stats. I instead pose that they should spawn with 7 different affix's( or perhaps 6 affix's and a class special affix no matter what slot they inhabit. ) I encourage that they should be completely random and add a new exciting drop to the game. Going a bit further with this idea but getting more personal I would like them added as a guerenteed drop from replendesent chests found in level 2 dungeons while at 5 stacks as the only drop. Give us a reason to dungeon run please! Take advantage of the only truely random areas of the game and make them cool to run.
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I think the following WD idea could be interesting:
A ceremonial with 1 DPS and huge boost to pet damage (maybe also some other bonus like no time limit on fetishes). This way your pets' dps will be very dependent on your mojo damage and +dmg on rings/ammy. So when you get a lot of +dmg , along with high int and crits - your pets should deal dmg comparable to bears (ok, a bit less maybe). On the other hand, your paper dps will be so low that it'll be quite pointless to use any dmg skills yourself - so while your little army will wander and destroy mobs, you'll mostly aid them with voodoo, mass confusion, hex, grasp, etc. Maybe also add ally healing effect to your dmg skills so that you could heal your pets and party members a bit.
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100 Blood Elf Mage
Posts: 172
I've always thought it would be a good idea to have more +skill affixes. Each item slot should be able to roll a huge number of affixes for individual skills, perhaps one for every skill in the game, although some skills might not have numbers that can be tweaked much.

However, each slot only gets one type of benefit for a skill. So, perhaps gloves can give spike trap a higher crit chance, belt can give it a chance to persist after exploding, legs can reduce the hatred cost, boots can give a chance to slow enemies, helm can increase explosion radius, and so on. So you could get a set of gear where every piece buffs a certain skill, making it really awesome, and items might also be able to roll two skill affixes so you can buff your other skills a bit too.

However, there needs to be some "non-randomizing" in the affixes: an item can't have boosts to skills from two different classes (so an item couldn't buff both spike trap and lashing tail kick), and if an item has a skill affix, it can't roll primary stats for other classes (so an tiem that buffs spike trap will only roll dex and vit, not str or int).

Also, for making the economy matter a bit more, I think having a way to pay gold to "re-roll" an affix, giving a different number for it, would help fix things a lot. So if an affix could get between 75 and 100 Int, and rolls 79, you could pay gold to reroll it and hope for a better result. You'll only keep the new result if it's better, of course; if you reroll that 79 and get a 76, you don't "downgrade" the item. Basically, something like how the enchantress was supposed to work, only for item affixes instead of a new enchantment. (Perhaps add the enchantress back with this feature?)
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Not really game changing but better than what we have now:

The Gidbinn revamped (original http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-gidbinn )

Increased damage
Intelligence: double it!
Add socket
Chance to summon three unique fetishes on attack for 30 seconds. One attacks with a large dagger to inflict physical damage and bleed effects, the other with a blowgun to cripple enemies with poison and the third casts fiery explosions that can crit for AoE damage.
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you guys ALMOST got these where they wanted to be. unfortunately, mages are too low level to actually be endgame viable, and frosties CANT have ANY other quality modifiers on them.

another issue, especially as it pertains to those 2 items AND tal rasha set bonus: wizards deal too many different types of damage. Fire, lightning, cold, arcane, and poison. it's really, really hard to make 'fire skills deal 20% more damage' matter when you only actually use one skill some of the time. personally, I would have loved to see the wizard stay truer to the d2 variant and just have fire, lightning, and cold skills. we have what, 2 poison skills? and all the arcane spells could be ported to fire/light/cold pretty simply. but i digress, this is about items....

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-three-hundredth-spear it takes nearly a 40% weapon throw damage bonus before 300th spear becomes an option for a barb. and this can be treated like an offhand.

Lets go back to frostburns. 15-30% is a pretty wide margin. so even if the rest of the item does get buffed, the reaction you want "OMG a sweet pair of frosties" is going to be tempered by the possibility of rolling sub 25% there. Make the range smaller, but give it 1-2 other properties with variable rolls too. this way, even the average/sub average overall roll can be utilized by someone, even as a just for fun tester item, instead of being 'oh, another brimstone'.

Infact, a LOT of items suffer from this issue. Look at 300th spear again. look at that damage range. 450-1,100. "Man, i rolled the max 50% weapon throw mod. but it does 500 dps! it's completely unwearable...." Tighten up the rolls at least somewhat. The other 100% random mods can turn an otherwise average/decent item into something godly (socket, crit damage, lifesteal), but not even all 3 of those together can save a weapon with a poor dps roll.
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Psychic Anomaly (helm)

150-200 Main stat
2-7 Crit %
3-7 Gold Pickup Radius
+1 Affix
1 Socket
Causes objects around you to randomly combust

Tormented Shrunken Heads (mojo)

150-250 Intelligence
+9-12% Movement Speed
4-10% Crit
+2 Affix
The heads randomly scream at their targets inciting fear

Rallying Thunder (Barb only helm)

150-200 Strength
+6-9% Attack Speed
+2 Affix
1 Socket
The helmet enhances your shouts, increasing their duration and the effect

Essence of Nirvana (daibo)

+5-6% Holy Damage
+10-25% Increased Damage to Holy Skills
200-300 Dexterity
200-300 Vitality
80-200% Crit Damage
+1 Affix

Collector of Souls (source)

150-250 Int
5-10% Crit Chance
3-10 Arcane on Crit
+2 Affixes
Souls are collected as enemies die until they can no longer be contained, exploding for massive damage around you

Regulating Regenerator (chest)

150-200 Main Stat
100-200 Vitality
50-500 Life Regeneration
3 Sockets
Increases life regeneration as your health depletes

Rocketeer (2h crossbow)

100-200 Dex
5-15% Attack Speed
+2 Affixes
If one rocket were to hit an enemy, another smaller version will soon follow

Luxurious Wealth (set ring)
150-200 Main Stat
3-7 Pickup Radius
+3 Affixes
1/2 Lottery Winner: You have a tamed goblin of your own, which enhances the loot dropped from other goblins

Endless Supply (set ring)

150-200 Main Stat
10-20% Magic Find
10-20% Gold Find
+2 Affixes
1/2 Lottery Winner: You have a tamed goblin of your own, which enhances the loot dropped from other goblins
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Boots of the Bat
+ 6-8% fire damage
+10% to fire skills
- Bats cost
5-10 PuR
150-250 int
Cloud of bats gets +25% of PuR
2-3% LS
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Id love to see other legendaries like the Grandfather/Maximus/Schafers/...(and all other not so used legendaries) roll out stats similar to what Skorn is rolling (DPS, CD, LS, OS). Its just that every highend toons are looking pretty much the same. Would be awesome to see a barb with maximus, dishing out the same DPS as skorn :)
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- Chance to increase your Main Stat by 5% for 5 seconds when you attack, stacking up to 5 times.

- Legendary gems: +Crit chance, +Attack speed, +High stat, etc.

- Dodging an attack has a chance to increase your Attack Speed by 20% for 5 seconds.

- Reduces the move and attack speed of enemies within 20 yards by 15%.

- Healing effects increased by 50%.

- Health globes also increase your Strength by 10% for 10 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

- Each Nephalem Valor stack increases your move speed by 5%.
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Yup gonna jump on this wagon w/my own post and give a big holler to check it out. It's a little/lot satirical but relevant.  "Check it out" 

Or not.... 

I just really wanna see more loot diversity/new items that scream "Awesome item here pick me up please." 

Legendary hair dye for your character. 

Legendary items for followers.  

Items that grant odd effects.. Maybe a cheese wheel that you keep in your bag that allows mice to follow you picking up gold:) 

As far as specific affixes.. I think there are already a lot of great ideas/with many more I'm sure on the way on this/OPs thread. I really hope someone is watching it.    
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Here's one of my ideas:

Paragon Infusion: Infuses a Paragon Level into a legendary weapon or armor piece, increasing stat modifications by 2%, draining one Paragon Level from the player, requires a minimum Paragon Level of 10 to use. The cost 10,000 gold per infusion, +15,000 per level already on the item, up to a maximum level of 100. Effectively doubling the stats, ability bonuses, crit chance, crit damage modifier, and/or base weapon damage. Every 20 levels applied adds a landmark bonus, a random bonus effect on the item, up to a maximum bonus of 5 additional bonuses. These effects are permanent to the item, and cannot be reset.

Some possible "20% bonuses may include:

- 6% chance of setting enemies on fire, causing minor fire damage, and causing enemies to run in circles for 2.5 seconds.

- 3% chance of summoning 3 clones of yourself that will attack the triggering target for 5 seconds, will have no passive bonuses, and will use any of your active abilities for the duration.

- 3% chance of draining health equal to 25% of the source damage dealt from all enemies in a 20 yard radius of the triggering target to the player, restoring up to 100% of the players health, any overhealing becomes an absorption shield that will absorb up to a maximum of 100% of the players health, lasting for 5 seconds.
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Nice ideas, though a lot of these suggestions (like Fetish Sycophants spawning head hunters and shamans) should come from buffing the skills themselves IMO. While Legs. should boost certain abilities or aspects of the classes, simply having them buff one or two specific skills is not the way to go IMO. You don't want to tie a person into using a specific skill just because you use a certain leg.

I think you should tie a person to a skill( or set of skills) with legs otherwise it doesnt feel as game changing or important, for me anyway.
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