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Suggestions for Affixes and "game changing" Legendaries

The one affix I would love to see is a cooldown reduction % affix. So if you get, lets say shoulders that have -30% cooldown time on all skills, and another lets say 2 or 3 other items that can stack skill cooldown reduction to -100%. This is a gaming changing stats that whole new builds can be based on. This adds a whole new build diversity to every class. I would love to run around with my barb and have a different permazerker ( not wotb ). And skills like call of the ancients and earthquake will become usefull for once.
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Making a legendary is easy. You just have to go stark raving mad for a few minutes and think of something you'd love to have. What I'd personally love to see are some mostly class-independent and build-defining random affixes that can roll on anything. Things such as:

  • +X% increased proc coefficient*
  • Y% chance to generate [Resource] on hit
  • +Z% damage to crowd-controlled targets
  • Reduce skill cooldowns by X%
  • Y% chance to resist crowd control effects
  • Increase damage of un-runed skills by Z%
  • Deal X% more damage to non-elite monsters
  • Reduce resource cost / Increase damage of [Skill Family**] by Y
  • Z% faster projectile speed
  • +X% chance to find health globes
  • -----------
    *: Referring to the chance that a chance-on-hit (or crit) effect will occur, or the percentage of Life-on-hit that a skill restores.
    **: Specifically talking about the various named categories that individual skills fall under, such as "Rage", "Hunting", "Focus", "Terror", "Conjuration", etc.
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    my suggestion is to have skill mods not take up a prefix/suffix slot so that rares can come with 6 stats + a skill mod

    as well as making skill mods for EVERY skill

    and making them roll more often
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    A journal from Cain with directions to the horadric cube or peices of the cube and instructions to put it together
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    all i want is something that makes the barbarian's earthquake worth using! such a wasted skill with lovely visuals :'(

    wish paragon levels gave you ' skill points ' where you could choose to invest in making certain skills stronger. perhaps throw in a large gold requirement to respec?
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    I m so excited to hear about the possible changes and ideas from the developer.I think Blizz is moving to the right direction. Many people complain about the RMAH and GAH but I totally support it.It is and exciting way to find upgrades apart from the hours of game grinding.

    I have many ideas for the coming patches but just want to limit it to one only.

    *What I really want to see is the introduction of "DIAMOND" on top of gold. Diamond can be purchase with a specific amount of gold. Maybe 50mil or 100mil per diamond. Diamond can also drop in the open world but is going to be very very rare.

    What can a diamond do?
    Diamonds can be used to modify/replace 1 affix per item. 1 of the affixes has to be sacrificed.

    How many times have you found something for example a Mantico with perfect stats and dps but has only 1 empty socket...and sigh... should have 2 empty socket!? Or, WTH do i need "melee attacker take xxxx damage". With a diamond in hand, you will now be able to modify this at the merchant or jeweler or where ever. Only 1 affix can be replaced /modified per item. If you thing the item worth modifying, then go ahead.

    Or, you have found/bought a godly echoing fury with main stat STR. Used by your barb to reach P100. Whats next? Can't be used by your new monk who love to have one in this hand. Well, you can now use specific number of diamonds to modify and roll a DEX to replace STR on it, but you have to take a gamble on the numbers that will be rolled.

    Or, you found a great echoing fury with generally nice stats but its STR is on the low side. You may want to take a gamble to re roll the STR by using diamonds, hoping to get a better stats.
    One item can only be modified or re-roll once! It will be account bound once modified. Think carefully.

    Some examples:
    1) Replace any affixes with Open socket - 10 diamonds
    2) Replace any affixes to main stats STR, DEX, INT - 8 Diamonds
    3) Replace any affixes to VIT - 6 Diamond
    4) Replace any affixes with CC, CD or AS - 5 Diamonds
    5) Replace any afffxes with elmenteary damage -2 Diamonds
    4) Re-roll any affixes may cost - 5 diamonds
    5) Loh, LS and etc

    I don't think we should re-roll DPS.

    Hope my suggestion will solve the issue on bad itemization and bring more fun to the game plus of course an expansion pack will be most enjoyable.
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    I don't know about new affixes, but some older ones that nobody likes (eg. reduced lvl requirement, ignores durability loss) could be removed so we have a better chance of rolling better affixes. The base dps needs some help too. I picked up a lvl 63 sword that had good affixes but did under 200 dps... xP I've picked up a legendary in inferno that did under 500...
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    Not bad but i dont think these changes are deep enough to make all these quiters come back let alone keep current players playing for too long.

    We like it or not , what make online ARPG games like Diablo 3 hits ( let aside hype,marketing etc ) is the ECONOMY.
    Even if i really like some of the suggestions you making and why not i would like to see them in game ( sheild auras for example , great ) that WONT make me that excited to keep me in game because of ECONOMY.

    The satisfaction you get when you selling/trading a decent/good/very good item is what keeps majority playing / quiting atm ( obviously because theres no satisfaction anymore or its too rare nowdays).
    Bots/dupes and the VITAL MISS OF LADDER , along with really bad Crafting design , killing , not to say killed aready , the economy.

    You can have boots with jump , sheild with auras and all these goods but the question remains.. For how long people will find those additions interesting ? My opinion --> Not for too long.

    Since 1.0.4 and beyond we had the same problem ---> Legendary boosts --> Everyone hyped --> After a month noone cared. Then the hellfire ring ---> After a month or 2 noone cares anymore. Paragon levels the same ...

    Something isnt going right and thats....ECONOMY. The most vital thing to make this game addictive. And this kind of ECONOMY without A LADDER , whatever the additions , wont survive. And obviously the solution IS NOT TO NERF DROPS ....

    I dont know why blizzard doesnt care about a LADDER but not only will revive the game and will make millions players to come back ( including me and my friends for sure ) but also will give x10 more reasons for someone to play ( find fun even ) other than treasure hunting alone.

    I dont know what blizzard thinking but the only thing that can really revive Diablo 3 is a solid ladder mode for now and after that we can talk about boost here and there and new item affixes. Thats my opinion.
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    I have some ideas, all of the proc chance values would have to be stacked in small percentages on different gear but here goes:

    Damage Related:

    In my opinion we need more ways too significantly increase our damage beyond just CC/CD/Base Stat/AVG DMG. Maybe some affixes like this:

    Deadly Strike - similar to Crit Chance & Crit Damage but combined into one affix. The Proc Chance cap should be 1-75% and does 350% Crit Damage and 5% Life Steal

    Crushing Blow - 1-50% Chance to Reduce monster current HP by 10%

    Sacrificial Strike - 50-100% Chance to increase Damage by 500% for the attack but reflects back 1% of its damage

    Defensive Related:

    I think the Defensive Affixes are fairly decent, but lets make Reduced Damage From "_______" available on more gear. It will lessen the need for All Resists and Armor stacking. Maybe add some exclusive game changers:

    Angel's Blessing - 1-10% chance to be revived after you die

    Cannot be Frozen - self explanatory

    Immune to Vortex - ^^

    Immune to Jailor - immune to Jail, but not Boss Cages (Diablo, Siegebreaker's grab)


    Life per Spirit Spent - it needs to be increased to a large enough amount to compare to LoH/LS


    Life per Fury Spent: - same as LpSS

    Resource Related:

    As RonJick mentioned Reduced resource costs or increased damage for all skills should be added in my opinion. Heres some other ideas and some things to compliment the new Damage affixes i suggested.


    Spirit on Critical Hit - something similar too Arcane power on Crit

    Spirit on Crushing Blow - gain spirit when you proc a crushing blow

    Demon Hunter:

    Hatred Regeneration - yea it exists, ADD MORE! :D


    Fury on Crushing Blow - gain fury when you proc a crushing blow


    AP on Crushing Blow - gain AP when you proc a crushing blow

    AP Regeneration - a bit more wouldn't hurt

    Witch Doctor:

    Mana Regeneration - more too please

    As many people have mentioned before, a lot of the legendaries need some work but I have some ideas for some new ones, but to start:


    I love the story behind this item but its missing a couple of things. This item needs another random property in my opinion, but I have always thought this was strange. why isnt there a chance to spawn either a:
    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/demon-hunter/active/companion (specifically the wolf)
    http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/witch-doctor/active/summon-zombie-dogs (I don't mean any disrespect by this one but it is kind of suiting for the theme of Diablo)
    when you get hit?

    I thought of this item a while ago, has some nice nostalgia to it:

    Ancient's Honor (Barbarian Set):
    (2) set:
    3% life steal
    1% chance to reset the cool down for Call of the Ancients when hit
    Ancients Blessing (display arua)

    Korlic's Tremor:
    1 handed mighty weapon
    (450 or <) - (915 or <) cold damage
    25-50% weapon damage
    100-200 strength
    50-100 critical hit damage
    1 open socket
    1-10 second reduction on leap's cool down
    1-10% chance to cause an earthquake after leaping
    1% chance to summon Korlic when hit
    "this weapon has been modified into a one handed weapon because no man was said to be strong enough to hold Korlic's mighty pole arm"

    Madawc's Throwing Axe:
    1 handed axe
    (450 or <) - (915 or <) lightening damage
    25-50% weapon damage
    100-200 strength
    50-100 critical hit damage
    1 open socket
    1-10 reduced fury cost for weapon throw
    +20-50% weapon throw damage
    1% chance to summon Madawc when hit
    "A tremendous throwing axe that was once wielded in every battle fought by the "warrior prophet" Madawc."

    Talic's Fiery Wind:
    1 handed sword
    (450 or <) - (915 or <) firedamage
    25-50% weapon damage
    100-200 strength
    50-100 critical hit damage
    1 open socket
    +8-12% critical hit chance to whirlwind
    10% chance to cast a Tornado on attack
    1% chance to summon Talic when hit
    "Fire viscously whirls itself around this blade, resembling Talic's fiery rage and the winds of his home towns Western Shores"

    Ancient's Pledge:
    Offhand Shield
    9% increased chance to block
    5% reduced damage from elites
    100-200 strength
    5-6% increased attack speed
    71-80 all resistances
    100 Crit Damage
    10% chance to cast "revenge" when hit
    1 random property
    One of 3 Magic properties:
    1% chance to summon Korlic when hit
    1% chance to summon Madawc when hit
    1% chance to summon Talic when hit
    "A shield imbued with the powers from a long forgotten language; the word "Ral-Ort-Tal" is inscribed on 3 stones in the centre of this shield"

    I didnt get to creative with the weapons differences/names/stories are corny but you get the idea, its all about %chances and skill reductions

    Engineer's Prowess (Demon Hunter Set):
    (2) Set Bonus:
    80 All Resistances
    105% More Damage to Grenades
    3 Hatred Regeneration per Second
    150 Vitality

    Mechanic's Wrench:
    1 handed Dagger
    (450 or <) - (915 or <) min-max damage
    25-50% weapon damage
    100-200 Dexterity
    50-100% Crit Damage
    1 open socket
    1 of 3 Random Properties:
    10-25 Reduced Hatred cost for Sentry
    1-2 Extra Sentry
    1-5 Reduced Hatred cost for Chakrams
    Throw twice as many Chakrams
    10-20 Reduced Hatred cost for Impale
    35-135% more Weapon Damage to Impale
    "Essential for making quality traps, as well as reliable mechanical systems and components"

    Blast Shield:
    Offhand Shield
    30-60 Average Damage
    50-100 Crit Damage
    7-9% increased chance to block
    71-80 all resistances
    1 random property
    10-20 Reduced Hatred cost for Spike Trap
    Arming Time reduced by half for Spike Trap
    "This sturdy shield will protect any user from the most sever blasts, allowing for easier handling of explosives"

    I'd like to see some new set/legendary gloves maybe:

    Fletcher's Master Piece (Demon Hunter Set)
    (2) Set Bonus:
    150 Dexterity
    3% Life Steal
    10% Chance for arrows to pierce

    Fletcher's Arrow's
    100-150 Dexterity
    100-150 Vitality
    15% Increased Attack Speed
    1-1.33 Hatred Regeneration
    9-10% Crit Chance
    1 of 2 random properties:
    +0.1-0.2 Attacks per Second
    25-75% Crit Damage
    "An Demon Hunter's arrow is as important as his weapon, you won't find any better arrows then what a master fletcher can provide."

    Fletcher's Yugake:
    25-(40-75) Average Damage
    140-180 Dexterity
    5-8.5% Crit Chance
    20-45% Crit Damage
    % Skill Bonus to 1 of ANY:) of the DH Skills
    2 Random Properties
    "Some Fletcher's go beyond the trade of crafting arrows, some are incredible tanners and tailors. Capable of creating gloves custom tailored to your very needs."

    Peaceful Repose (Monk Set):
    (2) Set:
    3% Life Steal
    6 to Spirit regeneration
    50% Chance to cast Breathe of heaven at 25% Health (internal CD, please dont make it too long)
    Serenity (display aura)

    Tzo Krin's Guiding hand
    200-300 Dexterity
    329-479 Life on Hit
    50-80 All Resistances
    8-9% Increased Attack Speed
    7.5-10 Crit Chance
    1 Random Property
    "Tzo Krin will guide you too inner peace."

    Erlang Shen's Presence
    241-265 Armor
    200-300 Dexterity
    50-80 All Resistances
    100-200 Life per Spirit Spent
    6-10% Damage Reduced from Elites
    25% Chance to spawn:
    2 Random properties
    "Erlang Shen's presences was said to lift the weight of the world, and felt like he was always just over your shoulder"

    Kurast Council's Revenge (Witch Doctor Set):
    (2) Set Bonus:
    20 Mana Regeneration
    150 Intelligence
    3% Life Steal
    10% Chance to cast:
    10% Chance to reset the cooldown for:
    when struck

    Ismail's Vile Hand:
    150-225 Intelligence
    75-125 Vitality
    50-80 All Resistances
    8-10% Crit Chance
    2 random properties
    100% more Damage to:
    1-10% chance to cast:
    when struck
    "Ismail served on the Kurast Council until being dispatched by the band of heroes that saved Sancturary 10 years ago(I think D2 took place before then)"

    Wyand Voidbringer's Head:
    offhand Mojo
    (28-110)-(29-405) Damage
    150-185 Intelligence
    90-135 Vitality
    105-119 Maximum Mana
    10-11 Mana Regeneration
    7.5-8.5% Crit Chance
    8-9% Increased Attack Speed
    2 Random properties
    1-10% chance to cast:
    when struck
    "Wyand's head was severed by the Paladin that followed The Dark Wanderer down into the Durance of Hate. A strange frail looking man wearing a stranger mask had asked him to retrieve it"

    Akara's Knowledge (Wizard Set):
    (2) Set Bonus:
    10% Cold Damage
    10 Arcane Power on Crit
    150 Intelligence
    0.2 Attacks per Second
    3% Life Steal

    Akara's Guard:
    150-225 Intelligence
    329-479 Life on Hit
    8-9% Increased Attack Speed
    7.5-10 Crit Chance
    2 Random Properties
    1-10% Chance to cast:
    when struck
    "Akara honed her senses in her older age to protect her self"

    Akara's Ring:
    (22-34)-(44-68) Average Damage
    100-200 Intelligence
    90-125 vitality
    8-9% Increased Attack Speed
    2-6% Crit Chance
    2 random properties
    1-10% Chance to cast:
    when struck
    "Akara was a master of sorcery and was feared by many because of her power"
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    For the love of God, bring back Crushing Blow!

    One idea would be to make Crushing Blow only proc on NON-critical hits. That way you've got to decide on a crit buid or a crushing blow build.

    A crushing blow build would obviously want to stack IAS and crushing blow chance while possibly (if you've got the budget) throwing in some crit damage, all while actively avoiding crit chance.

    Even if it's not crushing blow, having interesting effects that only happen on non-crits would be an interesting mechanic and give the player some real decisions. ESPECIALLY if you've got a crit build and you find an amazing weapon that does something awesome on non-crits... do you wanna try to build around it... or not?
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    New affixes / stats:

    - increases you attackspeed by 250-350%. You cannot perform critical hits.

    - increases the radius of AOE damage by X%. AOE spells deal X% less damage.

    - increases the effectivness of all skills by X%. Decreases your maximum health by X%.

    - reduces the cooldown of all skills by X%. While skills are on cooldown, your maximum armor is reduced by X%

    - 50-85% of your vitality is added to your resistances. You cannot block or evade incoming attacks.

    - 2-H weapons gain X% increased attackspeed and X% dmg

    - you cannot be stunned, frozen or feared

    - you cannot be vortexed or pushed back

    - your maximum hp are reduced by X%. Your critical hits have a X% chance to give you a frenzy-buff for X% seconds.


    So many options to give real alternatives to CC, CD, IAS...

    Just do some brainstorming, blizzard!

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    Voodoo mask (Petmaster) dubble the amount of pets/ you can now have 6dogs instead of 3 with passive (8 instead of 4) 2gargatiums instead of 1

    also a 4th passive skill can help build devirsity out alot.
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    Plus you're forgetting that the problem with legendaries at the moment. Mostly it's not the lack of them but the lack of power they offer with their 'special abilities'...

    Do you think any of your ideas in the OP would actually compete with the Top legendaries out at the moment?
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    Korlic's Tremor:
    1 handed mighty weapon
    (450 or <) - (915 or <) cold damage
    25-50% weapon damage
    100-200 strength
    50-100 critical hit damage
    1 open socket
    1-10 second reduction on leap's cool down
    1-10% chance to cause an earthquake after leaping
    1% chance to summon Korlic when hit
    "this weapon has been modified into a one handed weapon because no man was said to be strong enough to hold Korlic's mighty pole arm"

    this is what items should be like! differences could come from dps, and stats like crit dmg etc...
    finding a perfect rolled item like this should cost a whole lot more, just like how d2 used to be. ( nothing better than showing off a perfect rolled item )

    current items are just way too random.
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    Fire chain affix for a legendary item.
    If 2 players or more share this item with the affix, a fire chain will be formed between these players. Should also work with followers.

    Avenger affix.
    If an another player or a follower (or a pet, maybe) Dies withing certain radius of you (pickup radius?) you get stronger for a brief moment. (+attack speed? +Damage? +Movement speed?)
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    I'd like to see a legendary that has a chance to trigger a random skill from a specific class. So let's say you have a sword that let's you trigger a random witch doctor skill and you use it on a monk, it may summon you some zombie dogs or throw out a toad of hugeness or lay down a zombie wall randomly when you attack.

    Another idea is a legendary that has a chance to set you aflame and burn enemies around you for a short period of time or even a flaming shield that burns enemies that attack you.

    I absolutely love your idea of auras on shields, that would be amazing and would be great for group play(which I enjoy the most).

    One weapon I really enjoy is Maximus when it summons a demon attached to a fire chain, I'd love to see more items like that(ones that can summon a pet).

    Maybe a weapon that can turn an enemy you're attacking into a toad or a crying baby(call it the pacifier) or something funny like that.

    I'd love to see some new affixes on items that actually increase your damage besides crit/attack speed. Maybe more %increase to elemental skill affixes on more items or an affix that reduces the armor of enemies you're fighting.

    I'd also like to see sets and class specific legendaries that can completely change a skill(like the example in the blog of a set making Call of the Ancients permanent). You could have a wizard set that lets your hydra get up and walk around and maybe even have an aura or a witch doctor set that changes your zombie dogs into one big zombie bear that does more damage.

    Those are a few things that I think would be kind of cool.
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    There needs to be affixes that are more than just straight %+ to damage, resists, +1 to skills, etc.. Not bashing anyone for suggesting those, but they are already ingame.

    I think most of the new affixes should be linear type additions, along with being interesting; not just a ball-size war. That way, players aren't stuck on what the devs and players are trying to get away from... Only looking for damage, crit, speed, and resists.

    I also think it would be cool if these types of affixes had different roll values.

    Ideas (with roll example under each):

    Holy Enemy - 3-5 Dodges in a row spawns the Holy Enemy. The apparition will continuously heal you for 300-500 HP every second for 30-45s. At the end of the duration, the Holy Enemy will turn on the player and have a 5-20% chance to be an elite mob.

    Holy Enemy roll example: 4 Dodges - 372 Heal - 41 seconds - 9% chance at elite mob


    Slow Time - Enemy movement and attacks within 5-10 yard radius slow down by 50-75% for 5-10s - 1-3% proc chance on hit - Affix can stack up to 6%

    Slow Time roll example: 8 yard radius - 61% slow for 7 seconds - 1% proc chance


    Melt - Affected enemy raises into the air and melts. Any enemy hit by melting flesh has their armor rating lowered by 10%-25% for 5-15s - 1-3% proc chance on hit - Affix can stack up to 6%

    Melt roll example: Lowered armor rating to 22% for 13s - 3% proc chance


    Black Hole - A dark aura around the player causes a Black Hole which pulls enemies within a 15-30 yard radius into it. Effects lasts 10-25s.

    Black Hole roll example: 24 yard radius for 15s.


    Hypothermia - 3-5 Blocks in a row causes the player to be encrusted in ice. Any enemy within 1-3 yards takes damage at 2-5% of their total HPs. An individual target can be damaged every 1-3 seconds. Effect lasts for 15-25s. After the duration, every skill with a cooldown 1 minute or under is set at 75-90 seconds. Timers return to normal after that period.

    Hypothermia roll example: 3 blocks - 2 yard radius - 4% damage - 2s interval - 19s duration - 81s cooldown penalty


    Locust Swarm - Causes enemies outside the range of 10-20 yards to be blinded and unable to attack the player with ranged attacks. Effect lasts 5-10s. 1-2% proc chance on damage taken from ranged attacks. Can stack affix to 4%.

    Locust Swarm roll example: Outside 14 yard range - 8s duration - 1% proc chance


    Quicksand - Ranged attacks have a 1-3% chance to sink enemies into the ground for 5-10s and they are unable to melee. Once enemies are able to move, their melee damage is decreased by 10-25% for 10-20s.

    Quicksand roll example: 2% proc chance - Enemy sinks for 9 seconds - Melee damage decrease of 16% for 14s - Affix can stack up to 6%




    I realize that all of these ideas and/or details wouldn't work, but I'm just giving examples of what I think the affixes should start moving towards and there should be a ton of them implemented. Players can start making lots of different choices, which causes more gear to be desired instead of automatically being vendored after ID'ing it.

    Now for a new spin on affixes... Cosmetic. They can be in addition to, not in place of, effective affixes. All cosmetic affixes can be turned off per item if desired:

    Normal Cloak - Equips character with a normal cloak. (Affix roll would be with regard to color).

    Hooded Cloak - Equips character with a hooded cloak. (Affix roll would be with regard to color).

    Assassin Hood - Equips character with an assassin hood. (Affix roll would be with regard to color).

    Diamond Skin - Player's body and armor is completely encrusted with a layer of diamonds.

    Ruby Skin - Player's body and armor is completely encrusted with a layer of rubies.

    Emerald Skin - Player's body and armor and is completely encrusted with a layer of emeralds.

    Platinum Skin - Player's body and armor is completely encased in a thin layer of platinum.

    Gold Skin - Player's body and armor is completely encased in a thin layer of gold.

    Silver Skin - Player's body and armor is completely encased in a thin layer of silver.

    Ghost - Player takes on a ghostly efffect.

    Fire - Player has a fire aura covering body.

    Ice - Player has an ice aura covering body.

    Earth - Player has an earthly aura covering body.

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    Not everyone should be OP, you have to earn (pay) for it.

    If you want to be OP play hell on MP 8-10 or inferno MP 1/2.

    I agree about earning to be OP and having to work for it, sweetness. I don't believe that it should take 5000 hours of Act 3 runs to get there or come with a 100 mio+ price tag. imo being OP should be obtainable for everyone in less time - and the game should offer a path to OPness other than waisting endless months in limbo or playing AH tycoon. Those like you who wish to be challenged can always crank up the difficulty: Play HC, go to Inferno MP 8+ or just equip white and blue items. What feels right to you does not necessarily feel right to me - and vice versa. But a great game should acommodate both our views, and many others, not just yours. Please do not tell me what you think I should think.
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    One of the very cool special affix procs many DH thought would be great and would help improve arguable the worst endgame set weapon since launch Natalya's Slayer. The horrible DPS on it even when rolled perfectly due to its cold damage makes it useless. A perfect roll can't go beyond 900 DPS and it's supposed to be our classes set weapon lol!

    As it stands the 1% CC bonus is useless so it has been suggested what if instead of just a simple flat DPS increase we could do something interesting and add a cool proc to it. Seeing as how it's our classes main set weapon how about to has a chance to proc our classes signature spell, Rain of Vengeance Dark Cloud or something just how the calamity can sometimes proc Marked for Death.

    That would make the weapon much more interesting that just a flat DPS boost and would make it much more worthy for dual wielding as an offhand.
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    I'd love some sort of crazy shapeshifter weapon that gives you like a percent change to change into a werewolf for three minutes or something. It could kind of make you a raw creature that only takes into account normal attacks and doesn't use your skills at all, but maybe some increase to damage. The more raw DPS/EHP/healing the better.
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