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Suggestions for Affixes and "game changing" Legendaries

It sounds like legendary items will make rares noncompetitive even at lower end gear. I don't necessarily mind that. But if thats the case then I'll miss something with rares. And that is the randomness of affixes that are rolled.

I sorta hate that legendarys have a certain number of standard affix types guaranteed to roll.

It bugs me that Skorn can have crit dmg, OS guaranteed, +2 chances at Lifesteal, whereas IK Mace is hampered by having no durability loss as a gauranteed stat. In fact, IK mace has only 1 random affix and a random skill mod (choose from 4). And so by design it can't even compete with Skorn. That's just not interesting, its irritating as heck.

I would rather see it that Skorn and IK Mace both have more random affixes, but yet each have a unique cool affix that gives the weapon their identity (Sorta like Windforce with knockback, or Hellrack with an extra arrow, Calamity with Mark of Death, etc).

By design I'd like to see these weapons in theory be able to roll the same affixes only differed by the unique legendary affix of each.

That goes for other item slots as well. I can't stand that certain lengendarys can roll a standard affix type that the item slot generally can't roll. Lacuni's is an excellent example. I hate that it adds movement speed, that other bracers can't have. It should roll random bracer affixes + the legendary affix(s).

For example instead of adding 12% movement speed and contributing to the max run speed, it should add something to your class's movement skills or passives. For Barbs it would add maybe 5% to sprint speed, or to DH adds 5 yards to Vault, or to Monk, a couple% to the run speed passive. That way you can have 24% run speed + what these bracers add that allows you to go above the max run speed (25%). That would be a heck of a lot more interesting legendary.

And so by doing that maybe that makes people think they are forced in to having run speed on boots as an affix, but what you should do it just open up a couple other item slots to be able to roll run speed from a random affix, that way people have choice.

In summary I guess i'd like to preserve the randomness of affixes that are rolled on rares on to legendary items, if rares aren't going to be competitive as end game gear. I'd like to have a majority of legendary items of a given item type, be theoretically equal in potential power, save whatever the cool unique affix(es) of a legendary do. Don't use guaranteed standard affixes (CD, OS, MS) as the cool unique affix for the legendary.
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start glowing green and stuff and do extra damage.

No more glowing stuff. Makes the game look more cartoony when everything around you including landscape has bright glowing colors
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I have a few suggestions, one of which I think many have been calling for :-)

Cain's Ring of Sages
A ring that used to belong to Cain but the name is not set in stone.

We all dont care about the affixes, they may be Int, AR, Vit, Movement, etc. - not important to me. What is important is this:

Ø "When equipped, this ring picks up all tomes you run over like gold. Pick up radius affects this ability."

- Perhaps, but maybe it will obviously be used this way, it may be used by the follower and still work?

Fire Soul
Finally a legendary sword worth it's salt.

Affixes has to be some bleed effect, aside from that whatever makes it viable, 3k dps, socket, main stat :-)

Ø "Whenever an enemy is hit with a succesful (%) bleed attack, there is a chance you gain ressource (fury, spirit, hatred, mana, arcane power) over 5 seconds."

- maybe the ressource gain is divided from the collected bleed damage on char or something.

Shield Wall
A shield you'll kill yourself on.

Armor, block, AR, bla bla

Ø "This shields adds an xx% chance to critical hit damage with thorns. Additionally, enemies dealt a critical hit with thorns have their armor rating reduced by xx% for 5 seconds."

Hoard Goblin's Bag
A unique item for the stash like charms or torch in D2.

Aside from probably +100% GF like Goldskin? :-)

Ø "This bag collects all gems when run over like gold and is affected by pick up radius. Every time you pick up a gem there is a chance that a Radiant Star of same color will drop."

Spiked Armor
Again, thorn item but this time for barbarians - might also work for monks.

Main stat+vit+ar+sockets, the works!

Ø "Whenever you use the skill Furious Charge/Dashing Strike, your total thorn damage is added to you weapon damage."

Spirit Walker
Boots that may need to be tuned when the end result of the boots that can walk through enemies, Travis Day is making.

MS+main stat+Control impairing+?

Ø "Whenever a control impairing effect is taking effect on you there is a chance you walk free of it like the Witch Doctor skill Spirit Walk. The chance is higher the more gear with control impairing bonus you wear."

Nado Boots
Like Sprint: RLTW for all classes.

bla bla affixes

Ø "You leave small tornados in your wake (smaller than RLTW) and every time these tornados/dust devils impact with enemies, there is a chance they become bigger Wicked Winds and do xx% weapon damage."

Fountain of Power
Item that regens ressources.


Ø "Whenever you pick up a health globe you also gain xx% of the healed amount (affected by extra health globe/potion pick up) as ressource."

The Apprentice
Might even be a quest to get this! Goal: to prevent full stashes of whites within minutes of a run...


Ø "When you pick up white items, the spirit of the dead apprentice of the Blacksmith salvages it into ghost essence for you."

- See how I played on dead apprentice and ghost essence? Genius here!

Hope you like 'em and that Travis sees them :-)
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One thing that helped make items in D2 so interesting was the huge skill diversity in the game. Sometimes a skill's most interesting role was to be a flavor effect on gear, like swords that cause Open Wounds. I know a revamp of the skill system is off the table, but it would be great if some of these silly little skill effects that you'd never use but work as side effects of interesting weapons could come back to the loot system.
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1. Add a socket
2. Change 1 stat
3. Force a stat
4. Change color/appearance/visual effect
5. Add a stat
6. Remove a stat
7. Runes/runewords
8. Upgrade from rare to legendary/set with random rolls
9. Upgrade from magical to rare
10. Upgrade from white/superior to magical
11. Randomize all stats/ reroll item
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I'd like to see the game stop getting nerfed to death , and start buffing it !
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