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Suggestions for Affixes and "game changing" Legendaries

@Dogf. I like the fire chane ring idea
Or boots with wings that keep you from touching the ground. Float above desicrate. But knock back sends you flying
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less randomness in legendary- only high rolls in legend + uniqe stat

WD item- mana leech - easy and solid solution to buff WD. Developer mentioned they want to buff wd so this class can be viable on mp10 with dream eq. here is my thought
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I would like to propose the idea of a legandary shield that would have a damage affix. The shield when equiped , coulld be used as an off hand malee weapon as well. Can someone help out and elaborate, thanks.
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I'm all cool with the devs listening to all these ideas but you guys have to keep in mind... Legendaries have to all have relatively similar power levels of their unique abilities or we're going to have the same problems we have now.

So I was everyone would calm down a bit and think a bit longer about what they actually WANT in legendaries that would be of equal power to their other ideas.

Be careful lol
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From what I can see most of the Item suggestions are based around making it easier for everyone to play the game. . . THERE IS NO FUN IN THAT, theres no point in being able to kill elites in 2 secconds. If people actually payed attention to the game, they would notice how good the AI on ubers and elite packs really is. To be honest I want to see some more content with regards to new elite affixes, and other super hard boss fights. Because lets face it, everyone pretty much builds their character for PVE, (I gave up on PVP, soooo far from being actually worth concentrating on), so why not think of more ways of making that aspect of the game even more interesting and harder on higher mp's.
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Chance to lay caltrops - immobolize rune on hit.
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Legendary Daibo :

+ 0.20 - 0.25 attack per second
+ radius of Sweeping Wind increased by 5 yard
+ socket
+ 220-320 DEX

Legendary Gloves

- increase monsters pulled by Cyclon Strike by 4-12

Legendary Stone Spirit

+ Regenerate 1.25-1.5% max hp per second
+ 75-125% more heal from all healing skills
+ 71-80 @res
+ 58,1 - 79,9 life per spirit point
+ socket

Legendary Shoulders

+ 12% movement speed that works over cap
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An Item Provide Extra Active/Passive Skill Slot would be awsome

try to imagine if you have 7 active slot or 4 passive slot, how many new build you can try

for example my build using meteor, it works very well again a crowd of enemies,

however, when there are only 1 enemy left, it become inefficient.

if I have 1 more skill slot, I can put ray of frost into my build to solve this problem.

Some skill only useful in certain situation e.g.(meteor for crowd, ray of frost for single target)

due to limited skill slot, it aways have to "give way" to more important skill like teleport or armor spell.

An extra slot will let these skill have a chance to add into some build to cover the weakness of that build, which encourage build diversity.
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What about vanity affixes ?

+ 4% per hit to turn your enemy into a cow, or to invoque a bigfatpig to fight at your side ? Or make your character draw a rainbow when he jumps (barbarian for example), etc.

I understand the need to have some powefull affixes, there are much needed, but don't forget about the fun ones we could have :)
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The Legendary Windforce

Required Level (paragon): 53
Base Weapon Speed: 1.7 aps
+75% Enhanced Damage
+ (3.125 Per Character Level) 3-309 To Maximum Damage (Based On Character Paragon Level)
20% Increased Attack Speed
2-4% Resource Stolen Per Hit (varies)
+200 To Strength
+150 To Dexterity
40-75% Knockback
10-25% stutter shot (shoots 3 projectiles for cost of 1)

This is how epic the windforce should really be.

It should also be ULTRA rare and hard to find compared to other legendaries.
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Affix that is in direct link with paragon level would be nice.
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Heres a list of unique affixes that would help create some different kinds of variaty and maybe even some new builds, regardless here is what i came up with,

(1) 10% chance when hit to teleport to a random spot

(2) 2-5% increased Gem drop

(3) 2-5% Added Lightning skill dmg (Not many items have added skills to lightning skills)

(4) % DMG added to specific skills Examples

Wizard as example of skills

-EXAMP 1 - 5% increased amor to Energy Armor
-EXAMP 2 - 5% more DMG to Electracute
-EXAMP 3 - 5 more yards added to Teleport
-EXAMP 4 - 5% more DMG to Skill HYDRA
-EXAMP 5 - 5% more DMG to Skill Arcane Torrent
-EXAMP 6 - 1-5% Reduced Cooldowns on all skills
-EXAMP 7 - 1-5% Reduced Costs on all skills
-EXAMP 8 - 5% more movement on Skill WaveForce
-EXAMP 9 - 5% more DMG to Skill Wave Force
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Light of the Zakarum
Legendary Amulet
The wearer is granted an aura that increases that attack speed by 5%, for themselves and all allies within 20 yards.
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From http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7593582639?page=1

- Random passive (on class specific items)

- Shield retaliation: x% to retaliate with 1000% of your intelligence as damage

- x% chance to summon twice as many minions

- Deflection: x% chance to deflect damage to every monster within your pickupradius

- armorconversion: for every 1000 points of damage you gain 1-25 armor for 5 seconds

- vulnerability: increases damage taken by monster by 1000-15000 for every completed attack (calculates after crits)

- increases damage of your crimson runes by 10%-30%
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Bring Back Auras!

Fanaticism aura on armour - increases attack speed and damage for you and all party members within 30 yards by 10% and an additional 0.3% per paragon level

Party members receive 60% of this number
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How about items that need a certain paragon level to use? They still drop as a 60-63 but need say para-lvl 25 to equip. You could make stats better, add new and stronger affixes and it would makes feel like when we got to that para-lvl and equipped that item, it would be an accomplishment.
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ideas for crafting:

not only do we get ID all but we also get to drag and drop multiple items into the salvaging box and multi-salvage. Now this sounds like only a time saver, but wait there's MORE!

You can salvage specific items together and upon doing so you get unique / legendary crafting mats. So lets say I salvage 3 hellfire crossbows. I will always get 3 brimstones, but there is a good chance I will get some other form of molten rocky crafting mat that has Life steal as its crafting modifier. Now when I go to the artisan to craft an ammy / gloves I can not only guarantee + main stat but also + life steal or whatever. And if I salvage 3 lacuni prowlers I get +attack spd on my next craft so on and so forth. I can do this with 3 mats of my choice and predetermine 3 stat modifiers not including the +main stat. Im sure this has been offered before but if you guys want to get crafting going it would really help if I could craft what I really wanted.

Add to this that all legendary items have a crafting mat specific to them. So if I want character specific modifiers I can get them without rolling the dice. Time invested here is rewarded, not dumb luck.

This would help clean up the AH as well. Finding a craptastic legendary, which I did 4 times last night, has value because I dont care that my legendary spear only has 770 dmg because the stat modifiers are what I'm after. Now your AH isn't full up with low level cheap legendaries because people actually can use them.

Ultimately if you gave me the option of spending a month working toward my legendary Item of choice vs a Month of aimlessly farming and hoping for a decent roll on a legendary item I would choose the former any day. Now your'e new patch might fix legendaries once and for all. But in terms of giving me power to control my destiny, using legendaries to craft something bigger and better and totally unique that meets my characters very specific needs would be ideal.

Diablo 3 can be about the item hunt, but making it more of a scavenger hunt rather than a lottery makes the game a whole lot more appealing. That being said you can localize mats so if someone has X gloves/ Ammy with X modifiers, you can tell they frequent a certain area of the game. It needs more work but I think in terms of making crafting truly worth caring about its worth taking to the next level.

Ultimately handing over control to the user and allowing them to make the weapon / armor of choice will take this game to where it needs to be.

If I could describe Diablo, its like having this tiny model that we want to customize to our liking. Not just with colors and shapes, but play style. And unlike regular models, we get to blow things up with ours. When every aspect of our character can be customized, this game will have reached new heights and farming for mats and crafting new builds off of our time invested rather than being winner winner chicken dinner at some random interval can carry the game beyond its expected lifespan.
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No, just no. So many terrible suggestions.

Do not bring back what destroyed D2lod: granting auras and skills to other classes. Pretty sure Blizzard knows the whole Enigma fiasco and not repeating history all over again.

Skills should stay with that particular class, improve the item affixes but don't destroy the skill unique to that class. If you want more auras, then gives affixes that ONLY allow the monk to stack more than one aura.

Also, please remove all the useless affixes, like "This wand finds your death humorous." Jay is gone and all that funny stuff should be removed along with him. It's time for serious business.
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