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Free Uber Kills (MP10) #3

I'll be on shortly for carries. Other carriers are probably on also.
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have about 4 or 5 machines and can (hopefully) handle MP10 (but not too well)
gonna try out an uber build based on the flying side kick of dashing strike for stun with spirit regen
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scrapz and I are online for carries! someone come so I can do my first carry with my new wiz! #mrnastytime#1577 or scrapz#1142
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Got mah machines after a lil hiatus for school (again D: )

Dyslexicon #1283 if any of you fine gents are still on at such a late hour... lul


Got helped out by BigBird and midorichan for my first ring xD

sorry I forgot to update post earlier ):

but they said I did good for a first time! xD ehp nice and mechanics good

maybe I'm overreacting
Edited by Dyslexicon#1283 on 3/13/2013 2:23 AM PDT
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^ yup u did good n play well Dyslexicon ^_^ helped alot of ppl where many died 3-4 times even if with barb warcry. u died once cause u didn't know skeleton swing is painful ^^

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Just ran a couple of carries with scraps - first time we've partied. Good fun - was an epic moment where I had to kill off SK with all 3 others dead but managed along!
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Still waiting to be added to the list J... :)
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Congrats on SK solo with a full group, that can be a tough battle. I run with Scrapz frequently, he's a good guy to have on ubers.


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^^ Very good guy to have on ubers. I went pretty tanky in blackthorne's 2-set at 200k dps. Used serenity for a change just in case and was thankful when I did when I got in that situation - my adrenalin was pumping.
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I could use help if someone is available. Just began playing again and farmed up my 3 machines.
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If anyone is available to do an carry I have 3 machines. Belale #1521
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Looking for a carry for some ubers, have machines ready to go. Shinmaster#1107
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I just had my ubers run from Edzmond, alicez, and peterbiz.

It was an entertaining and enjoyable experience. Very nice people.

I died many times.....:D but I got the items.

Funny tho, after I got the items I found that I didnt have the pattern to make the ring. Then I found that I didnt have 2m gold to buy the pattern. Good times!
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scrapz and I are online for carries! mrnastytime#1577 or scrapz#1142
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If any carries are available I have some machines and ready for some fun! Shinmaster#1107
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If any carriers are around I've got six machines. Battletag is Siltur#1308.
Edited by Siltur#1308 on 3/15/2013 5:24 PM PDT
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I've got 6 machines awaiting use if anyone is still doing these :) Glowerss#1879
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I just friend requested a couple of the people on the list and got no response. I have 6 machines and may have 9 soon. Please add me if you are looking to carry someone. jtsma516#1842. Thanks!
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I will be on in about an hour or so if anybody still hasn't gotten a carry. Some of the carriers are playing SC2, and/or doing other things. We will get everybody who needs a carry, it may just take a little while.
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Hey im up for the carry list too, as wanabee request was:
Jco you can add myself and Colt#2370 as a carry team

Ill add you now to help you jtsma516#1842.
Edited by Colt#2370 on 3/15/2013 7:58 PM PDT
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