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White and Blue items.

I didn't see it in the 1.08 itemazation thread. But I know it has been brought up many times.

Can we have an option to disable them?

I am a programmer myself.. You put an option with a checkbox : See blue or white items, checked Yes, Unchecked No.

When a mob is killed. If option is checked show them, if not, don't show them.

That is the easiest addition that will please 99.9% of the player base. Why aren't you doing it?
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To go a step further, the game would be more enjoyable if a player can custom filter any drop from showing up or not regardless of the rarity.
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From the Answer section of itemization.

04/08/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Lylirra
If we removed white items completely, there might be a tendency to feel like blues are the new baseline. Some of you might think, "Well, that'd be really cool! I want blue items to be the baseline." As developers, we want items to feel increasingly special, so that means some will always be more useful than others. If we just kept removing whatever tier of items is "worse" from the game and moving up the baseline, then there's the risk that all items will become equally valuable, and that kind of homogenization (while totally appropriate for other games) doesn't really fit with what Diablo is all about. That said, it definitely feels like too many white items drop right now and we are already looking at some significant changes to these ratios in the future. We'd rather drop less white items rather than removing them or adding an option to hide them completely, however.

Personally, my eyes glazed over when I read this. If I may surmise - White items exist as a reminder of how awful they are and make everything else look better in the contrast of progression. That's the reasoning they won't allow an option to hide them or get rid of them. Lest we forget their pitifulness. Then it goes on:

04/08/2013 10:00 AMPosted by Lylirra
We've also talked about allowing white items to have alternate uses—for crafting, for example, like you noted. It's interesting, though, that some people are excited at the prospect of having white items with purpose, while other folks are almost offended that their end-game characters would want white items. If we were to introduce a system that made white items appealing to pick up, it would need to be something that has wide appeal since it affects everybody (and since different players have different opinions towards white items).

I remember when it was asked "what if white items served a purpose" and then half the people threw up their arms and seceded from the union. The only issue being - I don't recall anything like that ever being asked.

So since they don't know how to make them useful at present, I'm all for an option to filter them out or any other item.
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I understand what has been said about item baseline and quality progression so I agree that completely removing white and blue items from the game is not the way. Especially because they still serve a purpose like when having to level a hardcore character from scratch again.

However, for the vast majority of players these item qualities not only are useless but in many cases even a nuisance. E.g. I have to stop every few minutes to clean my backpack of white and blue items which I've accidentally picked up in the heat of battle. This causes me to lose contact to the party so the shared gaming experience is disrupted. And that problem seems very common because I constantly see players being forced into this situation.

This heavily slows the game flow and (frankly speaking) downgrades the gaming experience a lot, because players are forced to spend their time cleaning up trash - instead of having fun by slaying monsters and exploring dungeons with other players!

Taking all these facts into consideration I truly believe that letting the player choose their game experience is the way to go. You have done an excellent job of providing this kind of freedom in many other aspects of the game (e.g. by creating the D3 skill system or introducing monster power selection), so why not apply the same principle to a topic which currently is a pain for every dedicated Diablo 3 player?

There is already a detailed suggestion in the EU forum on how this could be implemented in a perfect way (see post #18 of thread http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7211961900#1) so on behalf of nearly the entire community I beseech you to explore this suggestion and implement a solution.

Thanks in advance for considering this post!
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