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WD idea
garden of bones
everytime u or one of ur pets kill a monster there is a 10% chance to
summon a skeleton soldier to fight for you.
you can summon up to 10 skeletons.
the skeletons last until they are killed, the player is killed, or the ring is no longer equipped.
for every skeleton summoned by the ring, the player gains 50 int
the ring gains 0.5% summon chance for every skeleton on the field.
the skeletons weapon damage is based on the players int
the life of the skeleton is similar to the life of a zombie dog
the skeleton can be healed by health globes
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Hmmm. Dragon's Staff of Tiamat
Up to two sockets
Adds %damage to Hydra
Has chance to spawn a 5 headed hydra with venom, frost, fireball, arcane orb, lightening, one to each head.
Increases health and gold pick up range.
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Inarious's set crossbows

Make them able to roll a little higher dps than calamity.
have both have the chance to socket.

On the first crossbow
- dexterity 100-200
- vitality 75- 300
- 5-8 crit chance
- 67-100 crit damage
- And of course attack speed

On the Second crossbow
- lifesteal up to 6.0%
- A demon hunter skill bonus (like nats embrace bonuses)
- attack speed
- all resist (50-70)

set bonus possibilities!
- A hefty amount of attack speed (add like another 15 percent on top of the dual wielding bonus)
- chance to shoot an angelic beam of light( deals great damage) (15 percent chance)
- maybe discipline regeneration
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Helms: 2% life steal
weapons: 15% Increased attack speed
Armour : +100 armour
unique equipped.

+20.0–30.0% Chance to Block
1960–2794 Block Amount

Increased block chance 10%
Reduces ranged damage by 30%
Reduces melee damage by 10%
Reduces Crowd control by 50%
Chance to cast earthquake when attacked

Blood of our enemies: Lv 40
+3-6% lifesteal
+40-60 life on hit
critical hits have a chance to explode in blood and deal 20% of their damage to all enemies in 15 yards.
+Critical hit chance increased by 5-10%
+Critical hit damage increased by 20-40%

Ring : lv 55
Flash has one too.
30% increased attack speed
24% movement speed.

Leaping Lazarus:
2 Handed Mighty Weapon:
Titan Axe
Damage Per Second
1.00 Attacks per Second
Item Level: 63

Leap no longer has a cooldown but costs 10 fury to use
Leap Damage increased by 100%

no random rolls, no critical dmg, no socket. just huge base damage

Wings of Angels
320–352 Armor
Item Level: 62

12% movement speed
Slain enemies rest in piece
attack speed increased by 9-12%
240-360 life on hit
crowd control reduced by 15-20%
+chance to cast frost nova when hit
+chance to cast exploding palm on attack

Blood sucker
6-10% life steal
500-1000 life on hit
3000 life on kill.

The fast and the Dead
800-900 dps
2.5 attacks per second
chance to cast seismic slam on attack
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Blood sucker
6-10% life steal
500-1000 life on hit
3000 life on kill.

LoL my D2 Druid has a similar ring its a rare called "The Skull Circle" 6% life steal and 6% mana steal with strength and cold resist.
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I also really want to be able to buy a chest piece that could grant wings to my character. When i first started playing someone convinced me that Tyriels might would give you wings... but it didn't so that was depressing.

maybe- this one could be a general legendary Chest called:
Uldyssians Fortress
- Main stat roll from 100-350
- Vitality roll from 20-400
- automatically comes with 3 sockets
- lifesteal roll from 2.2 - 3.0 percent
- armor bonus - can get up to 500 Extra Armor
possible rolls to accompany this chest
- crit hit chance from 5-8 percent (low chance to get)- like mempo
- crit hit damage chance, from 20-50 percent (cant get as well as crit chance)- also a low roll rate
- melee attackers take damage - 3000-5000 per hit.
- All resist from 40- 90 extra

I also think that if these new items come out, they should be more exciting than the regular legendaries we find all the time. I think that the drop should be epic, and that these new legendaries take on a little bit of an OP position so that They become more desireable than regular items. At the same time i would rather they had extremly low drop rates so its super epic when they drop. Have the crazy leg orange drop glow turn angelic white or blood red based on weather or not they are demonic or angelic.
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"dont look in the closets. its greedy"
lvl 1 ring

gold is no longer dropped by monsters.
chests now drop 1000% more gold.
big chests now have chance to drop 10,000% more gold

"make it rain"
lvl 2 ring

monsters that are killed now have a 250% chance to drop gold.
pick up radius is 100 yards (gold only)
chance to rain gold from the sky 10%

lvl 64 ring

gold is no longer part of the game.
gold no longer drops for player
gold is now worthless

everything in pve is now free
repairs are free
upgrading gems free
free potions
free dyes
free vendor items

AH now revolves around tome of secrets.
1000 tome of secrets = 1 USD
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Skull of the Frozen Abyss
Wizard Skull

100-200 Intelligence
8-10% critical hit chance
2 random modifications
+10% cold damage
-10% movement speed
Damage from different Blizzard casts stack.

From the dawn of the nephilims, this skull has circulated around the world sending chills down the spine of anyone holding it. Many times this skull has been sealed away, just to somehow appear again. No one knows where it came from and no one wants to know.
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2 Handed Sword
Diablo's Progeny

-900-1700 dps roll
-can socket
-rolls either strength or dext for up to 550
-crit hit damage - 100-250
- attack speed is 1.40 and can roll another 11 percent
- up to a 30 percent chance to cast seismic slam (like calamity with MFD)

This sword is beating like a heart while wielded
it should look red with shadows comming out and circling the blade, the hilt should have demon horns comming out, overall it should look epic, and too big-like skorn
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Belt the same as The Witching Hour but has 2.0 - 3.0 life steal instead of crit damage
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New Diabo
Serams' Cornerstone

900-1700 dps(holy damage included of course)
can socket twice
rolls up to 550 of main stat ( can roll 2 main stats )
crit hit damage 100-250
attack speed a flat 1.55
5 % chance to heal for 10000 hp
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Boots of extremely fast movement
+100 movement speed
there is no longer a movement speed cap

marathon pro
achievement: run 100 miles
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Make one or two new legendary's to compete with all the current Best in slot items so not every singe person is trying to get the exact same items.
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A good barb weapon that will compete with an echoing fury (probably will need .25% ias, or maybe 25 % crit chance) that doesn't have the fear on it. Its ok to let us have access to an OP weapon that is all good and no bad (fear for melee is bad).
Could look something like this:
1200+ dps
random crit chance (5%-25%)
random ias (5%-25%)
crit hit damage (40%-100%)
random affect (chill, stun, freeze, fury regeneration, increased time on an ability, ect. "no fear" :P)
chance for a socket

Can you guys make me one :) lol

thank you.
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monk spirit stones

All spirit stones rolls 1 of the following 3 special affixes over and above the current affixes in place

1. on successful dodge resets cooldown's of all skills by 0.5 second
2. on successful dodge gains 5 spirit
3. on successful dodge gain 1 crit chance, 10 crit damage, 2 ias for 5 seconds (stackable 3x)

monk daibo's

all exhibit the following qualities to have them be actually used

base attack speed of 1.5
3-6% life steal
1 socket ( can roll an extra socket with random property)
randomly swings daibo in a circle stunning all monsters for 5 seconds within 12 yards
15% chance to block physical attacks by total dex amount of character
150-400 dex
100-250% crit damage
3 random props

Monk Offhands

The 4 Scrolls - Path to Heaven
-can be used with a 2 hand daibo
-if using 1 handed weapon gains 3 lifesteal and 100% crit damage

increases spirit pool by 50 and at max spirit damage is increased by 30%
5-12 spirit on crit
0.25 increased attack speed
200-300 dexterity
2 random properties

4 unique properties of the 4 different scrolls

Path to Heaven - Intelligence
Your all resistance is equal to the sum of all your single and all resistance.

Path to Heaven - Strength
Sum of 20% of your dex and all your intelligence, and vitality is applied to armor.

Path to Heaven - Vitality
Sum of 20% of your dex and all your intelligence, and strength is applied to vitality.

Path to Heaven - Dexterity
Sum of 20% of your vitality and all your strength and intelligence is applied to dexterity.

Monk Jewelry - the 5th Element (amulet and 2 ring set)
2 set and 3 set bonus
2 set - gain 1.5% life steal and 10% movement speed and 5% crit chance
3 set - when spirit is below 25% invincible to all non physical damage

Amulet - Nirvana

Upon receiving fatal damage, return to life with 100% spirit and life and immunity for 5 seconds.
Cannot occur more than 1 x per a minute

2-300 dex
Crit chance 5-10
Crit damage 50-100
Attack Speed 4-9
3 random properties

Rings -
Fire and Ice

5-15% chance to freeze or set fire to the ground 20 yards in diameter for 300% dmg over 5 seconds
Crit chance 4-7
Attack speed 6-9
Dex 100-300
3 random properties

Earth and Air

5-15% chance to smash the ground for a 5 second stun or draw all enemies within 25 yards towards you and causing 300% dmg
Crit chance 4-7
Crit damage 30-50
Dex 100-300
3 random properties

Monk Belt - String of Bells

After succesfully dodging 10x A bell randomly drops from the sky for 800% weapon dmg and causes all monsters within 20 yards to be stunned for 5 seconds

150-300 dex
150-250 vit
Attack Speed 8-9
Crit damage 30-50
3 random properties

Monk Boots - Enlightened Traveller

if in group play all members of your party within 40 yards gain 10% movement, 5% ias, 10% resistance, 10% armor, and 10% more damage

if solo, immune to all ground affixes (arcane, poison, fire)

150-300 dex
150-250 vit
80-120 AR
12 movement
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A good barb weapon that will compete with an echoing fury (probably will need .25% ias, or maybe 25 % crit chance) that doesn't have the fear on it. Its ok to let us have access to an OP weapon that is all good and no bad (fear for melee is bad).
Could look something like this:
1200+ dps
random crit chance (5%-25%)
random ias (5%-25%)
crit hit damage (40%-100%)
random affect (chill, stun, freeze, fury regeneration, increased time on an ability, ect. "no fear" :P)
chance for a socket

Can you guys make me one :) lol

thank you.

note: it doesn't have to be a mace or an axe because it will likely roll more than 10% crit chance on it anyways so there is no lose from the skill (weapons master).
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For balancing purposes I will not post attack speed, CC, or damage/armor but rather new ideas to make the game more fun... enjoy!

Rathma's Device - Legendary Wand

Five percent chance that a monster killed is resurrected to fight by your side. Cannot stack more than five times.

Demon's Skin - Set Bonus

Completed Set Bonus - Turn into a Demon
Set should be for Demon Hunter Only with stats reflected as such

Arreat's Face - Legendary Helm

Call of the Ancients now last until they die

El Diablo - Legendary Mojo

When below 20 percent life gain the powers of the lord of hell himself

Stone of Wonders - Legendary Spirit Stone

Monk turns ethereal and all damage is reduced by 10 percent

King Slayer - Legendary Two-Handed Sword

While the average brute can barely wield such a weapon, barbarians have been spotted wielding even larger weapons with only one hand

Heroes can use with one hand
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Legendary Shield:

Twilight Horizon

+200-299 Primary Stat.
+100-199 Vitality
+70-80 Resistance to All
+2 Random Affixes
*When this shield is equipped all damage taken is reduced by 15% when below 50% health and all damage done is increased by 5% when above 50% health.


*Shields are extremely underutilized and the classic Sword/Board doesn't exist once a player hits level 60.
*Shields are currently too big a damage hit and not enough of a real effective HP increase because the way they mitigate damage is through the RNG block system, which is practically useless for the spiky damage that is most dangerous in higher MPs.
*The statistics I suggested are semi-ideal by default to ensure that a good shield is common enough for most people to afford in their budget. This is to encourage people to use shields in their builds more than they are now. When and if you release other good shields in the future this shield can act as an affordable baseline legendary shield.
* The unique effect is designed to be good regardless of whether or not you need the extra defence that the shield offers so that people do not feel gimped when using the shield against weaker mobs. Currently DW and 2H setups are far more universal since damage is good in all situations while too much defence can be a waste.
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04/18/2013 06:36 PMPosted by Shurgosa
How about instead of us dreaming up hundreds of unique weapons, you guys with the power to do so actually create 1 or 2 and release them into the game.....

In all fairness, and not that Blizzard or Diablo3 deserves defending, but in all fairness half these ideas are under powered (aka stupid) or over powered (aka retarded (as in mentally handicapped)). There are however a few gems of which are outrageous. You could say they are truly truly truly, outrageous!
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More things like firewalkers fire trail.

maul and staff worth a skron.

a diabo with block or lots of dodge.

Personally I would love to see more synergy in items, like the combos I can find in skill sets.
I would also love to see the paragon levels in some gear.
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