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04/18/2013 08:53 PMPosted by Linarian
For balancing purposes I will not post attack speed, CC, or damage/armor but rather new ideas to make the game more fun... enjoy!

good idea. idk how i forgot this point, my updated legendary idea:

Skull of the Frozen Abyss
Legendary. Wizard Skull

100-200 Intelligence
2 random modifications
1 wizard skill bonus
+30% cold damage
-10% movement speed
Damage from different Blizzard casts stack.

From the dawn of the nephilims, this skull has circulated around the world sending chills down the spine of anyone holding it. Many times this skull has been sealed away, just to somehow appear again. No one knows where it came from and no one wants to know.
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Unrelenting Assault
170-200 Str/dex/int
5-8% Life
2-3% Life Steal
Unrelenting assault
2 random Properties

Unrelenting assault - Causes skills to longer cost class resources, but cost a % of life instead.
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how about sets that you actually want to use all 5 pieces, because they are baller. and when you wear all 5 you glow, and everyone knows how good you are. not barbs wearing the nat ring and boots for their 2 piece bonus, because are 3 and 5 piece is so soft its worthless. Legendaries that are legendary and awesome looking. A flail styled mace that you can swing with multiple spiked balls attached that have wild visuals when you wreck a mob in the grill!
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This is tempting... coming up with new ideas and all... In fact.. I've done this before!!! But when I did... the thread was deleted for some reason... I contacted the moderator email regarding this issue of deletion (trying to figure out some valid reason as to why it was deleted) and never received any kind of response....

So.... I've decided it probably isn't worth the effort or time to do this because it will probably just be ignored or deleted for no discernible reason.
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In auction house when you right click on a yellow rare...it gives you the option to find similar and fills in the stats and lets you search......(ex socket, 155 str, all resist 45, etc....)

Why does this not work and auto fill legendarys......Come on add a few more placeholders for the extra stats...Please give me a reason why yellows fill in stats and Browns and Greens dont....
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How about a cross game connection:
So my monk finds a ring that is able to call a thor or an odin from starcraft 2 or any other blizzard game... 10 secs or so of another character would be cool

Imagine a thor in a mob ...real cool
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Stop letting every class wear or use every(except weapons and the one class specific item) legendary. Gear sets or gear classes(light, medium, heavy, special) for each Character class. Additionally, stats specific to the character class, aside from main stat, to prevent the cross over of wearing a gear class lower than intended for you because the stats are right.

If that is too daunting of a task, at least make each class look different in the legendary items that each and everyone one of us is wearing. (e.g. Mempo, Vile Ward)

We do not get paid to create items, quests, updates or fixes. We paid for what we thought was a completed game. Who will be credited or accountable when the game has past its time?
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04/18/2013 10:22 PMPosted by Moose
So.... I've decided it probably isn't worth the effort or time to do this because it will probably just be ignored or deleted for no discernible reason.

but there was a blue post. the blue ppl are reading!

04/18/2013 11:32 PMPosted by Vourak
Who will be credited or accountable when the game has past its time?

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Satan's Howling Spike
Legendary spear

+250-600 fire dmg
+200-350 random stat
3 random mods
chance to cast a howl which causes damage over time and fear for 1 second. cannot activate more than once every 5 seconds

Satan wielded this horrifying weapon into combat against the heavens. It stuck fear into the minions of his foes until he was slain and sealed by Tyreal. How the spear came to be in Sanctuary, no one will likely ever know.
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Seriously a Monk really need a pair of legendary fist to replace the Shenlong's set fist.. only 1 random fix? No fun for shenlong user at all. Make it as end game gear for fist user (Legendary fist set). No fun to see when monk hitting the mob while their weapons are hid under their armpit. =p
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The Glass Cannon
legendary 2 hand crossbow

durability 300/300
(700-900) - (1000-1800) damage
2random mods
1 socket
100-150 2 random stats
loses 1 durability every attack

"And it broke..."
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Here are some ideas for legendary effects:

+ 10 minutes to all shrine durations
+ 1 to armor for every point of main stat
critical hits double the chance of dropping legendary items
your experience gained is increased 1% for every point of fury you had when the monster died
Full set transforms you into werewolf form. attack speed increased by 30%
Full set transforms you into werebear form. damage increased by 30%
Full set transforms you into vampire form. 8% LS
Full set transforms you into porcupine form. 40% of damage taken is reflected back at attacker
Gain the ability to resurrect one foe every 5 min to fight at your side. resurrected enemies have 3x
increase in damage and life
Gain an extra passive skills slot
Gain the leap skill if you are a non-barbarian class
Gain the teleport skill if you are a non-wizard class
Gain the wave of light skill if you are a non-monk class
Gain the soul harvest skill if you are a non-WD (you harvest main stat)
Gain the vault skill if you are a non-DH class
treasure goblins cannot use their portals within 8 yards of you
decrease all cooldowns for 50%
increase skill radius by 2 yards
decrease resource cost for all skills by 15%
increase duration of all skills by 50%
immune to cold
immune to fire
immune to holy
immune to arcane
immune to physical
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10% chance to proc earthquake
10% chance to proc call of the ancients
10% chance to proc rain of vengence
10% chance to proc sentry
10% chance to proc zombie dogs
10% chance to proc gargantuan
10% chance to proc mantra of retribution
10% chance to proc mantra of conviction
10% chance to proc blizzard
10% chance to proc wave of force
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Legendary boots: Champaign's Corner

if stuck in a corner, all healing effects are lost. however, all enemy damage is decreased by 75%. Your damage is increased by 25%

"Don't get stuck in corner. i will check"
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Legendary gloves: Crafter's gloves

All crafting costs (materials and gold) are decreased by 1% for every 24hrs that these gloves are used. To a max decrease of 50%

"Repeat customers should get discounted prices"
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Legendary gloves: Midas' hand

Vendor price of all items increased by 6% for every 24hrs that these gloves are used. To a max increase of 300%
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ignore enemies dodge chance
ignore enemies resistances
ignore enemies armor
ignore enemies block chance
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Allows you to hire 2 followers
Allows you to make a party of 5 players
Gain the illusionist skill of monsters: when you are hit, there is a 3% chance of conjuring replicas of yourself with 50% weapon damage and 30% EHP
Gain the avenger skill of monsters: when anyone in your party dies (followers included), your damage increases by 200% for 5 seconds
Gain the vortex skill of monsters: 30% chance to suck enemies back to you if they are kiting away
Gain the shielding skill of monsters: when hit, 1% chance to form immunity shield for 2 seconds
Gain the arcane enchanted skill of monsters: when hit, 4% chance to release arcane sentries
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Increases nephalem cap to 6 NV
Increases MF cap to 400%
Increases GF cap to 400%
Give up runes entirely from 1 active skills to allow two runes to be used on 1 skill.
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immunity to wallers (walk through walls)
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