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how about a set of armor that reflects some former game history...i.e. lachdannon's veil of steel,maybe a set.the same with similar items with similar nomenclature
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legit tyreals armor! want that cant be frozen
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Follower set items. These sets would be small, about 2 items, 3 items if we are getting cocky. The set bonuses would upgrade the followers skills, or maybe even grant bonuses to the player, or even add skills to the followers. It is important each set has a useful function, and that they are at a tier guaranteed to be used for the follower. It would also be cool if top slot weapons had a chance to role with 2 sockets, or if body armor could potentially role with 4. There should be a weapon that has a chance to bring enemies back to life. There should be a set of awesome "Legendary" affixes that can role on any legendary item. They can role with none, up to 2 of these affixes. These affixes could include; bringing dead back to life, blinding strike, electricity on hit, chance to ensnare, chance to freeze, chance to unleash poison, chance to unleash an explosion, increase chance of health globe drops, teleport, chance to unleash a plague of flies, chance to confuse the enemy on hit (extremely useful on higher mp), corpses spawn crows, chance for corpse to explode and cause damage to the enemy, force push on hit, increased magic find from treasure chests (roles on shields), reflect damage, Arrow Nova on hit, fire nova on hit, poison nova on hit, holy nova on hit, chest armor has a swirling dark vortex, can move through enemies, adds skill "fly", chance of blindside attack, fire chains between you and your allies, can summon 5 zombies that do 30% weapon damage, fire golem, flesh golem, iron golem (you get the idea). Well thats all the ideas I have so far. I hope you found some of which to be interesting.
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How about a ring that only has 2 stats:

1st stat: doubles your magic find from all sources
2nd stat: no magic find cap while you wear this ring.

Remind me again why we have a magic find cap?
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Frost Wyrms Skull (Helmet)

*One of 2 Magic Properties (varies)
*20–40% chance to cast a Glacial Spike when attacking and has a chance to Freeze.
*20–40% chance to cast Frozen Armor when you are hit.

*One of 3 Magic Properties (varies)
*+170–200 Intelligence
*+170–200 Dexterity
*+170–200 Strength

*0.50–1.50% of Damage Dealt Is Converted to Life
*Critical Hit Damage Increased by 35-70%
*+1 Random Magic Properties
*Empty Socket
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How about something with charges in it?

You could have a staff of the Apocalypse and designate the right mouse click to Apocalypse for like 15 charges. Once you run out, it switches to the regular skill you had in that slot. Pay a little extra gold in repairs to regenerate it. Could be very nostalgic.
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DH one hand
Chance to double CD within 8yrd radius
Chance to incorrectly recite incantation and summon skeletons
....you are sure you said all three words correctly?
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Legendary Health Potion that gives full heal

Legendary Blacksmith Plans...1 for each affix. So we can pay the blacksmith 1 million gold to reroll an affix of our choice on an item.
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04/18/2013 05:57 PMPosted by Vaeflare
If you have Legendary item ideas, make sure to post them in [url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8087089823"]this thread here[/url]. We'd love to hear them!

Aren't there people getting paid to do this full-time?
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new legendary sets that allow roll for cd reduction for almost any skill making more builds viable etc
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Sets that allow an otherwise ranged character to function as melee, and melee as ranged.

Certain items, say chest, could permit a certain class specific skill (i.e. storm armor, fan of knives, war cry, etc.).

Beauty of D2 was that each class could beat the game with, say, ribcracker. Required completely different skill set.

May widely broaden the number of different builds per class...
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"Cold Wizard Source" (cant think of a name)
+(32–130)–(33–484) Damage
+170–200 Intelligence
Adds 8% Cold Damage
Cold skills deal 15%-25% more damage
Modifies Archon to deal all damage as Cold (wizard only)
15% chance to freeze on hit
+2 random properties

How about "Frost of Xiansai" ?
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Skill runes were originally designed as physical items in the game. The system was switched because it required some 3000 different runes. I understand the problem of having that many runes, but I really liked the concept. In Diablo skills were gained and leveled through books that needed to be farmed. I found that system to be a lot fun and the original idea behind skill runes in Diablo III felt like a nice throwback to the original game.

A rune system similar to Diablo II could still be created with physical items. Diablo II only had 33 different runes; a much more manageable number than 3000. In Diablo III, each rune could provide any number of buffs similar to Diablo II.

Diablo II also had runewords, when certain runes were placed in a set item type. In Diablo III a runeword could be a combination of runes socketed anywhere on your character and they would provide effects to your skills. They could augment skills or rarer runewords could provide entirely new skills, either class specific or not. Add a 5th slot on the actionbar for them maybe.

I absolutely love the idea about putting runestones back in the game. Still, I'm not sure how Blizzard would implement them.

Since this is a thread about legendaries, however...

Disciple of the Flame (Ring)
+20-30 Damage
+4-6 Crit Chance
+20-30 Crit Damage
+2 Mods
*Chance to set enemies ablaze on contact
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Lightsabre. Nuf' said.
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"Flying Scimitar"
- one-hand sword
- will summon a flying scimitar that will fight for you if left in your bag (something like the charms on D2X)
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Cataclysm (Hand Xbow - MORE than a Calamity)

600 - 1300 dps
+8-15% Attack Speed
+120-150 Dex
+30-50% damage
+8 to 15 Max Discipline/or:Gain 5 additional Discipline per second
+2.5 to 3.5% life steal
+1 or 2 sockets
+1 random property
+ 8 to 10% chance of slain foe exploding for 180 to 250% weapond damge in 8 yds radius
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Name: Noah's Arc
Weapon: Bow
DPS: 1-2500
Description: To have a bow shaped as a boat and to have randow animals bolt out of it in pairs of 2. 2 mices=1 dps, 2 whales = 2500 dps. From 2-2499 dps, many random animals with allocated dps would also fire out of Noah's Arc.
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add some new stats like stun resistant, fear resistant and etc...
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Radiance (1H Weapon)
+8-9% IAS
+50-75% CD
+300-500 Holy Damage
+2 Random Mods (possible LS)
*Chance to summon the denizens of Whimsyshire
(Summons 3-5 random enemies from Whimsyshire with 2x life of current MP level to fight for you for 1 minute or until they die)

"When the Hero of Whimsyshire emerged from the
portal, he brought with him the most powerful weapons
of the realm: rainbows, sunshine and happiness."


"When the Hero of Whimsyshire emerged from the
portal, he brought with him the most powerful weapon
of the realm: friendship."
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