Diablo® III


Athena's Mirror:

Legendary Shield

+35.0–40.0% Chance to Block
1000–2000 Block Amount
Reduces damage from spinning lazer thingys 50%.
Cannot be Frozen
+3 Random Magic Properties
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Just a thought to the gamer designers and CMs,

Since everyone is so passionate here, why not MAKE a official competition for players to submit a set / legendary design with gear graphic, stats and select the top 5 (one for each class) to be implemented in the game based on graphic design , not so over powering stats but still cool and public voting? It sure beats those senseless polls on the website about which is the baddest demon or favorite shrines in terms of community activity.

This is a similar idea to what CAPCOMs monster hunter online did before there they made fan contribution of weapon design a reality. I know there are many devoted fans with talented artistic skills, let them feel appreciated.
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I'll just write the game changing effect.
2 Rings intended to work as a set. Gain from well designed quest with certain probability.

Ring 1 (Yet to be named):
->Reduce resource consumption by ~25%. In return for every skills that consume resource is cast, Consume ~1.0% of Max Health. (This effect cannot kill player, though able to reduce health to as far as ~10% of Max Health -> Provide Critical Life Build)
->Current Life on hit and Life steal reduced to ~1/4.

Ring 2 (yet to be named):
For every skills that consume resource is cast, return ~1.0% of Max Health (Same amount as "Ring 1" Max Health consumption).

As a set:
Negate the penalty on "Current Life on hit and Life steal" from Ring 1.


WD Specific Amulet or Voodoo Mask (I prefer mask, so either dog cooldown mask or this)
->Change Zombie Dogs summoned by "Summon Zombie Dog" Skill (Only this skill) to Gargantua.
-> Gargantua will have the same Rune as current "Summon Gargantua Skill" picked Rune (If no Summon Gargantua skill is used, then the Gargantua summoned by Zombie Dog Skill will have no rune effect).
-> Max Gargantua is 3 (from any skill), like Zombie Dog, and can be increased by "Zombie Handler Passive".


->Change "Summon Zombie Dog" Skill to summon 2 dog and 1 Gargantua. Everything else remain as stated above. In case, Bliz prefer for player to still have the dog.

Edit add:
Some details
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How about make a weapon that has a small chance when hitting an enemy, fight for you for a certain time period... including elites!! :D
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Name : Slain (Fist weapon) ilvl63

+143–286 Minimum Damage
+191–381 Maximum Damage
+41–50% Damage
+170–200 Dexterity
Critical Hit Damage Increased by 35-60%
Increases Spirit Regeneration by 1.00–2.50 per Second (Monk Only)
1.3–3.7% chance to target enemies with Exploding Palm when you hit them.
(Rune : The Flesh is Weak )
+1 Random Magic Properties
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Here's an idea....Valor items which would work just like Nephalem Valor, where for example the damage they do grows as they are used. Just a thought.
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Mad Cows Severed Head (WD Off-Hand) ilvl 63

+(26–144)–(42–502) Damage
+180–220 Intelligence
+Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9.0–10.0%
Increases Damage Against Elites by 4–10%
2%-25% chance to summon Headless Mad Cow King to fight by your side for 10 sec.
(This Monster would be similar to Gargantuan with Big Stinker Rune and when he expires he would explode into a cloud of poisen..
+3 Random Magic Properties

The Cow Says: Mooooooooo
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Overly Shiny Potion

Summons a giant treasure goblin. (Make him as strong as inferno diablo, and make him use the gold sack they all carry as a weapon.)
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Idol Of Tsathoggua (Witch Doctor Off-Hand)

+200-400 Damage
+180-200 Intelligence
+180-200 vitality
+15-20% Life
Critical hit damage Increased by 200%
Increased damage against Elites
Toad of Hugeness can now swallow Elites & Players

"The Sleeper of N'kai whispers in the darkness..."
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I currently play a barb, but always enjoyed playing a summon necro in D2 as a non serious/fun class.
In an effort to help out summon WD's I had some ideas for legendary effects that could help out this underpowered build.

I like the idea of having a helm that boosts zombie dogs dmg like you originally talked about.

Or how about an effect that doubles the amount of dogs you can have summoned, but reduces the damage they deal with sacrifice by 40% or something?

Or an effect that removes the 60sec spawn timer on fetish sycophants, but caps the spawns at 6?

Just a couple ideas.
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Making thorns fun!
Shield of Thorns
iLvl 63 shield stats
7-10% + block chance
+150-200 vit
+150-200 (one of int/str/dex)
+ 2000-4000 thorns
reflects all damage blocked to attacker
all thorns damage increased 25-50%
+ 1 random roll

Tank DH love!
Demon Grapple
Melee weapon
normal weapon goodness
+ random DH skill affix
+ chance to pull enemy towards you (ala butchers sickle)
+ max disc
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Desert Reign - farmed off the necromancer event on the road to alcarnis in act 2
Witch Doctor offhand
Turns your gargantuan into the ghost boss from the event giving it:
-30% more movement speed
-will pick up gold/health with your radius
-On death will spawn a short duration undead army
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Posts: 1,618
Bring back the "Crushing Blow" affix!

Crushing Blow is a Diablo II combat mechanic that appears as a Chance on Hit mod on several Unique, Set or Rune Word items. The game will roll for the chance for the mechanic to occur on every eligible melee or ranged attack. If it is chosen to happen, the attack's target has it's heath reduced by a measured percentage. This health reduction occurs before the damage of the swing is dealt.

Bring back "Bonesnap" as a legendary item!

Bonesnap is a unique mace. Besides its bonuses to Cold Resist and Fire Resist, Bonesnap also has a high chance of Crushing Blow and a large boost to damage.
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While this isn't a post in regards to a new legendary, it has to do with the upcoming change that allows all legendaries to drop eventually.

Why not allow more of the earlier armor and weapons to drop in inferno? You know, the ones that you equip for a few levels and never see again. Give them the same chance to roll ilvl 63 stats and it would add more variety to end game gear.

It'd be great to run through some e's with a pair of the 1h scythes and elephant skull shoulders again!
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The Scavenger's Bite
1 handed Dagger
700-1,030 DPS
???-??? Poison Damage
+20-40% Magic Find
+25-45% Gold Find
+12% Movement Speed
+10-15 yard Pickup Radius
Allows you to automatically pickup gems, tomes, plans, demonic essences and potions.
+1 Random Magic Property (Intel, Strength, Dexterity OR socket)

This terrible weapon was crafted from the fang of the legendary hyena known as Kuri. It is a boon to those who wish to scour the Earth for all the treasures that their greedy hearts desire.

I pulled the name of a mythical Hyena spirit from here:
I chose poison damage because Kuri is supposed to cause paralysis.

If I had this weapon I would not need my sun keeper or my Inna pants that have pickup radius on them. If it is possible, it would be super-duper awesome to be able to automatically pickup all the items listed above.
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Blade of the Ancients

1 Handed Sword
+900-1400 damage

+80 - 250 Strength
+80 - 250 Vitality
+20 - 50 Random Stat
+8-9 Attack Speed
+20-100 Critical Damage
+0-2 Sockets

* Call of the ancients is now permanent until death *
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my ideas for affixes to legendary items that would be fun.

Health globes also recover-Fury, Spirit, Arcane, Discipline, hatred, Mana. and a good pick up radius. As a WD that loves running with Thing from the Deep I would like to see something give other classes this style of play. It's super fun.

Dodge chance now applies to pools of acid, desecration and all other attacks that don't normally allow for a character to dodge.

Remove cool down on teleport

Remove cost to vault

remove cost to Dashing Strike

remove cool down to Furious Charge

remove cool down on spirit walk

allow players to move through walls, enemies, and ignore crowd control. giving other builds WoTB type mobility.

any thing that makes new player builds possible like "Thing of the Deep", and the "The Three Hundredth Spear"
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Radiance (1H Weapon)
+8-9% IAS
+50-75% CD
+300-500 Holy Damage
+2 Random Mods (possible LS)
*Chance to summon the denizens of Whimsyshire
(Summons 3-5 random enemies from Whimsyshire with 2x life of current MP level to fight for you for 1 minute or until they die)

"When the Hero of Whimsyshire emerged from the
portal, he brought with him the most powerful weapons
of the realm: rainbows, sunshine and happiness."


"When the Hero of Whimsyshire emerged from the
portal, he brought with him the most powerful weapon
of the realm: friendship."

Teddy Bears vs Mallet Lord, FIGHT!
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while i really like quite a few of the items, you guys sometimes have to offer, you should make sure to keep those suggestions within a reasonable scope. a shield providing 200cd 15 as, as well as cc, is certainly a bit far fetched.

what you have to keep in mind is, that we are not looking for items that roflstomp everything currently existing, but to create useful alternatives.

of course it would be up to the devs, to up-/downscale accordingly, but i'd find it even better, if a few of you tried to work with a little more reason.
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