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a legendary item that makes all thorn damage(aka return damage) into say you have 10k thorns you would gain 10k dps instead this would make thorns a viable as part of a build like a ring called influx retaliation or at least a % of thorn because thorns do have a lot of possibility to be good but no one looks at them unless your a thorn barb but no other classes even look at them as a good affix at all
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Bracers that give %block
A monk daibo that can compete with Skorn... please...
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I just want a zelda sword :-)
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Thunderfury would be awesome in D3, the proc would lend itself nicely to the game!
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Dead man's legacy is already nice but it would defnitely be BIS and fit the flavor text if it kept all current stats but also included something like the following:

-While equipped DH gains barbarian passive skill relentless
-Or when DH suffers fatal damage instead SS is automatically triggered and lasts 2 seconds, this effect can only be triggered once every 90 seconds.

I think this would be an awesome and unique buff to DH gear making them more viable for HC and also just a dang fun item to have equipped.

It also fits the flavor text portraying a warrior that loosed arrow after arrow refusing to fall.
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I think legendaries need to have stats that change what skills do kinda like what runes already do. The idea of enigma's remnant is a really cool idea.

How about an already existing legendary..

Frost burns -

5% increased cold damage
30% increased cold damge from spells
+xxx Maximum Arcane Energy
Blizzard - Now does 220% damage per hit for 3 seconds for twice the mana cost.
Ray of Frost - Turns into a projectile that acts like Glacial Spike from Diablo 2 that deals 130% damage to all.
Ice Armor - Creates an ongoing storm of snow and ice that damages all creatures on screen for 10% damage.

The idea that items can change what skills do means that Lower level items still have a fighting chance to compete with lvl 60+ items.

Awesome! I want some nice frosties!
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Mad Cows Severed Head (WD Off-Hand) ilvl 63

+(26–144)–(42–502) Damage
+180–220 Intelligence
+Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9.0–10.0%
Increases Damage Against Elites by 4–10%
2%-25% chance to summon Headless Mad Cow King to fight by your side for 10 sec.
(This Monster would be similar to Gargantuan with Big Stinker Rune and when he expires he would explode into a cloud of poisen..
+3 Random Magic Properties

The Cow Says: Mooooooooo

Can someone say superlike! This is an awesome idea.
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I know I've already posted a couple times, and some of these ideas may be borrowed from others who have already posted (in which case, my apologies), but for the sake of brainstorming...

What about an item where its efficacy adjusted based on how many NV stacks you had... Or based on your paragon level...

What about one where its power doubled (or tripled) for 2 minutes whenever you activate a shrine... Or whenever you kill a treasure goblin... Or open a golden chest... Maybe it could buff your MF above the cap for a time...

What about an item that affected a nebulous stat like "Luck" - where you'd be more likely to dodge attacks, find gold chests in dungeons... even land on the treasure dungeon in the Wheel of Misfortune quest...

Some people have mentioned items that give you some of the mods that Elites or Champions have... that's cool... Although I wonder how well they would have to function to be worth using, and how we'd differentiate attacks / effects between elites and players...

What about an item that has a chance to summon a randomly generated dungeon (short, only 1-2 floors), whenever you kill an elite... or an item that lets you enter the "escape portal" that treasure goblins enter for a limited time, before kicking you back to Sanctuary...

What about an item that makes you invisible to the enemy for a brief period of time? (Similar to ethereal state, but the enemy acts as though it hasn't aggro'ed you at all).

Here's an idea - an item that makes class-specific weapon drops more likely. You could have one for each class - like a ring or something. It would give players a reason to focus on something other than CC / IAS / CD. Whether you're farming legendaries or rares, it really helps to get certain kinds of items to drop right?

What about an item that has a strong chance to inflict a random status ailment on enemies? Maybe a 20-30% chance to inflict a status ailment, but it can't happen more than once every 15-30 seconds or so... And you can't control which one it is...

Or items that give you access to certain boss special attacks (Azmo's pools of darkness, anyone?) Any item that lets you give bad guys a taste of their own medicine would be (potentially) pretty cool.

An item that may cause enemy attacks to backfire, causing a percentage of the damage that their attack would have done to you... to them instead. It could be programmed as a simple visual effect.

What about an item that could warn you about an upcoming enemy attack(!). This would be harder to program, but great for hardcore and softcore players alike (especially the more squishy classes)

That's all I can think of right now. I'll add others as I think of them. It's kind of fun to think outside of the usual CC / CD / IAS paradigm. :P

Edit: A "Phoenix" item that saves you from death once, restores you to full life and shields you for 2-3 seconds. Chance to proc and how often it can occur would have to be tweaked.
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I feel everyone's legendaries are rather boring. Everything listed is constantly developed to revolve around the current system of huge mainstat, huge vita, crit chance, <random> however without the focus of build diversity.

We need new stuff! Stuff not already one that get's rid of tunnel vision.

For example, what about a legendary ring which has a proc effect. This would be... something like everyone who bought d3 is reimbursed their money? If not this, then anyone with a d3 account gets to upgrade to the first of the two expansions for free? You must be wearing this ring in order to upgrade, then you may remove it.

Or better yet, boots which have the proc effect which generates PvP that we were told we would be able to enjoy, along with items WORTH FARMING FOR? Along with at least 3 classes in the first expansion because holy god did Blizzard really screw up D3 (Shapeshifter - Dex/Str, Necro, Druid, etc)

Fun stuff aside

Anyways, we need inspiring legendaries. Without real balance going on how about actual time-based items for the sake of rarity? The game has an internal clock which we know based on the massive AH manipulations months ago.

In the Winter, how about ice-based legendaries? Summer gives us fire based legendaries. Note these would be in the same slot, just focus on different things. The easiest example would be a Wizard source. EVERYONE WANTS A FIRE WIZ. WE KNOW THIS because there are no signature fire skills. In fact I am the only wizard I have seen use meteor before.

In the Summer (or just anytime, that was just an idea) - A source with low damage like the homunculus however it cuts the cost of Meteor down to 3/5 (30 arcane or 21 for Star Pact) while buffing the damage? Due to the Wizard's difficulty in harnessing raw fiery scorching flames, the cost of cold-based spells increases by 200-300%. Even better! CM wizards are nullified because no cold spells could be used! In fact the cold spells turn to fire. So the frozen spell (I play wiz and yet I can't think of the freezing spell haha) turns into scorching the ground for intense damage instead, while meteor ravages the countryside.

This would help deter people from narrowing their Wiz into one of two builds - CM wizard or Archon. LETS GET FIRE GOING. On that note, Blizzard please fix the meteor graphics. It's awful. It shoots down at 2 fps and is a disgusting polygonized ball of matter. Make it actually look awesome, along with the flames/fire.

Source - Sunrock (why did this name hit me? its from somewhere....)
Damage: (30-50) - (40 - 150)
Intel: 250-375
Vita: -(50-200)
APoC: 8-14 (yes, 14. make it special)
Crit Damage - 120-200% (thats right. NO CRIT CHANCE. This is because its a !@#$ing METEOR source which should do more DAMAGE)
Increase Fire skill damage by XX%
Fire Resistance: +80-150
Cold Resistance: -50-120 (minus)
Damage Against Elites - 20-35%
Cold spells cooldown is doubled (or 1.5x) / Cold spells cannot be used (Or even a random 50/50 roll between these two! Awesome, not. Less RNG blizzard. LEARN THIS. LESS RNG. So, one of those two only)

My reasoning - CM wizard is nullified. Elites are moving targets and so very hard to hit with the delay. Everything are moving targets. This will be incredible when two wizards pair up with a freezing / fire wiz. [Promote multiplayer action even with the same class.] As to the crit damage vs fire skill damage... no idea. This isn't a balanced item but a showcase of an idea. If this was paired with the fire hydra, along with the mentioned (not guarenteed I get that) item that would allow for two hydras at the same time maybe rolling for fire based damage is better. For those who don't want hydra, maybe crit is better. So maybe this item can have RNG in this sense - which stat (crit or skill damage). Seriously this makes two viable fire builds - Hydra+Meteor or Massive Crit damage Meteor+ Anything (Arcane torrent for weakening enemies with that awesome rune?)

This because a jumble of ideas as I got excited thinking about it. I'm not writer so I hope you read through it and picked it apart and got the jist. =)

Edit: Actually. Temporal Flux + Arcane Hydra (with the 2 hydra item we might get) + this meteor damage could be incredible. I feel that there is another very viable build since Arcane Hydra is AoE.
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What I don't want to see about legendary improvement =
I don't like to see even moar powerful legendary items that follow the current path of wich is currently considered "powerful"

Meaning= legendaryes can roll pretty good stats, more powerful then gold items, instead of pumping this statistic I'd like to see more creativity and Item that coud be useful for specific builds or aspects of the character.

My point is that woud be very fun to have to have items that play with the skill rune, and passives of the Heroes. Till now all u have done is pump stats or give mpre damage to a seti of skill (elemental for example). How about a a wand that add Ice effect to the main skill (combo with passive damage and chill), a first weapon that give life steal to the monk Bell, a Bracer that augment mana regeneration from vision quest for the witch doctor.

There is a lot to play with = resource, Hp regen/lifesteal, modify rune effect, modify passive bonus or are of influence.

Also Item that broke the rules are good to found around. Like I always wanted life steal on a ring or crit chance on boots. Woud be nice.
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I would love to see a series of legendaries based on a stat that increases chance to Obliterate.

[FYI Obliterate = instakill whites, deal damage = 40% of remaining life for Blues, 30% remaining life for Yellows, 6% remaining life for Bosses, 3% remaining life for UberBosses]

Now, imagine legendaries like this:

Skull of Ill Boding (Ring - Legendary Equipped)
+100-200 Str/Dex/Int/Vit (Random)
+35-80 All Resist
-25% Magic Find (Yes, I said "minus")
+2% Chance to Obliterate
+2% Chance to Cast Firewall on target

Skull of Ill Auspices (Amulet)
+100-200 Str/Dex/Int/Vit (Random)
+200-400 Armor
-25% Gold Find (Yes, I said "minus")
+2% Chance to Obliterate
+2% Chance to Summon a Fire Golem when you are hit

Now it's like "holy cow, I can do something OTHER than build around Crit!!! I could actually build around trying to proc Obliterate with rapid fire/disintegrate/AOE. In fact, I DON'T EVEN NEED WEAPON DAMAGE!!!!"
Honestly, until you offer peopl an interesting alternative to Crit, people are just going to keep stacking it. Items like these (particularly things independent of weapon damage!) would actually force people to make CHOICES.
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I would love to see a series of legendaries based on a stat that increases chance to Obliterate.[FYI Obliterate = instakill whites, deal damage = 40% of remaining life for Blues, 30% remaining life for Yellows, 6% remaining life for Bosses, 3% remaining life for UberBosses]

Actually you're setting yourself up for a Zeno's Paradox, so you should either make it "of total life" or increase the pct of remaining life. If ti's remaining life, you could probably go 50/35/10/5.

Also, would purples classify as Blue or Yellow?
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Ilvl 61 demon hunter cloak

  • 7%~10% Increased attack speed
  • one of two magic properties
  • 90~120 dexterity
  • 150~190 dexterity
  • 20% extra chance to dodge attacks
  • 20% reduction in the cost of hatred and discipline spending skills
  • 1~3 sockets
  • 1 random magic property

Crown of Ages
ilvl 63 archon crown

  • one of two magic properties
  • 70~80 All Resist
  • 100~120 All Resist
  • one of two magic properties
  • +272~396 Armor
  • +420~580 Armor
  • 2 sockets
  • Reduces all cooldowns on all skills by 15%
  • 2 random magic properties

Griffon's Eye
Ilvl 63 wizard hat

  • Removes the cooldown on Wave of force and removes the knockback on all of the runes (also removes the stun portion of impactful wave)
  • Changes all runes of wave of force to deal lightning damage Only Adds 15 arcane power cost to all runes of Wave of Force
  • When wave of force hits an enemy there is a 10%~35% chance they will be pulled into melee range of the wizard followed by a 1.5 second stun duration
  • Increases all lightning damage by 20%~40%
  • Grants 10~20 Apoc on a critical hit
  • Reduces the Arcane power cost of all skills by 8
  • one of two magic properties
  • 120~170 intelligence
  • 210~320 intelligence
  • 2 random magic properties

Raven Frost ring
Ilvl 42 ring (hard coded wont be affected by future itemization update)

  • 4~6 random magic properties
  • Cannot be frozen

Dwarf Star ring
Ilvl 42 ring (hard coded wont be affected by future itemization update)

    One of 6 random magic properties
  • 150 arcane resistance
  • 150 cold resistance
  • 150 fire resistance
  • 150 lightning resistance
  • 150 physical resistance
  • 150 poison resistance
  • 4~6 random magic properties
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Legendary Gems Quality-

Different from current gems, similar to runes from D2.

Socked on any item, there is a 25% stun chance.

Each monster killed (by the player) has a 15% to revive and fight for the nephalem.

Those are just some examples.

Legendary Enchantments (commodity).
Enchantments are tomes that may be used only once to any item and give a random attribute from the set of awesome, or weird attritubes.

Example: Gunam Style
Dropped flag (by pressing G) will be substitued by Psy dancing in place.

Trail of Ashes
Monsters killed will be burned to ashes
Note: Relevation gem will still be effective.

You can have enchantments for power too.
This would bring a lot more diversity and power into the system.
All enchantments (except a few) should be stackable

Steel Skin
This enchantment will give the piece +10% armor.

Mover (sucky name)
Channeling spells can now be casted while moving.
(of course, adjustable)

Each 20,000 damage increases lifesteal by 1% for 30 seconds, max 5%. (this shouldn't be stackable)

You get the idea.
That's my 2 cents.
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ring~ Dread return
chance to stun
chance to freeze
chance to immobilize
stat bonus
2 random
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Ring: Circle of Revenge
> Provides infinite Hatred
> -50% Health
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The ability to craft our own custom leg's. It would cost masses of gold, sick amounts of crafting materials, maxed out jeweler/blacksmith, and usable only by 100th level paragons. For all that...you are guaranteed rolls in the upper third of whatever powers you choose for the item. A fitting end game goal (account bound of course.).
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( 2 Handed Sword)
*Summons an Ice Storm instantly freezing foes in place*

Legend has it that this blade holds the frozen tear "of Chuck Noris (J/K)" of Auriel that fell from the High Heavens
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Game Changing Effect only

DH Cloak (yet to be named):
->Automatically dodge an attack once. If against attacks that cannot be dodged (Molten, Desecrate, etc), reduce the damage against those kind of attacks by ~70% for ~2.0 sec. These effect can only happen once every ~10 sec.

The armor Model is armor with very large and heavy cloak.


Wizard Source (Yet to be named):
-> When enemies approach within x range, instantly damage and pushback the enemies for small distance and automatically cast "Wall (As in "Waller" Affix)" between the Wizard and the enemy. Cooldown of X sec. Wall Duration Y sec.
-> Whether the Player and friendly units can attack or pass through this wall or not is up to Bliz.
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I think legendary items shouldn't have random properties. Make it the way it was like in D2, minimal stat value to perfect stat value. And class specific legendaries/set shouldn't have stats that rolled against the specific class. Just my thought.
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