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Lets fix skills!

ITT we post what we would do to fix some of the weaker/broken skills in the game. As a barb player, I'll start.

Call of the Ancients: The strength of WotB is clear. Earthquake is appropriately powerfurll. CotA, though, really needs some love to be as good as those skills. First of all, my dudes should have full CC immunity. It sucks to bring out my posse, only to have them feared/frozen/jailed for half their duration, watching them do [Farley] JACK SQUAT! [/Farley]. They should have full pet survivability, if they do not already, it's kind of hard to tell how much damage they take because we do not have their health bar in the upper left like WDs. They should draw more aggro, or at least Talic (the dude with the shield) should. WotB has a defensive component, and quake works great with lifesteal. CotA should have a survivability factor as well.

Ancient Spear: Whoo boy, if D3Database is any kind of accurate, this may be the least used skill in the game. The reason is simple: it does not fill any need in the barb's toolkit. I'm using it right now, trying to see it's usefulness, and while it is hella fun to spear a succubus/morlock/fallen shaman, I would be better served by other skills in that slot. This one might just have to be replaced with something else, probably in an Xpac.

Other classes:

Monk: One with Everything: Obviously broken, but it can't be significantly changed without screwing over all the monks who have built their entire gear sets for this one passive. Most likely to be changed in the Xpac, when everyone will need to re-gear anyway.
Monk healing: Their healing skills need to scale with something. A good candidate for using the bonus to health globe affix to boost some skills.

Wizards: They are stuck in a catch 22 with many of their skills. They have to stand still to cast, but they can't stand still or they get smooshed, so they need to kill mobs to not get smooshed, but they can't stand still to cast, etc. This is more an issue with the class as a whole. I have no ideas for it, but it needs to be addressed.

WD, DH: What needs to be done to build skill diversity with these guys? I don't know, I've barely played them.
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No takers? I know that there have to be some Wiz, WD, and Monk skills badly in need of fixing.
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I stopped reading at ITT. Why can't people just type the damn words out?
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well it isnt that one with everything (the monk skill) is broken.. its just that other passives need reworked to rival it because im sure like 95% monk use this and the other 5% have spent billions in order to get all res to survive without it.

buy it i agree something needs to be done to open up more viable builds.
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The problem with OnE is that if other passives were made as good as that, monks would be OP. OnE lets monks devote much more of their item budget to stats other than resist all, proportional to the amount of resist all other classes need.

It removes the element of choice in building a monk because you almost have to take that passive. It's like you only have two passive slots, rather than three, because the third one is OnE by default.

It's broken design, and is a significant oversight on the part of the devs. They should have seen how the AH would let that passive become sooo good.
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Actually, I am seeing alot of monks giving up OWE because it doesn't play nice with the new crafting. Yes, those monks gimp themselves in resists but they are so obsessed with dps that they don't care. Blizz needs to change OWE already to make it similar to Barb's impunity.
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03/08/2013 05:03 AMPosted by Tinaktu
Ancient Spear

Is useful in hardcore.

03/08/2013 05:03 AMPosted by Tinaktu
Monk healing

I propose a passive that "enhances healing skills by 100%".
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I use it on my throwing barb. It is buffed by a passive. great for pulling in 3 mobs to help build fury. So I can pretty well assume you don't know enough about the game to be making suggestions.

I'm actually using it as a fury builder myself, with the +fury gained rune. Thing is, I would probably be better of using stomp, threatening shout, or leap to generate fury and have better utility.

Is useful in hardcore.

I had not considered spears usage in hardcore. I agree, it would be quite useful there when you need to play defensively.
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