Diablo® III

Increase Max Demonic Essence Stack

While I greatly appreciate Blizzard's continued support of Diablo 3, I find it baffling that they would introduce a new crafting material and limit it to 100 per stack. Please PLEASE increase the max stack for Demonic Essence to 500 or 1000.

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Hey OP, can you tell me your DE farming route? I am having a hard time farming enough DE. :(
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Actually, it's my crafting plan farming route that's producing all my Demonic Essence.

I start with the Act III quest: 7. Heart of Sin - The Second Heart. Then I take the WP to Tower of the Cursed Level 1. Clear levels 1 and 2. If I don't have 5 NV by the time I get to Cydaea, I jump to Rakkis Crossing to get my NV to 5. Then I kill Cydaea, continue on to kill Azmodan, go to Act IV and kill Iskatu then Rakanoth.

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Why are you farming crafting plans? arent they all about 2k by now?
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03/09/2013 03:05 PMPosted by Recon
Why are you farming crafting plans? arent they all about 2k by now?

I have found all of the crafting plans now and I helped all my friends get them.

Though I sell stuff on the AH I don't buy anything from it. I prefer to find all my items or use items that my friends find and give to me.

Right now I'm doing "Alkaizer runs" and Keywarden runs. I'm getting around 4 or 5 DE and around 400k gold per run.

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