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Rain Barrage/Pets tank build

Rain Barrage/Pets tank build
This Build is a second version from Acid Rrain/Pets like the first build this is range build that deal area damage to enemies from long distance and have strong pets tank support Witch Doctor but have better killing speed than first old build

- Firebomb / Ghost Bomb or Cropse Spiders / Widowmakers
- Zombie Dogs / Burning Dogs, Leeching Beast or Life Link
- Spirit Barrage / Well of Soul
- Spirit Walk / Jaunt
- Acid Clound / Acid Rain
- Gargantuan / Big Stinker
Passive : 1.Jungle Fortitude 2.Blood Ritual 3.Fierce Loyalty

Firebomb - use Ghost bomb to clean mob and clear debris when farming
Cropse Spiders - all Spiders take less from reflect damage also deal more damage when surround single target. I prefer that widowmakers for mana regen.
Zombie Dogs - Dogs can gain full life Regen from passive skill and they are very strong even use in MP10 dogs still useful in this Build u can use any skill rune depend on your need. Burning Dogs for deal a little more damage and proc some Life On hit to heal u. Life Link absorb some damage make WD more tanky increase your EHP. Leeching Beast use for extra Hp recovery for both WD and dogs.
Spirit Barrage - Heavy damage range skill with 3 seeking missile good to kill single target can fire across waller or fast movement target.
Spirit Walk - For run out from danger situation and Life regen from gear heal u while I in spirit realm
Acid Clound - Big area damage Mob killer skill and also proc big LOH to heal WD.
Gatgantuan - Also can gain life Regen from passive skill u can use any skill rune depend your need. Big Stinker cover your giant with gas damage nearby enemies. Bruiser for 3 second chance to stun enemies and Restless Giant can go berserk sometime.
Jungle Fortitude - Give 15% damage reduction for WD and pets
Blood Ritual - Lower mana cost 15% and gain life regen 2% of your HP to WD and also your pets too if u use Fierce Loyalty
Fierce Loyalty - Pets can gain your Life regen and damage taken to melee attacker

Pros of this build
1.Fast farming in low MP and fast leveling from mass bonus kill good for kill mob
2.Can attack from long distance keep your WD save
3.WD and pets have high survirabilty rarely to recast pets
4.Have pets tank keep enemies busy
5.Never buy HP potion from NPC and low repair cost from low dead rate
6.Nearly infinity mana and can be infinity mana if use Blood ritual + Rush Essence
Cons of this build
1.Poor killing speed in high MP
2.Pets still can die easy against some elite affix like Descecrators, Arcane sentry(If pets stand on center spot) or some enemies that have deadly strike example mallot lords, thrall, salvage beast etc.
3.Attack speed lets u hit faster not increase damage per hit that mean more attack speed more your mana drain away and slower your mana recovery that why most WD try to limit their attack speed and increase damage per hit with something else.

This builld require 4 pierces of Zuni set (chest,ring,mojo,boots or mask,chest,ring,boots ) I not gona fix which zuni part must have to open up for someone who wana try use Skorn with life steal or life on hit. In 1hand weapon + mojo WD can kite easier but lower damage per hit. When WD use Skorn he will gain more damage per hit but lack of mobility. When I gear my self every set and legend will give u some fix stats and have 1-3 random stats I only looking for useful stats in high roll number. The worst stats that I can accept are 70 strength or dex. I don't buy any item that have these stats in

-extra HP from globe and potion (my regen high enough and this build already have other way to heal I rarely drink my potion most high MP game not use HP potion)
-pick up gold and globe area (just only one item that have 5-7 pick up area is enough don't stack too much)
-single resistance (it waste not effective only looking all resistance)
-magic find and gold find (These are just temporary need if u keep lving paragon u can take of MF and GF in later game. MF and GF have limit at 375 include 5 NV stack)
-melee attacker take damage (useless there are something more useful)
-life on kill (in mid - high MP it take too much time to kill mob life steal, life on hit, life regen work better)
-level requirement (when LV hit 60 this stats mean nothing)

For any WD that wana start build strong pets should have around 45k HP will be more in late game try to focus on All resis first then Armor and Life regen make those 3stats high enough(start with 700 all resis / 3500 armor / 2k life regen etc.) then put more HP because Dog only gain 35% from HP.if u do it right your pets will not melt down on plague MP10.

IN Current Spec How far I can go?

This build can farm keys and kill goblin in MP10. Do Uber boss solo in MP9 . To use this build open with acid rain on mob u can drop 2-3 rain every 2 second then use spirit barrage kill creep that acid rain still left behind if mana run out just use primary spell for a moment till u get some mana back then rain or barrage on them again with 107 mana regen even mana drop down to 0 spirit barrage still can fire repeatly non stop. Can drop twice of acid rain on any mob to recover HP or use spirit walk life regen will heal u in spirit realm.

hope u guys enjoy to try this build :)
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this is my WD Kartapilus #1954 i die like crazy after MP 2 any adivice
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Hi Exia,

I think this version of the build should kill elites and bosses much faster.

I use Toads, AC, Bears and no pets.

But this looks fun too. Good job.
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About your WD survivability me my self care about that more than DPS because I gear defensive for my pets too. In ur case in passive skill drop pierce the veil then use jungle fortitude don't worry ur killing speed not much change I already test that before. Your WD HP and all resis very low u need 3x of ur current hp another 100-150 more all resis would be nice and u lack of life recovery stats (life regen, life steal, life on hit) and about armor it pretty high good but should focus on HP and all resis these are more powerful than around 4000 armor or a little less is not a problem for WD. For long range WD I recommend have dex around 500 atleast ,have some more life regen and +24 movement speed seem useless but it really helpful.
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It will more enjoyable if I can copy 3 more of my WD in game I wana see wall of 12 iron pets and 4 long range wd killing mob together it must be a good team.
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I made this build long time ago it time to bring it up again maybe this build can have a shot in next patch and ROS. Any ROS tester try this build before?
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holy crap, dude. almost 200k elite kills! that's impressive
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After wait so long finally it work so cool in PTR it make Master mode like current MP4. I switch to fetish in PTR since I have 107 mana regen I don't need any primary skill there.


Thanks a lot Blizz for make this build work cause this is my favourite build now where is the new 4 pieces Zuni set I wana test it badly.
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