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[GUIDE]Sleet Storm Blizzard Blast build(SSBB)

This is a time to be VERY excited, not a time to worry. The game is going to be sooooooo much more interesting and a TON of new possibilities and options are going to open up for us. SS already operates incredibly well within these caps, so all the new stuff coming out is only going to make us stronger.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I AM very excited about the changes. I am quite certain that Wyatt is on the right track and that D3 will be a much better game after the expansion. I am aso positive that SS will come out quite strong with the upcoming changes or that we will be able to come up with completely different fun builds. However, I would much rather go into that expansion prepared.

Thought experiment: The patch hits tomorrow with the caps on gear as datamined

For you that would mean losing 13CC and 257CHD. Sure, you would be able to compensate the CC with your para points, skills, and passives. But even then there’d be a lot of ‘wasted’ rolls on your current gear.

Personally, I already downgraded 2CC in favor of avg damage (because my funds are limited – else I’d just have stuck with both high CC and avg dmg). This however will be as far as I am willing to downgrade in order to keep a decent efficiency right now.

For now I merely plan to swap my 6 CC crow on patchday to an 8 RoF CC crow and spend my para points on CC. I will also continue to keep my eyes open for other RoF CC items and buy enough rubys to make a marquise gem or two. Those are the kind of preparations I would like to discuss. CHD for instance will be much more complicated to compensate for. My future upgrades will focus on avg dmg, Int and EHP/Mit stats omitting higher CHD.


According to this information CHD can be increase by up to 50% through paragon points. Keep in mind that you will only be able to add one fourth of your paragon points into this category (IAS, CC, CHD, cooldown reduction). You will already need 50 points to get CC to 10. That will require you to be at paragon 200 and not spend anything on another stat in this category. Quite tough, isn’t it?
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I see what you're saying now, and it's something I've already kinda planned out. What I need to find out first, though, is what they're going to do with Blood Magic, find out if they're going to tone down LS on weapons, and how proc coefficients are going to change which might make LoH a viable stat for SS builds.

I don't really want to get into details about the specifics of my gear plans until I'm able to solidify the pieces I want from the AH, though. I'm sure you understand.
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Ok, the gear in my profile right now operates under the new caps proposed in the expansion.

31% IAS
40.5% CC
248% CHD

That's just from gear.

+17% Ray of Frost CC
+5% Base CC
+3% Scoundrel CC buff
+15% Deep Freeze CC

80% Ray of Frost CC total

There's a 10% cap on CC from Paragon Points, so once I'm able to cap that out, that will put me at 90% Ray of Frost CC when Deep Freeze is up.

EDIT: For some reason thought the CC cap from gear was 50%. Had to drop 10 CC so I changed gloves to ones with high int, vit, AR, and IAS. Changed numbers above to reflect the changes. Also thinking about just using Frostburns instead since with these caps in place they should come out being pretty good.

+50% Base CHD

That gives me 298% CHD, with another 50% obtainable through Paragon Points eventually.

I'm currently using 3 sources of APoC to make up for the loss of Power of the Storm, Astral Presence, and 4-piece Tal Rasha's set bonus. It's not as good, but it will do for the most part.

I'll be looking at the following changes in the expansion pack:

Rerolling the Max AP stat on my helm to a Socket if possible using the Mystic. Will obviously use a Ruby for extra XP until I get to 70, then change it over to either a Diamond or Amethyst.

Rerolling Cold Resist on Bracers to Vitality.

Rerolling the Str + Vit roll on Belt to Int + Vit.

Rerolling the Str roll on Zuni Ring to Int + Vit.

If possible, rerolling the Max AP on Wand to Int.

Those are just the major rerolls I'll be looking into right off the bat if it's possible to do so right away. I know it's all supposed to be random, so if and when I'm able to get the rolls I want is obviously in question. I'll also obviously be looking into rerolling stats I already have to higher rolls of the same stat (like weapon damage related things on my Wand, higher Int rolls, etc).

Swapping Glass Cannon for Audacity (You deal 20% additional damage to enemies within 15 yards) or Unwavering Will (Standing still for 2 seconds increases the following attributes: / *Armor: 20% / *All Resistances: 20% / *Damage: 10%).

If I find that I don't need Frost Nova anymore after testing around with the expansion changes, I'll probably look at dropping FN for something else like Black Hole. And then if I'm able to acquire this at some point:

ItemPassive_Unique_Ring_607_x1 - Explosive blast no longer has a cooldown.

... I can drop Critical Mass for another one of these damage passives: Unwavering Will, Audacity, or Elemental Exposure (Damaging enemies with Arcane, Cold, Fire or Lightning will cause them to take 5% more damage from all sources for 5 seconds. Each different damage type applies a stack, stacking up to 4 times. / Elemental damage from weapons contributes to Elemental Exposure.)

The build will deal 3 types of Elemental damage (Frost from SS, Lightning from Storm Armor, Fire from Chain Reaction), so EE will make the mobs take 15% more damage (wording implies it works for everyone in your group, too).

I saw a new string in the data-mined changes that implies that we'll be able to add Paragon Points toward increasing our AP Regen Per Second. If that comes to light, and if it's in a category separate from other dps related things, I'll be looking into putting points there in an effort to drop down to 2 sources of APoC instead of 3. Most likely I will drop the APoC on my Source in favor of something else (maybe reroll it into Int + Vit if I can't find a good one before then).

There are a bunch of other things I'll be keeping an eye on, especially when it comes to new item affixes that help prop up the build. I'll post my favorite ones at a later time.

I'll update this or just post again if I come up with anything else.
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I've been doing something similar with 15 sec CM Archon with the gear caps. I added some results on my guide also. I could see SS as a backup build for RoS, or as a supplementary spell if I needed to do low mob density areas for some reason.

LS has always been problematic because it scales with dps. At first most used LoH because dps was too low and they needed LoH just to survive. Then LS scaled enough with dps and people in general started gearing for LS. Then it just got out of hand. So I think the devs think it's better to remove LS completely. They've already cleared it from skills.

What they'll be doing next is re-balancing proc coefficients of every skill for LoH and other effects, to make sure for example that there will be enough LoH for every build. They'll also be adjusting mob dps to be on an acceptable level with it.

If LS is removed. Existing gear could have the LS affix changed to lvl60 post LS removal LoH levels. It might not matter much for barbs otherwise who could still use something like a vanilla belt with 3% LS. For others who would rely on weapons alone for LS, it would be much more difficult to accept equipping one of those peashooters without being able to reroll the dps closes to lvl70

If LS stays on gear, it would be capped very low and would roll at even lower levels.
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I'm aware that LS might be changing, and the talk about retuning coefficients to make LoH more usable and whatnot from that post that Wyatt Chang made not too long ago. If LS sticks around, I don't see them nerfing it beyond imposing a cap of 1.5%, maybe 1%. I'm not too concerned about it because I already know that I can make this all work with just 1.5% LS (it's how I run it in my normal gear). And Wyatt already said that internally they've redone RD to where it does a flat amount of damage rather than scale with your dps.

If LS goes away completely, then I'm sure they'll tune coefficients and/or LoH amounts to where I'd still be able to run this build with most of this gear and be fine. The only change(s) would be to swap out the LS on weapon for LoH or something, or use another ring with LoH (Skull Grasp already has some on it), maybe use Storm Crow instead of my rare hat, Blackthorns pants instead of these rares, etc. I have a TON of extra gear for things in my stash to work with so I'm not really worried. Oh, and right now I have Blood Magic on but it should be Force Weapon. I was just doing some Oasis runs with this gear and forgot to swap back before I logged off.

Wyatt already said that everything's going to be tuned to work. That means coefficients, LoH and/or LS amounts, incoming mob damage, etc will all eventually be retuned so that survival will be something we concern ourselves with, but not something as easy as just plopping on a source or two (or three or four, you damn Barbs) of LS to remedy. I think they want to prevent stuff like WW and HotA Barbs, 2H SS Wizards with Reactive Armor, and dual LS and 2H Monks from being able to just stand in damn near anything and everything and face tank it all until the mobs are dead. 6%+ LS is really what enables all that. I think they want us to move out of Desecrate and Plague again, to dodge Arcane beams, to use a defensive cooldown to catch back up on HP when things get too out of hand instead of spamming those cooldowns mindlessly, to crap our pants again when we see Electrified, Fire Chains, Desecrate, Plagued, Reflect Damage elite packs, etc.

Basically, I think they want to return to the brutality that was D3 Inferno before all the nerfs, before the MP system was put into place, and before all this amazing gear flooded the economy. We might not ever see it being quite that difficult again unless they reserve it for MP10 only, which would be awesome in my opinion, but I do think they want it to be challenging again. Especially the new challenge modes (Nephalem Trials, etc.)

What I also think they're doing is scaling things back a bit to prevent what's currently happening to World of Warcraft. Or at least these changes are an added benefit of what they're doing. Not sure if anyone keeps up with what goes on in that game, but right now they're working on something they call "Squish". Stats are getting so out of hand and numbers so big in that game that they perceive it becoming difficult for players to make meaningful distinctions between tiers of gear and/or slight stat shifts (ie - trading some Crit Rating for Haste Rating, etc). At one point in that game, trading a small handful of Crit Rating for Haste Rating (or vice versa) had a meaningful impact on your character's performance. Now it's getting to the point where it doesn't, and I think they want to keep that aspect of the game intact. So they're "squishing" everything down. I'm not sure of the specifics yet, but basically when you're doing old content, you'll still do mega tons of damage, but when you're running newer content you won't... but the amount you do will still have the same relative impact on the mobs' HP. And the same would hold true for incoming damage on the player character. So to prevent the same thing from happening in D3, they're addressing it now by scaling things back a bit so that small stat changes still have a meaningful impact on our performance.
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Thinking of giving this build a go, some questions:

1) If my ehp was good, would Frostburns be a good substitute for gloves? Or is the gap just too big even dps-wise to make frostburns viable?

2) If so, would Frost Hydra be a decent substituent for explosive blast? Or does it not benefit from Frosty's (I know it sucks with LS)

3) How about Mammoth Hydra and conflarg passive an even bigger dps boost?
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1) If my ehp was good, would Frostburns be a good substitute for gloves? Or is the gap just too big even dps-wise to make frostburns viable?

Frostburns aren't as good as good Trifecta gloves with decent Int. But they're still great to use if you're on a budget.

2) If so, would Frost Hydra be a decent substituent for explosive blast? Or does it not benefit from Frosty's (I know it sucks with LS)

None of the Hydra runes benefit from CHD beyond the 50 all characters have by default, so it's pretty terrible once you get to a certain level of gear.
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Posts: 15
Great wiz name ;)

(fan of the anime)
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I made an observation while experimenting with this build. Previously I tried the more popular builds and spent the most time on meteor, with and without wind. I don't play archon. Then I tried sleet storm in place of meteor with and without wind, which is when I looked up this post. I came across an interesting mechanic when testing mirror mimics, the one that does 10% per image. If your mirror image is reset and you spam sleet storm for 3 seconds, then pop mirror image/ mimics, the images will spam sleet storm as well, right next to you. And teleport doesn't interrupt the mimics.
Also, I agree with freeze being a gimmick if you talking about permafreeze and breaking your wrist spamming nonstop with no skill required, But Deep freeze cast once gives you the 15% crit bump and some control when used tactically. I say tactically because casting freeze interupts sleet storm, but EB and diamond skin do not. And if you try out variations that do not interrupt it, then spamming freeze is not cohesive. But say you teleport in, cast freeze and blizz, then spam non interrupting spells for 3 secs, then pop mimics. I haven't tried it yet, just saying I like the build its very interesting, with flexibility.
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sorry i replied to the wrong thread
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first of all, this post is lovely!

i have a question for ssbb people. i am building a second wiz and have kept a few items that my archon grew out of - basically apoc items i really don't need but won't sell (boohoo) upon finally deciding to switch to full archon.

anyway, my question is for passives. would you recommend glass cannon or you wouldn't? it greatly boosts dps yet there's a huge decrease on ar. i tested the gear on my paragon wiz. with the 3 zuni set, litany of undaunted, and another equip which gave me ar, i am getting 800+ ar as my highest while the rest are on 700+ unbuffed but my damage is only 90k. with glass canon, it's minus 200 ar for everything but i am hitting almost 110k. if i opt for glass canon, would blur mitigate the loss on ar? if you'd like me to ditch gc, i would be fine by it. my fixed pegs on passives are unstable anomaly and blur and still thinking a third one based on this thread if glass canon is a no-no. cold blooded is a candidate.

i can't post the entire set yet since my 2nd wiz (tristania) is just level 55 but i'll edit this q once she reaches 60.
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My first instinct says that your EHP is high enough that you can take the hit from GC. But try it and see. If you die too much: bad choice!
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01/09/2014 12:57 PMPosted by mzy
My first instinct says that your EHP is high enough that you can take the hit from GC. But try it and see. If you die too much: bad choice!

i hope you are not looking at alunsina. but yes, tristania doesn't die that much. when ss crits i hit the diamond skin button so basically she's protected. if sh!t happens, i go for blizzard and kite. most of the time i spam on both. i'm going to experiment later on adding explosive blast.
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I didn't look at your profile at all, since you said she's only level 55. No point. :P
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01/10/2014 12:46 AMPosted by mzy
I didn't look at your profile at all, since you said she's only level 55. No point. :P

hhahaha anyway.. here's tristania. i'm having problems with her weapon since i can't find anything lower than 1.40. her ap drains way too fast. was thinking of going back to butcher's sickle or getting a mace.

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I didn't look at your profile at all, since you said she's only level 55. No point. :P

hhahaha anyway.. here's tristania. i'm having problems with her weapon since i can't find anything lower than 1.40. her ap drains way too fast. was thinking of going back to butcher's sickle or getting a mace.


I run a similar SS build and have had strong success with 1h/source. Scour the AH for a high damage spear/Axe/hammer. I recently picked up a 1208dps spear with 3% LS w/ socket for just under 10mil. I have found this to be more effective than my 906dps sword with 100% crit damage plus sockrt. Even with only 10 APoC I only run low vs 2 or fewer enemies (my crit chance is 56% though, buffed to 71% with frost nova rune).
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Thanks for the highly informative and detailed guide! I've always thought Sleet Storm was an awesome rune and wanted to build around it. I decided to tweak this a bit for my playstyle and would love some feedback on ideas that I came up with.

I'm no pro Wizard by any means, but may I ask why Illusionist wasn't considered for a Passive skill on your list? I currently use Slow Time: Time Warp and Teleport: Safe Passage with it for pretty much perma Time Warp & Safe Passage for the 30% dmg mitigation while maintaining the extra 20% dmg bonus as well. I think my Wiz is currently just above 70k HP, and when Illusionist triggers I barely feel like I lost any life.

I plan on possibly swapping Astral Presence for Glass Cannon since my eHP will soon pass 500k.

Overall, it seems like a great combo so far. Thoughts?
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I'm entirely new to wizard and am considering this build. Do you think this will be viable after the loss of critical mass and life steal (potentially)? Would the gearing lend itself favorably to changes after the patch?
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You'll need to buff your cold damage to use SS in any viable fashion above Torment 1. 30% between your bracers and ammy is a good start....but boots and helm and source are other places to pick up RoF/Cold Damage % bonuses that won't interfere with int/crit rolls.
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