Diablo® III

Random Disconnects

4th dc in 2 hours of game play, instead of being rude and losing my cool i ask simply for an answer....or some kind of recognition that there is a problem.

Sure dc's and rubber banding were occasionally happening , but at the rate its happening since the last 2 patch's pvp patch and then the small 1 its been a very disappointing gaming experience for me and seems that I'm not the only 1.

Please Help =D

Q. Could it be that in my area in Australia (Melb) the NBN is being rolled out ? would and could that have an affect ?
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NBN (national broadband network)
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Im with Demo on this, very disapointing gaming experiance with all these disconnects. Before 1.07A it was very random and rare to DC from game, but after 1.07A I have been experiancing a disconnect every 5-10 minutes. I am in the USA by the way, so not sure if it is an AUS issue.
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5th =(
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Really again 6th disconnection , 5th stack heading to KW and dc.

Trying to hit level 50 Paragon.........

Hair turning grey.........
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7th even lol
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happend to me tonight lost my damn hc toon : (
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need answer, dont want to continue HC until its up properly

EDIT: I can't even play, it just insta disconnects me.
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bump, need answer please. Not sure how you all run operations at Blizzard, but If i didnt respond to customers at my work, I would be fired. This is what you all get paid to do, please provide an answer to your customers, we are not satisfied with our servive. This is becoming a real problem and needs to be addressed.
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BUMP!!!! It's not my laptop either. I have excellent signal and can't play for over 15 minutes and then everything locks up,,picture,,sound,,...... very seldom I'll get it back after about 2 minutes but then I'm looking at "YOU HAVE DIED" across my screen. I've done every check,,reboot,, and deletion of old programs and nothing fixes the problem. That tells me...and along with everyone elses "same aggravation", that it's not my system. Come on Blizzard!!! Please fix this problem,.
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Been happening for about 5 days for me.

REALLY bad today. Usually can't play for more than 30 minutes before getting d/ced back to character screen.
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Oye, been experiencing the dc's for 2 days now.
It started mid-friday for me, i can start out in core of arreat, and work my way up to having 5 stacks, the funny thing is that i ALWAYS get the dc in keep of depths.

Maybe its me but the dc always comes in keep of depths.

Tried all offline steps, aswell as customer service, flushed dns, modem reset, pingtrace, pathping, all was 100% ok.

This what the mail from customer service said:

"As far as your Tracert and Pathping are concerned, there is nothing visibly wrong with connection itself.
The only thing that might be causing issue after last patch is Microsoft Security Essentials software - since patch created new launcher.exe and Diablo3 files, they may still be recognized by security software as dangerous, which may in turn cause disconnections.

Please make sure that launcher.exe and Diablo 3.exe are on Microsoft Security Essentials exception or safe list.
Should this not change anything, please once more powercycle router as described here: https://eu.battle.net/support/en/article/diablo-iii-connection-troubleshooting and make sure you run game with Run As Administrator option every single time."

Checked the Essentials, and both were on the safe-list.
Long story short, everything done on my side of the line.
No solution on the other side of the line.
Not playable, sadface.

Edit ; as im reading other topics, there is a great possibility that the disconnections have something to do with the last patch.
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So are all these disconnections just happening to WW barbs , or is it spread across all classes ?

Disconnected 3 times in less than half an hour so far tonight......
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Im having the same problem and a blue is responding.
Come have fun watching them suggest all my networking issues when I'm net+ certified and do daily desktop support, and work closely with out networking team.
Also of note, it only started with 1.07a
Doing qick CoA runs, I can start game, run to portal, run a few steps, Disconnected.
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it's definitely a problem with their awful coding/programming. it frequently occurs with characters w/ max MS usually ww barbs/tr monks. I find it happens most when attempting to WW or TR but are resource starved--it DC's me into character select screen with a "network disconnect" error box. It also happens often after getting knocked back then initiating TR/WW. Blizz tech support will try to spin the problem into an ISP/client side issue when clearly it ISNT. they will make you link your dxdiag and d3debug.txt files. I have jumped through all these hoops with no avail. the game is terrible on multiple core cpus and the always on drm asset loading is terribad. I have given up hope and just accepted this problem as a "hidden affix" and played around it.
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This is a joke 3 dcs in less then 20 min, WHY IS NOTHING being done or said about this issue.

Come on Blizzard get this problem fixed , i cant even get 5 stacks.

The least you could do is admit there is a problem and you guys are working on a solution.

For now your game is UNPLAYABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ps: fix fix fix fix fix fix
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lol at these mods--they really deleted a reply I posted reguarding pure facts on this issue. they want to stuff it under the rug. sad
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NETWORK DISCONNECTS is a serious issue - I've been disconnected 10 - 20 times within a 1-2 hr session. It used to be rock solid, but these disconnects have been frequent since starting a few weeks ago.

It is obviously an issue on the Blizzard servers and they need to address it asap.
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