Diablo® III

Here's My Barbarian Farming Build/Guide. WIP*

This is my Barbarian guide built around dealing massive amounts of damage without sacrificing survivability. For ideal farming, you will want around 6% Life Steal for MP10 and Ubers. Stick with Bloodthirst as a passive until you have two LS items. Once you have a base of 5.5-6% without Bloodthirst, swap it out for any of the following skills: Tough as Nails, Superstition, Boon of Bul-Kathos, Animosity or Brawler based on the needs of your character.

Bash (Instigation)
Whirlwind (Hurricane)
Sprint (Run Like the Wind)
Battle Rage (Into the Fray)
War Cry (Impunity)
Wrath of the Berserker (Thrive on Chaos)

Weapons Master
Bloodthirst or Tough as Nails (Consider Brawler if you are not using an Echoing Fury)

Now for the bread and butter of any Diablo 3 hero: the items. Itemization and the stats you focus on will make or break you when all hell surrounds you. Play to the build’s strengths and focus on Attack Speed and Movement speed as well as stacking the main damage stats and inject some survival where you can afford it.

Primary Stats
Critical Hit Damage
Attack Speed
Critical Hit Chance

Secondary Stats
Life Steal
All Resistance
Movement Speed

Tertiary Stats
Bonus Damage vs. Elites
Life on Hit
Life %

Most dual-wielding Barbs use an Echoing Fury in their main hand because of the chance to roll both Critical Damage and a Socket. Personally, I hate this weapon because of the fear proc. You will find yourself chasing down enemies very often which gets very frustrating so if you can find a solid rare Axe/Mace with 1000+ DPS, Strength, Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed and a Socket, use it instead! And consider it godly if you manage to get Life Steal on it as well! Included below is a list of my ideal items for each slot. Don’t ask for best in slot as it really is open to interpretation. You will notice it is very heavy on Attack Speed and Movement Speed. The Hellfire Ring is simply the most ideal for the slot, but any rare ring with the necessary stats will be just as great. The stats after each item are the random properties that are MOST ideal to roll on the given item.

Weapon (Main Hand): Echoing Fury- 1000+ DPS, Strength, Has Sockets, Critical Hit Damage
Rare (Axe/Mace)- 1000+ DPS, Strength, Has Sockets, Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed (Life Steal)
Weapon (Off Hand): Rare- Strength, Has Sockets, Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed, (Life Steal, Vitality)
Helm: Mempo of Twilight- Strength, Critical Hit Chance
Shoulders: Vile Ward- Strength, Str/Vit, Vitality
Amulet: Rare- Strength, Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, (Life on Hit, Vitality)
Chest: Tyrael’s Might- Has Sockets
Gloves: Immortal King’s Irons- Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed
Bracers: Lacuni Prowlers- Critical Hit Chance, Strength, Str/Vit
Belt: The Witching Hour- Strength, Str/Vit, (All Resistance or Vitality)
Ring (Left): Hellfire Ring- Str/Vit, Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed
Ring (Right): Rare- Strength, Critical Hit Damage, Attack Speed, Critical Hit Chance, (Life on Hit, Vitality)
Pants: Inna’s Temperance- Str/Vit
Boots: Ice Climbers- Strength, Str/Vit, Vitality, Movement Speed
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Daith #1345
Nice of you to help others but you have a few core mistakes on your build you are stacking 48% Movement speed were 24% is the cap this is wasted slots by 2.
I have add the following basic break down of items for you.
Shoulders- Are a great source for STR/VIT and AR these are the areas to focus on and try to include Armour.

Helm- Should be Mempo or IK helm here you need to focus on STR/AR/AS/CHC and socket with a + life bonus

Ammy- This I call the main fill in area were you are missing on other stats but basicly look for STR/AS/CHD/CHC and AV damage (bonus would be AR and VIT)

Glooves - IK irons stand out but tri glooves are good to Focus on STR/CHC above 9%/CHD/AS (bonus would be AR or VIT)

Chest- The stand out here is IK chest - Focous on 3 sockets/STR/HIGH Vit/AR/ (armour is a bonus)

Braces - Prowlers are the stand out focous on AS/CHC/MS/AS (Bonus in STR/VIT)

Belt - Stand outs are IK and Witching hour looking for STR/AR/CHD/AS if Ik belt LS/VIT

Pants - Good area for VIT and AR Best ones are Inna's/Death diggers/Josting Mail for the two later look for STR/High VIT/HIGH AR and two sockets(bounus of LOH/+life/Armour) For inna's you will require everything else to have good balance due to the loss of AR but you will get MS/str/vit and add bonus of AS and 1%CHC)

Boots - good ones are IK and Ice climbers Here we are going to focous on STR/AR/+life Movement speed depending which you go.

MH weapon- try to avoid a EF on Main hand go a good axe or mace focus here is DPS above 1000 AS above 1.3 STR/CHD/VIT/LS
OH- EF above .23as focus here on costly ones STR/CHD MED ones STR/LS or cheaper ones STR/VIT all above 1000 DPS.

To be noted you can go with a EF MH and look for a sword or dagger OH with a fast AS and use a SOF as a ring works well as well

Rings I have left for last for they are another area were we can fill gaps a SOJ is used often I don't really like them. But areas to mainly focus on are AVE DAMAGE/STR/AS/CHD/CHC/(Bonus are Vit/AR/Damage % EliTE.

I hope this is helpful.

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Forgive my noob questions, but why EF On the offhand? It shows a lower dps if I do it like that.
Also, I can't find a good axe/mace so I got a spear that is really not that bad. Take a look and tell me what you thing. Although, with my set up I have to use bloodthirst and the IK belt for the life steal. I do have an awesome the witching but it seats in my bag on this build. If I equip my Skorn with 6% LS I can switch belts. So, there another question. Why not Skorn on a WW Build? I do HotA with dual wield for the attack speed...
I you guys don't mind and inspect me and help and tell me what you think about my gear so far I would appreciate it. I think my all resist suck and I would love to find some good 1h weap with life steal but is not the case right now :/
Thanks, take care!
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pedrobraid#1851 if you wanna do some runs together >]
and maybe I can learn 1 or 2 things
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Ahhhhh, a Necromancer!

Pedro, read some more threads on this forum (search around a bit). You'll find the answers to all your questions. I wouldn't take the advice you've read here to heart. Old stuff, lacking solid info.
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07/25/2013 03:50 AMPosted by Damian0216
Ef in offhand because the fear doesnt proc as much that way. Its reduced becayse of dw penalty.

Good advice, wrong reasoning. The fear procs less because sprint:rltw tornadoes use only main hand damage. It will still proc on attacks that use both hands e.g. whirlwind, hota, bash etc.
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If you had an EF with only 10% chance to fear would you still put it on the off hand?
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yes if you are running WW. you WW tics (speed of nados) comes from OH speed. however, you oh is a spear and youll loose that 10% CC so no. unless you find a mace/axe MH w/ at least 900 avg dmg. if your running hota, I think u got it right.
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What about Skorn WW build? Is that any good?
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07/26/2013 01:03 AMPosted by Surtur
you WW tics (speed of nados) comes from OH

Its actually based on the last weapon you swing. But when using an EF, your always going to hit the breakpoint that the EF is hitting and then some, so...

Posting this so you dont go with a mace MH, and get an IAS dagger Offhand and wonder why its not working how it should.
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This is a bad guide. And some of the following comments are incorrect as well. For everyone reading this thread.........listen to RaginKoala hes the only one with good advise here.

Let me address a few things:

Tornado ticks is "NOT" based on OH. That is wrong. It can be based on either hand. It depends on what hand was swung before you use tornado.

EF in Mainhand. In general it should be used in OH if your a WW player.(for hammer of the ancient play it does not matter). There are a few exceptions to this. These exceptions are for Pure WW players who are using swords and and especially daggers. By using daggers and swords you can achieve much higher tDPS. Therefore, your taking the trade off of way higher tDPS(actual damage) vs fear. However, you can nullify this by getting a cold soj. Almost all players who EF in main hand usually are wielding a sword or dagger and also have cold soj.

Lastly, if your a pure WW player(not hybrid) EF/Dagger and EF/sword coupled with cold soj almost always yield higher tDPS then the boobs advocating something else. If you want to learn how to WW right come talk to me.

I crank out 4.35m tDPS, 6.5m tDPS buffed. Try reaching those numbers without EF/Dagger. And if you think fear is an issue when you have a cold soj and are cranking out super higher tDPS.....well sorry but you just don't know any better.
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Thanks man.
I'm trying to get some good inputs on what's right for specifics builds but is hard to know who to trust. What is a cold soj? I've been playing both ww and hota builds. What do you think I could better on my char?
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Pedro, when you see the acronym soj, it is referring to the legendary ring Stone of Jordan. Each gives 5-6% elemental damage, 20-30% increased damage to Demons(or elites, can't remember lol), and 2 affixes suited to player class. For example, you might read about cold hota sojs and how they are worth so much because they give you cold(slowing) damage to your attacks, up to 30% more damage when farming elites, up to 15 more fury in your pool, and finally, reduce the hota attack by up to 5 fury per hit.

Use of the EF on either hand depends greatly on what your other weapon might be and also your build. Tornado damage is based solely on main hand so you want your hardest hitting weapon there. If pure WW build, Tornado tick rate alternates on which weapon is swung last. WW alternates weapons as you spin so plan accordingly on what breakpoints you strive for on each weapon. Placing the EF in the offhand will negate the fear proc coming from tornadoes but will still fear when WWing, due to alternating weapons hitting. EF in mainhand means that each nado can and will proc fear, a lot. Equipping a cold soj helps slow baddies down so that they stay in your nados longer and hopefully dying before they go running out of the fight.

Hope this helps clear up some questions. It's still early and working on my coffee so kinda rambling... lol
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Ok, so that ring is pretty good against elites but not as good for farming trash/xp? It seems a big dps loss if you compare the soj with other rings that could give you cc/cd/as ...
Also, are the internal machine bosses considered elites mobs?
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