Diablo® III

Boss Ideas as per Community MNGR request! Enjoy!

I'll be adding acts/ bosses via "EDIT" as i go. Hope you enjoy!

For all boss fights: If the time for the fight expires, a unicorn, teddy bear, or flower from Whimsyshire comes in and one shots you instead of the boss.... then does the Harlem Shake, or something equally obnoxious.

~~~~~~~ Act 1

Skeleton King:

More Skeletons! Also, Skeletons should enter the map by climbing up the walls, from the ceiling and the ceiling should stun or dmg if it hits you.They increase in difficulty as Leo's health becomes weaker. For example:

  • 90% - Leo summons a bone armor which grants armor, and loses armor as he takes dmg, but repairs itself with the bones of summoned skeletons when they are defeated. It lasts until you defeat him.
  • 75% - 2 Summoning Obelisks at opposite ends of the map. Obelisks have a butt load of HP and while they are active, Leo heals for each one that is killed. Motivation would be to target Obelisks rather than use the skeletons for APOC and etc. Once Obelisks go away, healing effect is lost too.
  • 50% - Leo smashes the ground taking away part of the map, and skeletons continuously climb up the walls until Leo is defeated. They range from Swordwielders to Cleavers to Bow and Arrows.. The basic ones only.
  • 25% - Leo Summons his personal guardians! They all have different abilities and debuffs.

  • Butcher:

  • He needs to hit WAY harder, every so often (lets say every other cycle of attacks) he can pick a player up with two hands and eat their flesh, healing himself for a percent of the players HP over 5 seconds. Dmg done is the same percent gained by Butcher. It lasts 5 seconds or until he is Stunned or Knocked back. After he does this, his MS slows (because he's full)
  • One of the hardest parts of fighting the Butcher is the arena. At around 50%, the flames should do more dmg and rise quicker.
  • He should spam grappling hooks rather than just throwing one out. For ex// Throws one, misses, throws again, misses, throws three at a time on third attempt!

  • ~~~~~~~ Act 2


    Her summons need to be way more powerful and more frequent... that's what she's all about!! She has her lil' Coven minions to do her bidding.

  • When she bubbles, the Berserker summons should have serious resistance to control impairing effects, attack way faster, and a tad stronger.
  • The Coven needs to help her out! They should come in for suicide bomb missions, summoning thralls, or just plain attacks. This needs to be consistent until she dies.
  • She's a witch, give her more spells! Maybe she could Jail a player using that same spell during the death of Cain scene. While this is happening you hear Cain's voice... except it's more ghost-like. The Jail effect lasts 5 seconds and is not affected by reduction of control impairing effects.

  • Zoltun Kulle:

    I think Kulle is a pretty solid boss. His Guardians should be the main focus for change, however. I think they're a little lack luster. Here are a few changes that I think will be great:

  • Huge increase in Control Impairing effect resistance.
  • Make them revive after 7 - 10 seconds! Think of all the animations that could be made re-assembling a monster of that size. They could even pull in debris and objects from their surroundings upon resurrection, making them a bit tougher. For example, they could be resurrected with chains, giving them increased range; or resurrected with fire surrounding them causing immolation damage.
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