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380 something, recently on mp10 crater 2. The hard part about doing the zone is keeping the streak going. Have to have 24% MS and wrath, and manage to keep a ww ticking on a mob while you run to the next. I use the tremors, elites, phasebeasts and golgors to "hop" off of keeping fury to sprint and such.

Depending on the map there are probably sometimes 500+ of those mobs in there, but hitting them all and making it back without breaking the streak is the problem. When running the zone I often kill more than this in a run, but my streak gets broken most of the time on a long empty path.
I've got 1000+. (but not screenshot. you can definitely do it on your own)

doing hunter or hunter achievement using fallen mages who ress fallen to be killed against by firewalkers in nightmare mode. as long as you have 7-8 fallen mages around, you do not lose the massacre counter.
290 i believe in keeps death 2
i think it should only count if you get the XP bonus
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380ish, no cheating and using Isaku or anything, just good ol mob smashing in Keeps2
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There is a spot in Act 1. In one of the 3 levels before the skeleton king. A random mini event of sorts. A resplendent chest sinks into the ground as you open it and have to kill 4x enemy generators for the chest to appear. But if you forget about the generators and just focus on the enemies you can get a very high kill streak. Some have gotten 500+ there.
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I kind of like the "killed in 1 hit" stat although my best is 61 on my monk a while back. Was very proud but seems low looking at some others.....
Just pulled a 605 streak in the Festering Woods today.
my new personal best record: 445

I think it was 287...or 281?.....in Keeps 2 where you grab that dead body in the middle of all the small rooms and it causes a bunch of skeletons to fall from the sky and then it lead into the giant big room.
190 in Kp2 Mp10 it gave me 29k bonus xp if i remmeber

During 30 mins on Royal crytps (1024 kills) with respawning skeletons.
No lies , no screenshot because i was in zombie mode just killing... :(

EDIT: new counter
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I hit 604 the other day on my Barb. MP8 in The Weeping Hollow Act 1. Fields of Misery is also a great spot for constant kill streaks. Or any cave that spawns in act 1. Just WW through tonnes of mobs for number scramble on the screen! Makes the game really entertaining watching your health bounce up and down like a yo yo!

For "kills in one blow" try Act 4. The Hellrifts are loaded with mobs! I think my best is around 150 in one blow from that area.
2k is possible, but u don't get exp for killing the same thing over and over and over; ie: plague carriers. And streaks for such acts should be ignored.

I got over 600 in FoM by pulling the vvhole thing. Barbarian.
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