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Sugested DH buffs skill by skill

Bumpage for visibility. Hoping to see Morgoth, DiOxIdE and Flight chime in with their $0.02
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I like the ideas but I dont think they are drastic enough to put dh's on par dps-wise with other classes.
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03/18/2013 07:59 AMPosted by Vulindlela
I like the ideas but I dont think they are drastic enough to put dh's on par dps-wise with other classes.

This seems to be the consensus, however I think there may be some misunderstanding on exactly how much more damage we can do with these suggested changes. So here I will elaborate and clarify some of my points while sharing some of my theorycrafting as they might not be that obvious from the wording in the OP or by looking at the skill calculators.

We've gotten used to the "Double it!" mentality. DH does not need to be doubled, the changes should be more subtle. I'm trying to present balance and open build diversity. I think that these changes will allow some interesting new options for playstyle. Tanks now have options besides Bola/EB/ST/Gloom. Balanced builds that are not tanking nor studder stepping will emerge. Even glass cannons might be viable without Gloom.

#1) Unnerfing Jagged Spikes and Nether Tenticles is a good start. I put these in here to primarily to encourage build diversity. The nerfs done to these skills totally wiped out at least a half dozen build options. Hopefully these two skills that do damage can replace Shadow Power (which does none) on the skill bar.

Primary Skills:
For the most part these received only minor damage buffs because they are our primary skills, our resource generators. Admittedly Hungering Arrow probably should be 150%, but Entangling Shot and Grenades make you chose: Damage that other skills provide or AoE and/or CC effects that these give. Bola gives you the damage multiplier you want, but at the cost of a casting delay and the possibility that you kill the target before the Bola explodes and deals the big hits. I feel that these skills are almost there and do not require huge buffs to the damage multipliers to be useful.

Secondary Skills:
Impale gets no damage buff, this skill hits hard. Real hard in PvP. At current casting cost 125 hatred gives you 5 shots, 150 hatred 6. My reduction to 15 hatred cost gives 8.3 shots at 125, 10 shots at 150. That is an eDPS increase of 40%.

Rapid fire: Ok maybe this could be buffed more, but I think it should be tested on a PTR first.

Smoke Screen: Perma smoke has been enabled and balanced around Legacy Nats. Level playing field.

ToC: Ok, this isn't 1500% that's for sure. But you get 2 more seconds duration and an 11% increase in eDPS. This also adds eHP via more LoH and LS.

Fan of Knives: I should have reduced/eliminated Cooldown in addition to Hatred cost. My bad.
Spike Trap: This does not need any more damage. Are you kidding me? More AoE and slight casting cost reduciton is plenty.

Strafe: Now deals 150% PER HIT. This is huge, it makes Strafe workable in high MPs. Currently Strafe Deals 39% PER HIT. Your tooltip will now read "Shoot at random nearby enemies for 600% weapon damage while moving at 75% movement speed."

Multishot: This does not need any more damage. Are you kidding me? More range and casting cost reduciton is plenty. Full Broadside gets a small buff, use that if you want more damage. You will have 30% more shots before you have to reload.

Cluster Arrow: This gets a base damage bump of 10% across the board, and twice the number of shots at base hatred. That's an eDPS increase of 240% Not to mention, with Grenideer 0 casting cost builds will be possible. 335% L4B spammable? No hatred generator needed? This is OP.

Grenideer: Still causes Grenades to Generate 6 Hatred and reduces casting cost of Cluster Arrow by 10. Grenade dropped on death gets HUGE buff. Chance to drop your gear is a blessing and a curse meant to discourage abuse of grenade proc, and to make 0 cost Cluster Arrow not quite so OP.

Sharpshooter: Slower buildup, fewer resets. IMO we could scrap this one for something entirely different.

So that's it. That's my logic as to why the buffs are the way they are.
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