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Critical Mass - A Love Story rap video

My first post of this got deleted...I THINK it is because I wrote the title in capital letters and used a misleading title. If the moderators of this forum deleted it for a reason other than that, I'm not trying to go against the rules by posting it again...If you delete this one too, I'll get the picture...

Oh boy...

Ok, so one of my hobbies other than D3 is making rap music. I don't make typical rap music though, so this video is not going to be filled with profanity or anything.. Sorry to all you thug life rap lovers..I'm an old school, Tribe Called Quest kind of rapper.

It's not perfect..I made a couple of mistakes on saying some of the lyrics, and I wanted to use my gamer headphones instead of my compressor microphone because...we're gamers :). Anyway, like it, hate, either way... I love being part of this community. Feel free to share this video anywhere you like. I used a Linkin Park Instrumental but I don't own the rights to it and I stated that in the video to cover myself. I've listed the lyrics below so you can follow along if you're interested because I speak sorta quick sometimes. Audio quality is ok, but I didn't put 100% effort into the mix down, I've got DE's to farm, homies.


Lyrics - Critical Mass - A Love Story

Yo name is Melkor I'm a Critical Mass Tank
Got a Mempo on my Dome and a Billy in the Bank

And I've been locking mobs, since damn well near the beginning
And I'm never getting tired of watching Tornadoes Spinning.

Now it used to be real easy to make this build work efficient.
Till they nerfed attack speed gear and Proc Co-efficients.

We thought it was all over but Shandlar said, "Just a minute."
Then he posted up the wicked wind tick rate and break point limits.

Frost Nova is so OP and IMBA - Critical Mass with break your finga's

So we all tried to stack attacks speed and CC.
While Aimless kept on saying , "EHP."

We knew the kid was right because Reflect did sting.
But it's funny coming from a kid with 24 ping.

It was just Shocknado until one day.
We got the post from Master Jay, when he say

"Ya'll been running this build way too hard,
Just swap Crystal Shell out for Diamond Shards."

Loerose scratched his head and said, "he's not a liar.
I'm calculating some serious multipliers."

Shandlar confirmed, and we all started to squirm,
Monster Power 10 is getting burned.

Then we all went splat; it happened lickety split.
Some of us didn't have enough Life on Hit.

Then Aimless brought back up 90% mit.
And the price of Mempos went through the roof real quick.

Frost Nova is so OP and IMBA
Critical Mass will break your finga's

We went a long time without Mempos that's GG.
Unless your name was AudiR8Gt.

Double APOC returns changed up the mix.
That was lots of fun until it got hot fixed.

Whether Increased Attack Speed or Open Socket Chants
Storm Crow on the head will make it easy to advance

Zuni on the Chest and Nats ring wit crit chance.
But you better not ever let me catch you wearing Inna's Pants.

Frost Nova is so OP and IMBA
Critical Mass will break your finga's

There is BDF and Boozor, Eric and ChangBooster
Steel Phantom for Union-izing Ubers.

We got Malakai and Pichapie, PieHole and the Emperor
Doctor Doom and Aphraell and Deth Axe - I remember ya.

There's , JenPeezey, Aimless and JellzRoc
Loroese and TekkZero's math make my brain straight stop.

When it comes to DPS, Charlatan's "not bad."
There's the storm crow wearing, slot gearing, "Comrade"

Can't forget Novice, Harrowing, Shagalicious
That meteor build is vicious and really efficient.

LilSpark, Dommon Kassui, Veda and yodatoy
EmmaOtter, Ossian, Universe, and Void.

The list goes on forever, whatever, we're all clever.
Whether freezing mobs or dropping bombs, WE control the weather.

WE control the weather.

Frost Nova is O-OP and IMBA. Critical Mass will break ya finga's.

Lol, enjoy
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awesome lyrics.

Should have made ur song my vid background music, lol
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Needs more dancing women and blinged out fronts but since you kept a straight face 11/10
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awesome lyrics.

Should have made ur song my vid background music, lol

use it for your next video!
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still awesome the second time
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Awesome job Melkor!
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I love it dude. You should put the lyrics to this beat, you can find the instrumental on die antwoords site.

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Thanks for reposting, I actually had this stuck in my head at work today when I was running around doing stuff. Nice work!
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Still dope second time.
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If someone could let Shandlar know he's in the song that would be cool. Homie don't come here anymore :(
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Frost Nova is so OP and IMBA
Critical Mass will break your finga's

this stuck with me in my head. and LOVE the background music.

Just awesome, Just awesome.

YES, I want version 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

You made my day...singing, "Frost Nova is so OP and IMBA Critical Mass will break your finga's...

OH YEAH BABY~~~~~~~~~~~~
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YES, I want version 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

wave of force remix?
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WoF remix needed~!
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03/15/2013 06:37 PMPosted by Melkor
If someone could let Shandlar know he's in the song that would be cool. Homie don't come here anymore :(

Post it in the monk forums and rename it shandlar we want you back!
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gotta love this haha
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gonna make a vid farming with this as background music!
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All I can think of is the rap song that plays on the character select screen in Street Fighter III Third Strike. Which owned HARD. Nice work!
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I clicked through cringing at what could be at the other end of that youtube link... dude that was some OP rappin'! GJ! :)
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It's 3.40 AM here, I have a nasty case of flu, my head is exploding, temperature is rising, my nose is gone - there's only a river there and I really hate rap.

But this... this made my day. I feel cured! A miracle!

Chapeau Sir!
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