Diablo® III

Any tips on a new game to try?

So I've been muckin around in diablo 3 since launch and loved it, still do but just
looking for another game to try out. I really like in diablo you have the option to solo play
or play in a group. Can anyone recommend a game like diablo but cross with wow. Solo
grinding/adventure game with 3d graphics? I've tried Skyrim...awesome game but felt it lacked in the combat mechnics.
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If you have a PS3/360 then check out Dragon's Dogma. Though it's getting a re-release soon so maybe hold off until then to pick up the definitive version with all the extra content.

It's a open world third person fantasy ARPG. Pretty good character creation with lots of options to personalize the looks. There's no stat distribution but the stat gains differ depending on what class you are when going up a level. There's the basic classes to start with; Fighter, Mage, Strider. At level 10 you can change to advanced versions of the basic classes; Warrior, Sorcerer, Ranger or a hybrid class; Mystic Knight, Magic Archer, or Assassin. Each class levels up independently of your character level and unlocks abilities (some are weapon specific). Abilities that are unlocked can be used even if you change to a different class provided you can still wield the proper weapon (if required). So there's a lot a customization in building a character.

There's also a lot of gear to find/buy/upgrade as well. All gear has 3 levels of upgrades, which require gold and various items, and a 4th tier that is only available through killing dragons (dragonforged gear) which is very powerful. There's some pretty awesome gear sets to put together if you want to pimp your character and some skimpy stuff for sexing your character up as well. Lots of customization there as well.

You don't journey alone though. You're given a "Pawn" to be your companion throughout your journey. The Pawn also has a class that levels in the same manner as the main character (no hybrid classes though) and can be outfitted as you please. You can also "hire" 2 additional Pawns, though they aren't customizable in the same manner, and there are quite a lot to chose from if you're playing offline. If you're playing online, then you can hire the pawns of other players. The AI is quite good and can handle themselves in combat for the most part though you still need to help them out. The downside is they are ridiculously chatty which can be annoying.

Multiplayer is mostly nonexistent. You can hire pawns of other players and you can take part in a "phased" battle with other players, but you never interact with anyone directly.

Combat is the best part of the game. General fights are fun but the best part is the big monsters. You can climb on the monsters and attack various parts of their body. Doing this allows you to stop monsters from using certain abilities (for example: damage wings and they can't fly), bring them to the ground, make them drop their weapons, and more. It's really really fun fighting them. However, as it is open world, it's easy to run across something you really don't want to fight.

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You can always try Borderlands 1 and 2. Basically like diablo, but in a first person shooter setting. Very fun games. Sense you also played Skyrim, you could also try The Witcher series of games, but they do have a bit more of an adult theme to them.
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Xenoblade Chronicles.

The Last Story.

not your traditional JRPGs. especially XC.
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Not available yet, but worth waiting for.... Shroud of the Avatar, by Richard Garriott. He is the maker of the Ultima series, inlucind Ultima Online. That series was awesome before EA f'd it all up. Look it up. It wont be out till late '14 but if you pledge on his kickstarter page, you can get alpha/beta entry around the end of this year...
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