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Favorite XP Route

This is a pretty standard run. Pretty effective way to farm IMO.
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Really, Diablo III is a pretty ideal game for a Horde mode or something around these lines. Create a subplot quest to enter some kind of mortal chamber that keeps sending stuff at you. You kill the first wave then you get 1-2 minutes to pick up everything, then comes another wave and so it goes, with an increasing level of difficulty. For instance, wave one offers you a pack of stygian crawlers coupled with a elite mob. Wave 20 is Hulking Phasebeasts with the worst possible combination of stats, like reflect damage, extra health, extra fast and mortar.

Make it so enemy health and damage increases every 20 waves or so. It would be a blast.
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Act IV should be nothing but Elite mobs. Constantly. Diablo is invading Heaven. He should bring along his "best of the best" monsters only.

How about creating a Monster Shrine. Remember those from D2?

Or maybe a Monster Portal that when you open it, it spawns a 1000 monsters, with every 5 packs being an Elite group?

This game needs more subplots/subquests. I want a quest that grants me the ability to name a weapon....socket a weapon...make a magical item legendary...etc.

Act I is good to farm. I go from Cem of Forsaken to Festering Woods to Fields of Misery to Southern Highlands, and then to Halls. It's a good run that usually gets me at least 400K in gold.
Act II is lame due to annoying mobs that take too much time to kill for the reward they offer.
Act III is the best to farm IMO. Everything in Act III is good to run.
Act IV is lame due to Mob density and shortness of it.

I LOVE farming caves. There's no need to roam around a huge map trying to find things to kill. You can stay on one trail and expect to run into something every twenty steps or so.

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For a change of scenery from the usual Act III run, I like to start in Act I with the quest: The Cursed Hold. I get my five stacks of Nephelem Valor in the Festering Woods-Crypt of the Ancients, and Cemetery of the Forsaken. Once I have a full stack of Nephelem Valor I kill the Key Warden, and go down to the Halls of Agony to fight my way down to the Butcher.

You may also be interested to learn that we're looking to make some improvements to monster density in patch 1.0.8 for Monster Power 1 (and higher) in Inferno difficulty. This should help provide some farming diversity for players who are at that level of gameplay. Wyatt delved into the goals behind this change a little further here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8087879561?page=4#75

Personally, I am excited to see what new routes players prefer for their farming runs, and what classes excel at different areas. Is there a particular area you would like to farm, but currently don’t?

I would love to farm act 4 but considering the length of that act, all the back tracking without monsters respawning, and the fact that it has so few elites, and no key... theres no point in ever going back to act 4 after beating the game imo
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Currently I'll do Warden/butcher then go to KW, and clear the extra areas there. Act 2 i'll start the quest where you can go straight to kulle, but get 5 stacks first, kill kulle, then belial then kw. Act 3 I just run the entire act. Act 4.. I don't run act 4 unless i'm really bored.
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03/19/2013 06:59 PMPosted by Hatshepsut
Side note: We've had funny posts about things like, "where do you think goblins go when they escape?" Wouldn't it be interesting to actually GO where goblins escape to? Just a thought...I always imagine a place with piles and piles of gold (does that make me greedy?).

That's a really neat idea, though I have no idea how much of a headache it would be to implement it.

Perhaps give a player X% chance to follow a gob through a portal and wind up in a place like the Cave Under the Well?

There was an idea suggested by someone else (I forget) about doing something creative with Goblins.
When you kill a Goblin they have a chance to drop a "Goblin Toe" and when you collect all the Toes from all the different types of Goblins then you can create a Portal or create some super cool item. Something like that. You can do a search on "Goblin Toes" and maybe it will come up. It was a nice idea that Blizz should definitely consider.
A lot of people have some great ideas out there....
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I farm experience on maps where i also looking for unique collection mobs for achievement. Example. I ran southern highlands for Red Rock, then after i goto field of misery for key warden. Once found red rock, i choose another unique mob and farm that map then do key after. I also often have 3 runs i switch between, 1 in each act, so i can get all 3 keys.
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