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Tips for 300k dps

What do u guys see as my weakest piece of gear or what would give me the biggest boost. I would prefer to not lose HP/AR
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IMO yer a little low on CC so any gear slot you can fill with more CC (leaving all else same) is going to give you a nice boost though you have to expect some tradeoff, in general you can't get into the 3 and 400k dps range without losing some VIT/AR unless you have endless deep pockets for all the BiS gear on the AH.
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get Dead man's legacy with ~300dex with same CC and IAS or higher. that should give you a big boost.
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what deckard said.. or go gamble your Gold off in crafting some BOA gears.
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better quiver will help with 2% more ASI and more dex on it. Won't specifically get you to 300k with that change but as sungjoon90 sid ... it will certainly help.

amulet weak on CC ..

higher DEX Nat boots an option as well

and better HF ring

Not necessarily in that order... LOLOLOL... you are getting there.. nice gear!
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yeah easiest would be to keep crafting gloves and ammy you want 10% cc on those for sure. I'm still not at 300k myself but I dont use steady aim and I use an SoJ so that hurts my paper dps quite a bit.

Good luck =)
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I think I will look for a new DML while I get keys for ubers then, thanks guys
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