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Wizards getting carpal tunnel! come on blizzard

I have recently been diagnosed with carpal tunnel. this is from playing my freeze wizard from spamming the darn buttons. i did a survey and 9 out of 10 CM wizards do get carpal tunnel in their career in diablo. this is a warning to all of you future wizards. if you want carpal tunnel. go ahead and play.

do you know i can make a case to blizzard? possibly get free gear? i am going into surgery tomorrow.

i am very PISSED about this situation. why would blizzard make a class for people to get carpal tunnel? just doesn't make sense to me.
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I heard several Barb have been diagnosed with Vertigo from spinning too much.

Free gear for them!!
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career in diablo
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the class doesn't cause carpal tunnel. You playing a game doing repeatative motions caused carpal tunnel. you choosing to play countless hours without taking breaks is causing your injury.

That's like suing the movie company or asking for compensation because you are now going blind from watching hours and hours of movies in the dark.


troll more when your main character is a barb with next to no time on your wizard
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I used to play my mage as a cm-wizard for a while and stopped because I started to feel a pain in my left hand and wrist :D (This is not a joke! I was actually worried...)

Now I´m playing an archon-build and I´m going into surgery tomorrow because I´ve been diagnosed with a stiff middle finger. (OK, that was a joke)
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learn to set up your key bindings and better situate your keyboard. It is not blizzards fault you suck at life.
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I just hold teh buttons of teh mouse down ... and user qwer for the others ... U used to spam push the mouse but found it was not needed
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dont blame the game blame yourself. your supposed to take a short break every hour your on a computer. if you feel any sort of pain/pressure its strongly reccomended you take an extended break. if you ignore these signs you have no one to blame but yourself.
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i have the Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

i was told when i bought it that it was 100% carpal tunnel free. turns out that chick was wrong.

do you think i have a case against microsoft?
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03/20/2013 08:23 AMPosted by Paranoyed
learn to set up your key bindings and better situate your keyboard. It is not blizzards fault you suck at life.

Blizzard could have offered better abilities and skills that actually dont work around 2 min cooldown times and skills which only work for like 3 or 5 sec.

And the worst of it all, when they nerfed the barb WW/Nado build, they made it even more of an buttonsmasher.

Why has every funn build to be around smashing thousands of buttons in this game?
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All the more reason to nerf Critical Mass
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After learning that hitting the reward button 25,000 times would give them a piece of fruit, the monkeys involved in the study soon wore their fingers to the bone
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