I have recently been diagnosed with carpal tunnel. this is from playing my freeze wizard from spamming the darn buttons. i did a survey and 9 out of 10 CM wizards do get carpal tunnel in their career in diablo. this is a warning to all of you future wizards. if you want carpal tunnel. go ahead and play.

do you know i can make a case to blizzard? possibly get free gear? i am going into surgery tomorrow.

i am very PISSED about this situation. why would blizzard make a class for people to get carpal tunnel? just doesn't make sense to me.

It's not the wizard or Diablo. It's you playing the game excessively, performing the same repetitive motions for extended periods of time. This can happen with any game if played irresponsibly while neglecting your own health. Some people have even died out of such negligence, and there's nobody to blame but themselves. Taking a break every now and then is a positive thing, even if you don't get phat lootz during that time, you know?